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Thursday, December 03, 2009

My little Santa Claus - Get R Done

It's Get R Done! Please visit our gracious host, ClassyChassy, at Expressly Corgi to see all of the others who are participating in this weekly event! Feel free to join in if you have a project that you are working on or have just finished! Everyone is welcome! Just sign in with Mr. Linky and you are good to go! Visit all the participates and leave a comment so they know you have stopped by.

Now everyone else in blog land has fabulous crafter talents. I've been saying to myself - self what is the matter with you. Where are your talents? Where are you putting your time in at - your nurturing. Then it hit me - my life is wonderfully irregular because my daughter and grandson live here - so my nurturing is still going to them. And I'm glad - what I have to learn - is how to do both - and hopefully I will soon. But for the time being -

My little Santa Claus is going to be a great husband one day. I hate showing my house. It is so jam packed with 'stuff'. Andy has about every toy imaginable and there is so much stuff my cabinets the top of my cabinets are growing - I think it's alive. There are three hoarders here - I spend half my day following them around to see if and what I can throw - that'll have to be another Get R Done Project - emptying my house.

We got the Christmas up and even though it is artificial it still drops needles so I asked Andy to vacuum and he said okay (he loves to vacuum).

My little Santa starts to vacuum.

I had music on - country of course - and "Let's Dance' was on by Josh Turner - and here he is - vacuuming the living room where we had just put up the tree. And he's dancing - isn't that the cutest thing ever!

He's still working away vacuuming. He did the whole livingroom and did a great job!

We have our tree up, the floor is clean - now to the rest of the decorations. We got it done!

"I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time." ~ Anna Freud

Happy Birthday to Anna Freud (wikipedia).

Anna Freud was the sixth and last child of Sigmund and Martha Freud. Born in Vienna, she followed the path of her father and contributed to the newly born field of psychoanalysis. With Melanie Klein, she is the cofounder of psychoanalytic child psychology.Compared to her father, her work emphasized the importance of the ego and its ability to be trained socially.



Cheri said...

Thanks, Sandi, for you wonderful comments. Those kids of ours really are such a HUGE help, I don't know what we would have done without them. I also have an artificial tree and it is up with lights but hubby has packed away my totes in the storage unit, so hopefully we can get to them and decorate. Coming back to GA this Sat. to get more crap. Yippee!

Joycee said...

Beautiful tree, Andy will remember always the feeling he had of helping! That will be a huge part of his Christmas memories, good job Mom!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Your little fella is just tooo's the little things that give us joy, isn't it?


Angela said...

Andy sure is a cute Little Santa! And what a great little helper he is! You will have to send him to my house when he finishes up at your house. My house is in a despirate need of a good vaccuming! hehehe I'll even turn the music on so he can dance!

Your tree looks beautiful. I love all of the reds on it! We have ours up but it is not completely decorated yet...... Got to Get R Done!

Get R Done Friday!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Your tree is beautiful... and what a great helper!

I've had my tree up for a week but I still haven't put the decorations I can't seem to get in the right frame of mind to finish it... maybe tomorrow...

A Lil Enchanted,

Gaston Studio said...

Great little muscial vacuumer you've got there! And thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come again soon.

Jane (Savannah my hometown!)

That corgi :) said...

your little grandson (actually he's not so little) is so cute! love when they like to help out around the house; gives them such a sense of accomplishment!

tree looks really nice too!

I'm in the list of bloggers that don't do much crafts but I'm with you, I'm still nuturing (although he's 20 y/o LOL) but one day we'll have an empty house and then I might decide to craft

but I do know how to downsize! I'll come over and help you declutter :)


Joyce said...

Nice to have your own cute little Santa's helper to vacum:) Tree is looking good. Oh and you should see the corner of my LR with all the babies toys and a little riding car and books and blocks. My BR has a crib and more toys. Oh well it may not be perfect but it is fun having those little guys around us!

Carol............. said...

What wonderful little helpers!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Sandie, your Grandson is adorable and I know he is a joy to you, him being your first and living with you, he will always be your heart, no matter how many more you have, I know. Love your tree the little nativity scene is so special...
And girl we won't talk about clutter, I live with the biggest hoarder of all.

Elizabeth said...

What a great post, Sandi! You're working on helping Little Santa become a man, and he's getting things Finished for Friday!

Knitty said...

You do know that Santa is supposed to visit every house, right? I will gladly have his favorite cookies and milk waiting for him if he will come vacuum my house. :)

ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for participating in GET R DONE FRIDAY - you got r done alright - but it wasn't you - it was ANDY!! LOL! Your tree is very nice, but still looses needles, eh? Sometimes there is no winning the war on needles!!! You do have talents, Chatty - and some are just waiting to be discovered! We all have different talents, and yours shines especially in the face of your grandson!!! Have a great day!