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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eat This Bread to Curb Afternoon Appetite

Eat This Bread to Curb Afternoon Appetite
By RealAge

Make midafternoon cravings a thing of the past by bulking up your breakfast with a slice of rye toast.

Research suggests that eating rye bread may do an even better job than wheat bread at keeping stomachs from growling later in the day.

The Toast That Tides You Over
In a study, people who ate rye bread with breakfast were less hungry before and after lunch compared with people who ate wheat. Rye’s super-high fiber content probably has something to do with it. But researchers suspect that rye may also produce a lower insulin response than wheat bread (this would help with hunger), and that rye may have a unique fiber composition that keeps people feeling full longer. Here are four additional simple breakfast rules that can help you shed pounds.

Filling Fiber
Of all the rye breads tested, rye-bran bread had the best effect on hunger. Makes sense, since it also has the highest fiber content of the breads. Need to get more fiber in your diet? Try these tricks:

Eat more of these tropical tubers that are jammed with fiber.
Add more fiber to your diet with the tips in this video.
Couple your fiber with plenty of this, so it can do its job.
Check out these healthy high-fiber recipes and menus from EatingWell.

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ClassyChassy said...

In the book I have, Rye and Pumpernickel breads are the ONLY choices you should be making as far as breads go. They surpass whole wheat bread, in leaps and bounds!!! Spread with hummus, or natural peanut butter for flavor, omit the fats and sugars found in butters and regular soft spread peanut butter - and be healthy!!

Cheri said...

Hope your having a great time with the baby.

Linda said...

Sounds like a good choice for bread!
Hope you are having fun, we miss you.


Gaston Studio said...

Yep, high fiber will fill one up better and healthier. Good tip.

Angela said...

That is good to know Sandie! I like Rye bread better than I do wheat bread.

Dolly is one of my favorite country singers. My favorite song of hers is He's Alive which I have playing on my blog!

Hope you are enjoying your time off!


Stella said...

Rye bread has always been my favorite bread. Unfortunatly the way I like it best is as a Ruben sandwich. But also like it as toast. Good to know it is good for us.

^..^Corgidogmama said..., isn't this interesting!? Rye and Pumpernickel..I'll have to find some and stick with those two types of bread from now on. However, I only eat bread, that is 35 calories a slice, so it may be hard to find those with that low of a count.
I like Monica's idea of the hummus and natural PB, rather than butters too.

jeanmac said...

Good post again,I make rye bread in my bread maker after reading about it a few years ago.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My mom loves rye- it smells good too.
more good advise