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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday's Whims (songs)

The Secret of Life

Do you know what the secret to life is?

That there is no secret!

You have to work some to come to that understanding, but it's true.

We are such good people. We all start out so fresh and honest and clean. We work so hard to grow up. We start as an infant and we struggle to walk and talk, we struggle in school, with friends, we struggle to find a job, to find love, to buy a house, to save money, and then we struggle to keep up with the Jone's.

Some times we wake up in the middle of our life and panic that there isn't a lot of time left, so we struggle to find what we we lost, to make up for lost time, to find out what really is important.

I think everyone does this, I did it, I still do it some.

The secret is to stay in the present moment as much as possibly. When you don't dwell on the past or worry about the future - you are experiencing all that really is - the here and now. I know what a contradiction that may seem for me to say as I'm always analyzing about the past and future, but if I hadn't analyzed I might not have come to this conclusion. (There are many, many different 'parts' to Chatty).

I may understand this in my head and sometimes I even understand this in my heart/soul, but I also know it's hard to stay in the present sometimes. It's hard not to think of the past or the future. That is being human. Dreams are good to have. We must have our dreams. I will say that.

Analyzing - it's my type of 'puzzle' my brain likes to work on. Okay I was probably born analyzing and then I analyzed more when I was growing up, but I analyze now because I enjoy it. It's like a puzzle to me - how life fits together. Why does one person do this and another person do that? What can I do to improve myself? My friend has started me on Sudoku. Crossword puzzles - great mind expansions. All of these type of things keeps your mind active and strong. Analyzing is like a map that leads you from one place to another. With it comes adventure and voyages to new lands - if you will.

Analyzing is not painful to me. Maybe analyze is the wrong term - (examine, study, investigate, evaluate, consider, question, explore, probe, dissect). In fact I find my that my closest friends are the ones who examine their own life and 'life' as well. It bonds us. Now this type of friend, if you don't have one - look for one - they're awesome to have. The joy and passions you feel when you're with this friend - the freedom you feel - you can share you deepest joys and your saddest sads. You can share your past and you can share your dreams while being present.

Okay, okay I see this blog 'looks' like an oxymoron. Totally confusing and opposite. That's kind of who I am. Let's see if I can pull it together to make sense.

I learned after examining myself, that there is no secret to life, except in living it to the fullest you possibly can, in your own set of circumstances. When others have have learned to do that as well and you hook up as friends - the sharing becomes dynamic. So you're both living life to the fullest. When you go out and do something together the experience is so incredibly awesome because you're both in the here and now and you can experience life - you are living. There is freedom to experience life. There's passion for life. Think - are there some people you just want to be around? You migrate towards them. They're happy, open, funny, yet they can be serious too. You just enjoy being around them.

On the other hand, if someone hasn't opened up, found themselves, released their 'pain bodies' if you will, they start to shrivel up like a prune! They are doing anything, but living in the present because they haven't found the present! They're too busy hiding from living life. They become scared, they can't find the passion in life, they complain, become embittered, and so forth. Have you ever met someone you can't stand to be around. You cringe when you see them coming or calling? You can just sense their unhappiness? You feel or even see a dark cloud over them?

Who do you want to be like?

Let go, be passionate, live in the now, and live and love life as 'best' you can - where you are. Don't worry about being perfect - you will fail as no one is perfect -just let go and try. Don't waste your life hiding from it. Even if you're in a bad situation, you can make good come from it.

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age". Anais Nin

C Crone

I just received this email and am adding to the Blog - as it explains what I am talking about above:

Reach Out and Touch Someone-
Have you been meaning to schedule a movie night with the girls, or call up your college roommate, or take your favorite aunt out, but haven't made the time? Well, consider this: Researchers say that women who maintain close ties with other women enjoy health perks including lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and even longer life expectancy.
I know that balancing your own needs with the needs of your family and career is tough enough, but the relationships we forge with other women are priceless. In a time of crisis, there's nothing like having an entire network of gal pals ready and willing to offer a shoulder to cry on, a place to stay, or anything else you might need — like a good laugh or shot of self-esteem every now and then. So get in the habit of catching up with all the girls in your life at least once a week. Even a simple phone call will do the trick — haven't you ever had a blah day, only to get a call from a girlfriend that cheered you up?

(You see it's there all around us - all we have to do is look).

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