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Friday, October 30, 2009

Get R Done

Get R Done Friday
Be sure and check out Expressly Corgi's Blog for her 'Get R Done Friday's' - she has a list of gals who have worked during the week to Get R Done! Check them out and leave them a comment. See what everyone is up to.

Andy and his daddy - with pumpkin number 1 for our house.

We needed another pumpkin for Andy to carve and bring to karate for a contest - so when we went to the pumpkin patch he picked the biggest pumpkin there. (Daddy wasn't thrilled, but he came through). See how big it was?

Chatty and Andy discussing (lol) sitting on the pumpkin.

The final pumpkin to bring to the contest today!

No, I didn't carve the pumpkin for Andy's contest, we gave it to his dad to carve and he really did a great job!

Pumpkins number 1 and 2.

You see sometimes in life Get R Done means knowing how to get some help to Get R Done! :)




Love it...great tip on how to get r done! you think he can help me with 30 centerpieces? Happy Halloween...the house decor looks great!

ClassyChassy said...

You put a NEW TWIST on how to GET R DONE, didn't you?!?!? You certainly surprised me with your 'craftiness' for Halloween!!! Thanks for participating, Crafty Lady!!!

Angela said...

Your husband did a great job at carving that pumpkin! Now that's how you ~

Get R Done Friday!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

My goodness, Andy is a little clone of his daddy, isn't he? What a remarkable likeness! Love all your festive and spooky decor.