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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thought of the Day: Smile at both the good and the not-so-good inside you. Embrace both.- Barbara Ann Kipfer

Okay question for you:

We know our good points and we should know our bad points. Right? We are appreciative of our good ones. We pride ourselves as having made the good qualities all by ourselves. But what about our bad qualities - the lessor qualities we have - where do we get them.

We blame others for them don't we? We picked it up somewhere, it was taught to us, someone made us behave that way. . .

Did you ever think that maybe we chose to make the bad qualities we have - ourself? Maybe we don't even know we did it. Why would we do that?


What if you criticized yourself a lot? You could say you were criticized as a child or you lived with criticism - but do you think that maybe you learned to criticize yourself for a reason?

And if so - what would be the reason? Some one told me that recently and I have been thinking about that and if it's true. It's hard to believe you would do something negative to yourself.

What do we get out of being bad sometimes to our self? And can we smile and embrace both the good and the not-so-good inside us?

Happy Birthday Daniel Boone - the good and the not- so -good side . . .

In Boone's youth, his family became a source of controversy in the local Quaker community. In 1742, Boone's parents were compelled to publicly apologize after their eldest child Sarah married John Wilcoxson, a "worldling" (non-Quaker), while she was visibly pregnant.

When Boone's oldest brother Israel also married a "worldling" in 1747, Squire Boone stood by his son and was therefore expelled from the Quakers, although his wife continued to attend monthly meetings with her children.

Perhaps as a result of this controversy, in 1750 Squire sold his land and moved the family to North Carolina. Daniel Boone did not attend church again, although he considered himself a Christian and had all of his children baptized.

Because he spent so much time hunting in his youth, Boone received little formal education. According to one family tradition, a schoolteacher once expressed concern over Boone's education, but Boone's father was unconcerned, saying "let the girls do the spelling and Dan will do the shooting…."



^..^Corgidogmama said...

That old song...."Daniel Boone was a man, was a real man....." runs through my head as I read this today.
Y'know, when I blew my leaves, I was SO conscious of NOT blowing leaves into the neighbors yard. It required extra effort to control those darn things.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi! Just dropping by to say hi; catching up on all my favs after a busy weekend.

Daniel Boone, now that was one birthday I didn't guess. Tx for all the research!

ClassyChassy said...

I WISH I could blow leaves into the neighbor's yard!!! But, they stay trapped here, between the hillsides, right where they fall! The strongest wind would not move them outa here!!!