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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, March 31, 2008

The story about real survivors is on again tonight. I did watch it last week. It was good. It's about very heroic men and women who survived insurmountable odds. I'm not that kind of survivor - not yet anyway (and truly I hope I never am). Those people are miracles themselves and were given miracles to survive. I applaud them. Watching something like this gives me a couple of things. Strength and gratitude.

I do think you can be a survivor of little things too. In a way, aren't most of us survivors of something? We should pat ourselves on the back too. Someday maybe we can go out and help others, so they can help others, and so on (see the ripple affect I was talking about?).

"Ten Easy Steps to Happiness
By Chet Day

"The following suggestions are so simple-minded, you may be tempted to not try them.

That would be a major mistake because these techniques were scientifically documented and verified by a British "happiness team" that included psychologist Dr Richard Stevens, psychotherapist Brett Kahr, work place specialists Jessica Pryce-Jones and Philippa Chapman, social entrepreneur Andrew Mawson OBE and Richard Reeves, whose expertise spans philosophy, public policy and economics.

Here are the ten steps to happiness that the team identified:

1) Plant something and nurture it.
2) Count your blessings -- at least five -- at the end of each day.
3) Take time to talk and have an hour-long conversation with a loved one each week.
4) Phone a friend whom you have not spoken to for a while and arrange to meet up.
5) Give yourself a treat every day and take the time to really enjoy it.
6) Have a good laugh at least once a day.
7) Get physical exercise for half an hour three times a week.
8) Smile at and/or say hello to a stranger at least once each day.
9) Cut your TV viewing by half.
10) Spread some kindness and do a good deed for someone every day. "

(Article written by Chet Day.)

You know I don't get up everyday and feel on top of the world. I get sad and depressed just like everybody else. Sometimes I get lonely. Sometimes I get hurt by people. Sometimes I wonder if there is not more out there. I'm just like everybody else. I've just learned one thing along my way. Life can and will go on and you can't change that anymore than you can change another person. You can only change yourself, your feelings, and your view.

I believe I learned this though the school of hard knocks! This I know, how you live your life and how you view life is a choice - your choice and no one elses. Ask yourself if you want to just survive and get by or do you want to have a fullfilling life and thrive? There's a huge difference.

If you want the last choice, you HAVE to work at it all the time. When a negative thought comes in, let it come it and go right on out and replace it with a good one.

We'll all be okay. One day at a time.

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