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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Thursday, February 14, 2008

One of my favorite songs.

Happy Valentines Day ~ some thoughts on love ~ Love yourself too!

Love is a serious mental disease. ~Plato

I will show you a love potion without drug or any witch’s spell: If you wish to be loved, love. ~ Hecato

For an instant out lives met, our souls flowered. ~ Oscar Wilde


Some thoughts on love . . .

"We wait for opportunities to come our way much as the same way we wait for the right bus to bring us to our destinations. It takes just a momental lapse in concentration or a little distraction for the opportunities to slip byus.

Looking for love is a little similar to waiting for a particular bus. The right person may have entered our lives but we may not be aware of it until he/she leaves because we're not paying enough attention or because we have other priorities.

Sometimes, we need to chase a bus because it is leaving and we want to get on it. If we are lucky and the bus driver notices us and is kind enough, he/she will stop and let us board. However, if the chase really started too late or if the bus driver did not notice us or he/she did but pretended not to, we will end up with cold stares from strangers who see us fools chasing after a bus that had no intention to stop for us.

And sometimes, like the way we are blinded by love, we develop astigmatism and board the wrong bus. Those who realize their mistake early get off the bus at once and face only the embarrassment of that moment.

Those who do not realize their mistake until it is too late, i.e. until the bus has gone off course from their destination, suffer from not only embarrassment and shame, but may become lost for a while and be faced with the hassle of planning how they can move on from the off-course track."

From 'Personal Devolpement for the Book Smart"


Another take on another kind of love . . . loving yourself . . . how can you love someone else, unless you have learned to love yourself?

"Valentine’s Day is almost here and many of us are highly stressed by this compulsory, scripted celebration of love. The script is quite daunting. 'Look what he bought me! He values me.'

The basic problem lies with a faulty premise. Valentine’s Day is not (all) about him and the gifts he buys for you. The holiday (can) become about you!

What gifts do you give yourself?

Our significant other is our deeper, truer identity. Don’t get distracted. We can be the love object.

If you ~
* Don’t like yourself* Feel unattractive* Feel unhappy* Feel depleted* Feel like you have no goals or direction, no mysterious, ideal lover will rescue you from yourself and hold up a mirror for you to see a magical transformation. No gift will restore your vitality and happiness.

Here’s what will: This Valentine’s Day start the journey inward to rediscover the hidden girl.

You know the part of you that has forgotten how to laugh, have fun, play and not give a hoot as to what anyone else thinks.

Now, I’m not telling you to release your inner child because you are no longer a child. You are a woman. What I’m urging you to do is to release the spirit of childhood to have great adventures within the context of your life, where you are today.

Nothing is as powerful as your imagination. It shapes your realities and can be more real than reality. Use your imagination to liberate yourself from unrealistic expectations and idealized versions that distort the female form and constrain your consciousness. Challenge your traditional way of thinking to liberate your self-love – this is not being selfish, rather it’s a sign of personal growth and transformation.

If you are in a relationship, keep cultivating your separate, distinct self because it is incredibly exciting and sexy! We are all single, even if we are married or living with someone. Embrace your uniqueness and if you don’t know what makes you unique, this is the perfect holiday to find out.

by Debbie Mandel


(I had to share this as well, because it is true - it's taking responsiblity for yourself - once you do - all things that are supposed to happen, will fall in place.)

So there is love of others and love of self.
Head or heart? Love is a powerful thing.


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