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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get R Done

It's Thursday! It's Get R Done Thursday! Please visit our gracious host, ClassyChassy, at Expressly Corgi (click here)to see all of the others who are participating in this weekly event! Feel free to join in if you have a project that you are working on or have just finished! Everyone is welcome! Just sign in with Mr. Linky and you are good to go! Visit all the participates and leave a comment so they know you have stopped by.

While I have been what feels like on speed since October - things are finally slowing down this week - until next week when my son and his wife are in town.

I have subbed for two teachers so that they could go to lunch, made candy for some dinners and parties I've gone too, helped my daughter give her school party, and today gave a party for my grandson's 3rd grade class of 22 children! I feel like I'm whipped. They played a Rudolph game where they put Vaseline on their noses and went to get a red dot - they had to keep it on - and see which team won.

Here is my Rudolph:

I put up all my inside Christmas decorations and just finished the outside ones - there aren't many - but better than none.


Okay okay - simple but I like it.

Okay - now get prepared to be hit by a fake snowball!




Troy said...

I'm glad that things are "slowing down" for you. After reading your post, if that was "slow" I'd hate to imagine what it was like before.

You've definitely been busy.

I'm tired just from reading about it.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I just love your little reindeer, he is adorable...and your decorations are fine...I like simplicity, it is just perfect.

That corgi :) said...

love your house! looks like you have lots of outdoor and indoor space! your reindeer is soooo adorable; what a fun game to play! sounds you had a very productive week :)


Barbara Jean said...

Good job girl!!

Always good to see you.


barbara jean

ClassyChassy said...

Atta Girl! Thanks for joining in GET R DONE this week! All that, and you were able to blog, too!!

Angela said...

Oh Wow! You sure have been one busy bee this week! Hope it slows down for you next week so you can enjoy Christmas!

Get R Done Friday!