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Joy is the serious business of Heaven.
C.S. Lewis

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fun Friday with a little help from my friends - October 24th, 2014

Even though this is probably not fall - HAPPY FALL!
I just love fall.

I really am serious - you NEED to schedule
your ANNUAL breast mammogram -
if you have not had one within the year.

My Little Story and What Cancer Has Taught Me

April 1 - my daughter and I had our annual mammograms.  We go to a Women's Breast Center in Atlanta. The one good thing about that place is they do everything the same day - the bad thing is it takes ALL day.   There was no history of breast cancer in my family.  That day they found something odd on both our mammograms - we went for an ultrasound and something showed up odd on that for both of us so we had to have another mammogram.  Lastly we saw the doctor. She told us that it was probably nothing, but to be safe we would both have needle biopsies.  I ended up with Stage 0 breast cancer (yes stage - of cancer is when the cancer is still encapsulated and hopefully has not spread) and my daughter was fine - praise God.  

Cancer makes you ask all sorts of questions - ones that weren't that important and the ones you really need to ask you don't even think about til you get home.      I did ask how I ended up with cancer?  The way I got breast cancer was by the numbers - I was the one in eight women who get breast cancer.  A number.  

Cancer makes you look for blessings in everything.  I have to say I was blessed the way everything went compared to some others with breast cancer or other cancers in general.  I've had my ups and downs, but I am still blessed.     

Cancer teaches you respect.  I found out that cancer is a frightening foe.  I''ve learned respect for it.  I had no idea - when someone said they had cancer - what that word meant exactly.  What all it entailed.  I know a women and a young man that are fighting it right now just from my blogs. Young children from church - which I don't understand, but that is where faith comes in. 
Please pray for them.

Cancer teaches you who your friends are and you find out who are not your true friends.  You can't believe some of the well meaning (?) comments I've gotten from friends.  I vow not to say anything negative back because I don't want negativity around me, but you'd be surprised.     

Cancer teaches you to think and be ultimately responsible for the decision you make.  I was told more than once I was making the wrong decision.  Your mind twirls.  You pray a lot.   I believe I did the best for me and my future and I found out that everyone is different. And just for breast cancer there must be a hundred and one different types and different treatments.  

Cancer teaches you patience.  The hurry up and test - then wait for the results.  A wait to talk to the second surgeon then a wait to schedule surgery.  Then hurry to have surgery and then wait for results.  Hurry up for this test and then wait for the results.  Not all coming in at the same time. The genetic testing won't be finished until December!

Cancer controls a lot of your time and thoughts.  All the doctors you have to see. Oh vey!  All the questions you have that will never really be answered. Seeing if your insurance will pay for certain things. What you are allowed or not allowed to have.  

Cancer stays with you even when things kind of calm down.  Somehow you think it won't change you, but it does.  When you are kind of sort of done (and I don't think once you have cancer you ever get truly done) you are left trying to figure out where exactly where you are and what to do and how to go on like normal. I mean what is normal anyway and I was I ever normal?  I don't think so - lol.  

Cancer makes you pray a lot and you become very thankful for everything.  Again I want to thank God and all my friends for being there for me.

So remember - early detection is crucial. 

Can't you just feel the wind and the love and the freedom this picture has?

Thanks Debbie

A kiss (a flower) for you.

(thanks Lee)
No spring harvest here.

I think the grandparents should be on a screen of the kids IPhones.
Thank you Lee

Out of all the people in the house - Disco likes his pets from grandpa the best.

At real docs too!

I know I'm tired trying to figure myself out!


I don't expect you to read half of what I write - but if you want a laugh - you HAVE to watch this. Thanks grandson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This will give you a HUGE lift if you have the time - Thanks Carolann

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