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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, June 16, 2008

I told ya'll I wrote a book - the cover is over to the right on my Blog. Thought I might put out the first chapter in sections over the next month and see what you think about it. Feedback would be awesome. It's a story about growth and love (what else would I write about(Lol) - that's who I am).
Full Circle
(By Me)

Chapter 1 - Part 1

To her, the significance of removing the last telltale sign of her past far outweighed any possibility of risks. It wasn’t that she would look better physically or feel better mentally, she had already accepted her appearance a long time ago, and her mind was at peace. Spiritually, she was on solid ground. No, the surgery was instead destined to be Annie’s indication to herself that she was finally whole; that she had made a full revolution, as in a circle of life and now felt safe and complete. Yes, Annie was a woman of courage, and she would face this surgery as bravely as she had faced all the other challenges she had encountered in her life. She didn’t require the surgery. She desired the surgery— it was her choice and, for once, no one else’s.

Annie wasn’t frightened exactly, just a bit anxious. After all, wasn’t it natural to be nervous when one was facing surgery? She was only human. Any time a person went under general anesthesia, she understood there was some amount of risk involved. However, in Annie’s mind, what she stood to gain from this surgery, far outweighed the risk involved. The doctors, including her own son, Steve, a general surgeon himself, had gone over the possible side effects and the potential dangers of the procedure with her. None felt she was in any real danger from the surgery. Besides, she had undergone a complete physical with all the necessary blood tests. Her EKG showed that her heart was strong and her chest x-ray came back clear. Annie passed the tests with flying colors and had already meticulously signed the myriad of forms as the required acknowledgment that she knew the potential peril of this procedure. She was more than ready. The ghosts of her past were finally going to evaporate forever, and her future was looming bright before her. As it was, Annie’s current life seemed liked Heaven itself. Things couldn’t get much better.

Annie’s surgery to repair the scars on her back was scheduled for this very morning. For some thirty-two years now she had adapted to those scars as an outward sign of her inward pain, but today she was going to adapt to being a free woman. The last vestiges of bondage to her past would soon be gone.

(stayed tuned for more next Monday - hope you let me know what you think about it.)

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