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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Just living isn't enough," said the butterfly, "one must also have freedom, sunshine, and a little flower."-Hans Christian Anderson
Yes, I think life is much more than just going through the daily mundane things of life.
I teach my grandson to look outside. Everything God made is beautiful. Look at it - there is no defining ending or beginning - it kind of blends and fits together. Smooth edges.
Look at everything we make. Driveways, streets, telephone poles, wires, sidewalks, bikes, cars - get my point? It is rougher looking. Not as smooth and blended.
Heck we can't make one part of the body nearly as good as the way God did.

To keep on track I had a God thing happen this week.
We're from Chicago and one of my very near and dear friends - a real kindred spirit - moved to NC the year we moved to Atlanta.

Now we have seen each other twice, I believe in those years, yet we are the best of friends. We're called and kept in touch though the years on the Internet. We literally love each other as friends.
I went to her daughter's wedding and felt move like family than . . . (another story). We sat in the church a couple rows back and she would just look at me and smile. A bond created forever.
She had written me daily, on the process of planning her daughter's wedding. I knew everything about it and when I got there - I then saw what she had been describing to me.
Okay - so I mentioned a book I read here on my Blog. Then I told her about the book also.
Funny thing is (?) she looked at the book and then went to book reviews (why?). She saw a Blog from a Chatty Crone and started to read it. It was only the second Blog she had ever read.
She then wrote me about this Blog, how she liked it, that I might like it, and that she could be friends with this person.
I wrote her back - and told her she already was friends with this person!
How many billion of people are there in the world? How many people on the Internet? How many people Blog? She never Blogs. I had never told her I Blogged. She found Chatty and liked her.
Isn't that a God thing. Miracle? Soul bonding?
When God wants you to find someone -or really when he wants anything to happen - that you'd think was impossible (like the 57cents story) by golly - it will happen.
You couldn't have thought of a way to find each other like that on the Blogs, but God did. His little humor and love I think.
So here's to you my dear, sweet, beautiful, angel, wonderful soul, and kindred spirit from NC.

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