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Joy is the serious business of Heaven.
C.S. Lewis

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fun Friday with a little help from my friends.


Come on in for a visit - how do you like this tree?  I realized after talking to a friend last week that all these photos I am putting here - that I am building what I want Heaven to look like - wouldn't the trees be beautiful like this?  Sitting on the front porch talking to God and to friends?

Grandson had a beginning of the school year pool party - this is half the 8th grade - he has 25 in all.  Loves it.  He is on the far left.


 There is a reason why the question shown below, from a Hong Kong elementary school test, is making the rounds on the Internet. Most adults can't solve it – not for want of math skills, but because most of them have lost the child's ability of unconventional thinking. Instead, they have acquired the debilitating unwillingness to try a different perspective.  Look closely.  Can you figure out what the missing number is?

Answer below

This problem is not mathematical, but rather philosophical. It proves that, in spite of what the modern "progressive" philosophers tell us, not all viewpoints are equally valid; in most cases, there is only one point of view that leads to the right answer.

A different perspective . . . 

 Do you know what this is (the first week was a banana slice - last week was a DVD - and this week it is Velcro! 

 Thanks Lee

Thanks Lee.


A Couple of Helpful Hints:

 Thanks Dean

Thanks Darla

Want to hear a funny story – on Tuesday last week I wanted to have about 6 dark lowlights put it,  The girl said I wouldn't like it.  So she did a lighter brown and being a bit eclectic I said okay and add a couple maroon ones (next month is breast cancer awareness month).  My hair turned out to look like a peppermint – white with blood red stripes.  I was crying!  Then she put something on the whole head and it made it brown and red – so I still was upset – and she highlighted the red with brown – which didn’t take.  So now I have gray – brown – and red hair and I have no idea how it will grow out.  Next time I am going to stick to my guns and get what I want – if this ever goes away.  lol



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