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Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Tour Continued...


Remember last week I told you about the lovely Susan?

Well sweet Susan got me into this blog tour.  
She has a lovely blog and visiting her will bring you joy.

It is my turn to answer questions today and then pass this tour forward.
Her blog is Writing Straight From the Heart and she does just that!

Here are my answers to the questions she answered last week.

1. What are you working on?
2. How does your work differ from others?
3. Why do you write/create what you do?
4. How does your writing/creating process work?

1. What am I working on?

Oy vey.  This is a tough question:

First:  I started my blog ten years ago.  I was a stay at home grandma and it gave me something to do when my grandson, who was 3, took naps or was at pre- school.
I was writing it as a journal for him.  Memories you know?

He grew up.

Second:  I went into a a period of self help.  I needed to do some personal growing and experiencing.  To take care of myself for a change. Not big things just little things that I had never done before, little things like manicures and pedicures things for me I guess.  I did do one really exciting thing - I went to Alaska - without my family. It was the trip of MY life time.  It was a wonderful time for me.

Thirdly :  About 20 years ago - I started a Grateful Journal.

Fourthly: My blog went to spreading joy and positive feelings.  To try to make others feel good and myself too!  Showing things of beauty that God has given us.  Bringing laughter as good medicine. Putting out some quotes to make us think.
Lastly:  We have decided to downsize and have our house up for sale.  So been busy getting the house ready.

Breast cancer came into my life April 1st. - I'm blessed and grateful and a survivor.  I had surgery June 11, 2014.  The doctors got everything and I am blessed not to have any treatment needed. I know others have not been so blessed or lucky and my heart hurts for them,  You know a benefit from blogging is the help you get from others who have gone through it.  The support and love you get from your friends is amazing.  I could write a book of thank yous.


So what am I working on now?   Trying to put everything together in my mind.   Figuring out where to go from here.  What is the message I should learn from cancer?   How can I help others?  What should I be blogging about now - I think another change might be coming  . . .

2.How does my work differ from others?

That's easy:

I'm eclectic and I like that about myself. I'm definitely not a mainstream kind of gal.  I love to think outside the box!  I don't put my blog in a box or have a special theme either.  I'm totally open to most things - but it does have to be Christian based.  I love to learn new things. I'm extremely inquisitive and ask a lot of questions - that's why I try to be personal with my blogger friends.    

3.Why do you write/create what you do? 

To be honest I don't look at myself as creative.  Susan says I am.  I just feel I have the gift of gab - and hence that is where chatty comes from and I'm older with lots of advice (just ask me) so that is the crone part equals to =
Creative Researcher of New Experiences.

4.How does your writing/creative process work?

I have lots of wonderful friends. and without them I don't think it would work.  I've had a ton of different experiences in life and I feel that I can bond with people on many different levels. If you are going through something I probably have too or something similar.  Then the best for last - God.  I am not sure I have any real process - but if I do I credit God for helping me.

So my process works from people - from my friends.


I think He changed me with the cancer.  We survivors all have our stories.  My story started with a bad mammogram.  Next ultrasound.  Another mammogram.  A needle biopsy.  An MRI..
Lastly the big call from the doctor " You have cancer, but it is Stage 0, it's the best you can have.

My journey started April 1st.  It was hurry up and test.  Then wait for the news.  Then wait to see the doctors.  Then wait to have surgery.  Then wait to hear the most important results in your life.  Then wait for the healing.  Then wait till your finished with the doctors (and you never get done with doctors once you have cancer I don't think).   I have learned to wait.

I know it's changed me.  The days before I had cancer when I thought I  had my health I was going through life.  I  had had the tests for years and I assumed this would just be routine test.
 I had felt nothing!    I was shocked.

I guess I am not so naive anymore- especially with the way my life was going to go.  I no longer take my life for granted.  I don't take people for granted.  Cancer has taken me somewhere else that I'm in the process of trying to figure out.  I think it's an improved place.  I'm stronger now. I'm deeper spiritually now.   It has showed me a zest for life.  Some times I took it for granted.

Now I don't.

I think one thing my cancer has shown is Stage 0/DCIS  is a 'good' cancer for cancer - I understand that now. There is no 'good cancer' and 'no easy answers', but I see now what they meant.  For now I am a survivor.  I have been given a great prognosis.  My surgery went great and I feel better than ever.

Thank you God and my friends here who prayed for me.

So what can I give you - girls - get your mammograms and don't put them off.  They area finding things earlier and earlier now.  If you cannot afford one then I believe there are state laws to hel you pay.  AND not every cancer is a death sentence.  I know other blog friends of mine are going through trials right now and I'm praying for them - all cancers are different.

OKAY stayed tune to the next adventure with me.  lol

Now I have written a book let me introduce you to two writer friends/bloggers of mine.

Adventures In The Ball Park

"Just so you know...this is not a blog about baseball. Although in my life, there is an outfield, a dugout, and a concession stand (stocked with Skinny Cow treats.) My last name is Ball, and my life often feels like a game, so I write about the wins and losses, strikes and pop flies that occur in my ballpark. I scribble about grown-up babies, seasoned parents, chasing wellness, chasing God, and dropping the meatloaf in the dish water. And I write limericks. Because this game of life is goofy."

She is a writer and has written a book.

And God sent her just when i needed her - before my surgery.  I was so scared not about the cancer, but about the surgery and how i would look.
Well she sent me this blog:


What I have now is an earthly suit.  My one in Heaven will be great.
And you know for you ladies out there worrying - it is nothing.
I feel even better and I had a plastic surgeon and I look okay.

She's a very funny - honest - and supportive friend.


"I am a writer but I didn't really begin writing until I was almost 50 years old, and a new ME was born! Although I had publications in Chicken Soup for the Soul books, other anthologies, and periodicals, I just published my first book, a memoir, in November of 2013, the year I celebrated my 60th Birthday! Besides writing, I love to read, listen to all kinds of music, watch TV, eat out, be with family, friends, and of course my sweet, beloved dog, Vern. Please join me as I follow my bliss and discover what’s next on my writing journey."

Okay you see for yourself she too has written a book - and I have had the privilege of reading that book! It was so funny - filled not only with humor, but truth as well.  She and I happen to be the same age and we had a lot in common in our background.  When I read the book - I could barely put it down.  It brought back a lot of memories I had forgotten. 

Check it out. 

And the other thing - while Becky lives In Missouri her sister lives in Georgia and I have had the privilege of meeting this 'young' lady. 

She's wild what can I say?

Okay I am chatty and this blog is Susan's fault!  I am nearly done.  
Phew to both of us right?


Thanks Lee.


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Love, Chatty Crone