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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Well it's not Friday, but I will share my tale and add some fun.

Gosh it has been so long since I have posted.  The time kind of got away from me.  I thought about it often and just never sat down to do it.  Sorry. Even now I am watching the Doctors which I never do and watching the story of little Maddox who can't smile.  He is going to get help and I am bawling . . . so as you can guess I am a mess!!! 

Christmas came - as well as a proposal of marriage to my daughter.  They had set a date in June so we were running around planning and buying - you know how that goes.  It takes a whole lot of time.

Next we put the house up for sale again - .so it was cleaning and sprucing it up again. Then listing it.  We have had four people look at it and four that didn't show so we had to get the house ready 8 times - that is work too.  Another big time taker!

We also have to look at places we may want to move to.  More time.  More stress - getting the picture here??? 

My husband had the shingle shot in January - for 'free' at Kaiser. He asked them for it.   In February his back started hurting on one spot around his waist and the side of his body on the left side swelled up and it looked like a camel hump!! Went to the ER and while they did not find out what that was that day - they did find a nodule on his lung and some spots on his bones.  So that made for many, many more tests and doctors costing about a $1000.00 (for a free shot!).

Come to find that the camel hump was from the shingles shot.  About 3 to 5% of people who get shingles and/or the shot - can have there muscles paralyzed - come to find out our muscles hold our body in.  When they become paralyzed the body pops out. And it was just a small muscle!!

I don't know if I explained this well or not.  Anyway the nodule and the bone spots seem to be okay now and will be looked at in six months.  The muscles are supposed to be working again in 3 to 6 months, but they are not yet.  Add some more time and stress into the pot.

So have I bored you yet?

Last week come to hear my daughter and her fiance might not be getting married.  Then today it is back on.  Kind of like Father of the Bride problems.  But it is mother of the bride who is stressed out too.  I am thinking they will cancel the bigger wedding which I think is a good idea and get married with just the family and then take a little trip., but we'll see.  Seems I am the last to know.

You can add a lot of stress to that pot of soup.

And if that wasn't enough - we found out that my grandson - who started a private Christian School three years ago - where we worked out all sorts of issues -  come to find out his 4 beset friends - boys - are leaving the school.  There are only ten boys in the small class of 20.  Okay the ones left tend to be well - discipline issues - and we figure that is why the others might be leaving.  So guess what else we are doing?  LOOKING FOR A NEW SCHOOL!!!  Praying about it and wondering if he should go to private again or public.  He wants private. And again the $$$.

So put these things all together and we have stress soup and I am in the pot!!!  LOL

So I haven't posted.  I have had a few people ask me how I have been doing - so THANK YOU!

Those aren't the only reasons, but they are the main ones.  The other one that I am still struggling with is my past breast cancer.  I am free from the disease as of now - but it does play a game with your mind.  You always questioning things.  You always wondering why? How?  Is it going to come again?  The protection you had before you had cancer - that you may not get it - is gone.

 It just hurts me so when I read or hear about someone else with cancer - It is the "Emperor of Maladies" a television special that starts on Monday nigh - March 30, 2015.  I hate it for others and I hate it for me. And I do know there are a lot of other horrible diseases and I don't mean to discredit them.

The other thing it taught me is that I need to be doing - living - and experiencing life more - and not spending so much time at my desk at the computer which I do love.   I am trying to get out with people more and trying some different things and doing new experiences.  I am trying to have fun.  So I am mixing things up.

And the funny thing is I didn't ask cancer to teach me anything - it just did.  It changed me and I feel I had no choice!  lol.

My advice to you would be to go out and have some fun - find some passion for living.

I have been in touch with some of you by email and I will still be available on email and I am on facebook.  I wish everyone was.  I am not gone from here, but I am sure I won't be posting too much in the near future as I am hoping the house sells soon - and then we will be packing and moving.  Which will be mean more time, but I will definitely come back once in awhile for updates.  lol

Just don't count me down and out!

The Grandson a loyal Georgia Bulldog Fan  - will be 14 in April.

The lift - something I am trying to remind myself to do.

Disco in his winter coat. Needs to be on a little diet. 

We even had a little snow this winter.  This was it. 
We are in full blown spring now.  The allergies went from a reading of 1 yesterday to over 15K today!

And the most important thing of all: REMEMBER EASTER!

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