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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What would walking in your shoes be like?

Be careful whose shoes you want to fill. It might not be as fun as you think.

Dorothy wasn't happy until she found her own shoes.


No matter how close you are to someone, you'll never know how they truly feel unless you walk in their shoes. I think good communication skills are essential to understand what other people are trying to say. Blogs and emails are kind of tough because you can't see the face of the one you're talking too. You can't ask them directly what they mean by this or that and get an immediate response. Sometimes you have to look at some one's face to see what they are really saying. Plus it's hard to write all the words you feel and explain them properly. You might think you have your message down clear and it is clear to you, but not to the person you're writing to.


This has been an extremely rough week for me. I lost a neighbor last Sunday he had a heart attack and he died right in the house before the ambulance arrived. On Tuesday a tornado hit right up the street and did extensive damage - the area was labeled a federal disaster area, the same night my car got hit - there was already an accident and the police were there - I was paying attention and slowing down and I guess the car behind me was watching the blue lights. The man who hit me said it was only my wheel cover that needed replacing (his whole front end was smashed) and that he'd give me $100 and 'trust me' to give him the change. I said no and motioned the police over. My muffler system was pushed forward and my bummper the bolts were sheared off. My car sounds awful!!! I've come to find out that the Lexis that hit me has no insurance.

Get a call the same night that my husband's credit card was used fraudulently and that had to be closed and reopened. Got my mortgage statement on Thursday and it said I didn't pay last month's mortgage. (Truly it must have been lost in the mail - I am never late). I called them and they said no problem, went to the bank and paid both months. Put a stop payment on my check from last month. That was Thursday and on Friday a man who could barely and I mean barely speak English called from the collection agency of my bank to hassle me. I couldn't even understand him I've been with that bank for 22 years -I'm mad.

Then the saddest of sads, I lost a very dear friend due to - well I don't really know why exactly -they haven't said, but let's say it's because of missed communication and miscommunication. I think we both felt hurt and what was said got askewed. Instead of this friend trying to work things out with me I'm assuming they decided to withdraw. I'm left with the feeling that I wasn't that important.

I'm muddling on.

Even with all this going on I'm trying to see the positives in my life. My husband has a real job. My grandson successfully and with great academic success finished 1st. grade. The sun is shining and I'm out doing yard work -grounding myself. I'm finishing my back yard. In many ways I'm blessed. I didn't get hurt in the accident. I have insurance. My house didn't get damaged. My bills and credit cards will be okay. The lost of a friend, well that's the tougher one.

My question is - if we had the choice -would we change our shoes for someone else's shoes?


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