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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Women 'happiest at 28' (BOLOGNA) and The Road to Denali!

I listen to a country station here 101.5 and the woman Dallas had seen a report that said:

~~"Researchers discovered women feel most confident and happy with their love life and body shape shortly before they reach 30.

It is also the period in their life when they enjoy the best sex – but the happiness is relatively short lived.

Because by the time they have turned 30 they start worrying about growing old and developing grey hair and wrinkles.

A spokesman for home hair colour brand Clairol Perfect 10, which carried out the study of 4,000 women, said: "Everything in life hits its peak at some point, and nearly reaching your thirties isn't so bad now.

"The age of 28 has been pinpointed as the time in a woman's life their hair looks the best, body shape is at its peak and confidence is at an all-time high.

"The security of your job, having a steady income, being in a relationship and having strong friendships all help create the perfect point in our lives when everything comes together.

"Reaching and surpassing your twenties no longer triggers the downward spiral of your looks and self-confidence.

"And a little time put aside in hectic schedules for self-pampering and the odd beauty product can help keep you feeling young and looking your best."

The survey of 25-65 year olds recorded the age at which women were most content in 12key areas of their life.

According to the results, women are happiest in their career at 29 and most content with their relationships one year later at 30, despite having the best sex at 28.

But all is not lost for the over 30s, as women feel most content with their financial situation at 33 and at ease with their home and family life at 32.

The research found two thirds of women feel they age more quickly than men, and the women polled rated their appearance a measly five out of 10.

It also emerged that 56 per cent of women worry about losing their looks as they get older.

But drinking from the fountain of youth doesn't come cheap as the average woman will spend £600 every year, or more than £49 a month, on beauty products in a bid to stay looking young.

The research also found women spend over five days a year on their beauty routine – an average of 22 minutes every day.

Psychologist Corinne Sweet added: "Having a good hair day is essential to success both at work and in love, as many women still feel their hair is their crowning glory

"Considering it was found that women have six bad hair days a month, anything women can rely on to improve their hair at home, in the minimum of time with guaranteed results can mean a huge lift in well-being, confidence and self-esteem.

"This can help women feel they are in the driving seat in their lives, despite the challenging times of modern life and always being on the go."

June 26, 2009"~~

Now the station is huge and they opened this topic up for discussion. Not one women agreed with this. I didn't and my daughter who is 31 did not.

What 4000 women answered this questionnaire? The only reason I would go back to being 28 would be (and I would have to know what I know now) to have more years being smarter and feeling better about myself. And in my case - I feel better physically. And why do we have to peak? I guess I've always been a bit different . . .

What do you think and when do you think men peak?

The pictures are of what I was still seeing on my train ride to Denali. Beautiful.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hmmmmmm...my 30's were pure hell, spent alone, sexless and stressed. Had the best sex at 45, and felt my absolute strongest physically then too.
Now, I feel I've lost it all, and have sunk to the bottom of the bag!
Such an interesting post today!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I was very happy at 28...a great job, a husband about to become a doctor and all the admiration that comes your way with that, the "gang" of friends in a similar situation, with me the only wife (lots of male admiration), in an exciting city, no kid yet, my family (even though mean) still alive...for me, yes, I'd say 28 was probably my happiest year...

Men peak the year their salary peaks. Honestly.

Chatty Crone said...

Well ODP - glad for your honesty - I didn't know your husband was a doctor - so when did he peak? My husband peaked already!

For me, I'm believing the best is yet to come!

ClassyChassy said...

My best year was at 40, after my divorce. And once you hit 45, you are not as concerned about your looks/weight/gray hair, etc. - who cares? I'm more accepting of myself now than at any other time. I am looking forward, not back! And about men? It depends - Mr. Wonderful is always so optimistic that even when I get 'down', he lifts my spirits back up. That is the best thing a friend could ever do for ya!

Chatty Crone said...

Well, I still believe that life keeps getting better and better as long as we work on it.

I try my best for appearance, but no one is perfect. We are what we are. I guess you could say I'm more accepting of myself too. I mean we are in our 50's - but we can chose to be dried up old crones or juicy crones with a lot to offer - to ourselves, our friends, and others. Again a choice.

Sounds like your second time - you got a winner - somebody wrote to me this about love - "And again, when what I lost was found, he was just as happy as I was because he knew how much it meant to me. When he treats me so well, and is so considerate of my feelings, how could I not want to please him in return? That would not be possible!"

And yet another woman wrote this "My husband has always been thoughtful, very generous and kind. He did middle of the night feedings when I was so tired. He sat at my bedside after surgeries and cared for toddlers and me.

He let me be my own woman.

We both worked on our marriage and I’m sure he “gave” many times when I was cranky and unreasonable.

He’s really humorous and loves a good cartoon or joke.

The least I can do is care for him as I know he would care for me."

Maybe caring about each other keeps you young too. . . bitterness ages the bones and maybe love keeps you soft.

How does that go?

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (A discontent and a bitter heart in a friend dries up the vitality of a relationship.)

Buttercup said...

Great, great post. My late twenties and early thirties were fabulous. Two dream jobs and finally had the financial ability to begin to travel and I did. Thin, no gray hair and not one wrinkle. However, I worried about the most trivial things, though it didn't seem it at the time. Although my 50s haven't been all fun (LOL) I have so much more appreciation for what I have and spend very little time thinking about what I don't have. I so value the maturity that these wrinkles have earned.

Chatty Crone said...

I worried more or fretted more in my 20 and 30's. I've chillin' these days (trying to anyway). I think you learn to value the little things. And yes, we have earned these wrinkles and they have made us stronger and wiser.

Buttercup said...

I am so enjoying this blog and the folks who stop by here. What a terrific group of women. Thanks!

Chatty Crone said...

I do too - great group of people. Wish we could all get together some time. Thanks.