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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flooding in Cobb County

Yesterday I went out in the pouring rain to do some errands. I drove into my subdivision around one. The entrance is beautiful - especially in the spring time when the Pear Trees bloom there white leaves. We have a white fence on either side by the pool that says our neighborhood name. It's by the neighborhood pool and tennis courts - almost every neighborhood has something like that down here. The trees line the two lane road and actually arc across to one another and you feel like you're going to a wedding or formal military service - you know what I mean
So at one o'clock one of the trees had fallen over by the pool - which there is a vi dock there too. No problem I went to the left side of the street and went under it. Got home and tried the garage door opener - no electricity. Didn't surprise me. It was raining - heard something like 12 inches in an hour.

So I got out and checked every door and window and we are shut tighter than Fort Knox! Tried to clear the drain in the front as the front yard was flooding. I was soaking wet. I got in the car to leave the neighborhood - to go somewhere and by the time I got to the front - the road leading out was gone. About 25 - 30 feet of road. It is our only way out or in by car.

Went back home to the neighbor's and we talked about what to do. Went back out and the group of neighbors (amazing how we all come together in a crisis) told us where to have our family park - in another neighbor hood - and how to walk through the forest to the other side. It was like having a block party.

Our backyard is flooded and while that has happened before - it has never not drained. It has not drained yet - which can't be good news.

Well, my family doesn't take or follow directions although they 'try' too. So many hours later and much stress later - we are all home. No electricity - we had to break the window of the garage to get in - no water - like Legacy Park - on the reality neighborhood show!

Now all I could do is laugh and make cold cereal for dinner. My neighbors were wonderful. We were lucky. I have plenty of bottled water. The electricity went back on and we have water. It was cool last night and we slept from 8pm until 7am - fully rested!

There have been 7 deaths - the saddest being the little boy swept away from his mom's own arms. Can you imagine?

Schools closed for rain.

And 105 roads washed away.

There was a street over this area yesterday at 1 - by 2 it was gone - the difference one hour can make in a life.

This is the only entrance and exit in our neighborhood of about 200 homes. The mail truck got caught on the 'inside'. No mail today. The mail didn't go through. No emergency vehicles can get through. You can imagine the pool is on the left - we had two pretty white fences with out name on it - and the trees just hung over and leaned together like an arch. Such a wonderful drive in and out of my neighborhood.

This is what is left of the road. Today they are waiting to find a pipe. No school for us today and probably none tomorrow. Hubby did go to work - I took him to the area he walked though yesterday and he got lost in the woods - eventually he found his way.

The end of the road.

See that muddy water? That is my back yard that goes out about an acre. It is almost up to my deck. One really wonderful things - we have been getting hoards of birds. Love it I am a bit worried why it isn't draining - it must be plugged up somewhere.

You can choose to look at the glass as half empty or half full. I choose half full. You can try or not try to make good out of any situation.

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ClassyChassy said...

Goodness! I do pray everything gets back to normal for your neighborhood soon. We had a big storm a few weeks back, and loss of power is inconvenient as well as dangerous! Thanks for the pictures and update! Take care!

Sue said...

Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog, always nice to meet someone from Georgia and you must live right in my backyard...what part of Cobb are you in? I live off Shallowford Rd. by Lassiter High...Us local bloggers get together on occasion...where have you been hiding.....Sue