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Joy is the serious business of Heaven.
C.S. Lewis

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fun Friday with a little help from my friends...........November 21, 2014 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thank you Denise Oldham.
Do any of you know her?
If you do she had a serious heart attack and has been in the hospital in rough shape - 
getting all sorts of surgery done.  
Please keep her in your prayers.  

Well my daughter decided to go elsewhere for Thanksgiving with my grandson. 
I think this will be my first Thanksgiving ever without any extended family.
 So I took the grandson last week to see this movie last weekend.  
 It's great and if you get the chance to see this you should.
Kirt Cameron and his sister are both wonderful Christians.  

Did you know we are losing our Bee population?  
Just passing some information about why they are important.
Thought it was interesting even though off the subject. 

That is me falling off the bike - and quite recently too.  
I have had some growing pains lately.
Needing to pick myself up - dust myself off - and move on.

Even old Disco gets extra on Thanksgiving - although he does not need it.  
He HATES this sweater even tho it keeps him warm.
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I love this one from Vee.

I am a little late with this one - thanks Joan.
Florida Trick and Treaters.  

A helpful ideal....



I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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