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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD - ever hear of it?

Ah, what can one say about SPD? My grandchild has SPD. He also started kindergarten six weeks ago. We already know the assistant principal and the principal and they know us by name (and everyone else in the office). There is no place in the school system yet for kids with 'just' SPD. They seem to be constantly misunderstood and looked at as bad. It's kinda sad because he's a wonderful boy.

There are seven senses and each one of those senses has sub-specialties. It's not taught that way in school or people would understand him better. The five regular senses - all of them are either too bright, too tight, too loud, or too something for him. Then add the vestibular system - movement and the proprioceptive system - where you are in relationship to space - and man it's tough. He's always hitting and banging into someone - and the mothers are frustrated, so are we! He's probably working harder to behave, than any other little one in there. We've done years of early invention and will continue, but this is hard.

So this is one of my causes - to 'educate the educational' system.

Love, Chatty

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