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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Part two - going to the dentist . . .

The GS was totally different this morning. I was down making breakfast and I could HEAR the joy back in his voice. Even though I knew he was unhappy - I must not have known how unhappy he really was and how it was affecting him! His new teacher has sent two emails to my daughter already saying how well he is doing and she even asked how he was feeling about the move. She had talked to his old teacher who had left and she told the new teacher she thought that it was going to be a great move for him. The new teacher seems to really care about him. They have a class meeting the last 10 minutes of the day to talk about things - he asked her about her positive discipline plan! Only he could do that! lol

You know you think you know the right answer and you fight for it and then one of two things will occur - you will either get the request or not. I had really prayed about this and felt it was the right thing to do, but then you second guess yourself - how much do you fight for your kids or was this a life lesson of how not to be . . . or a way to make him tougher . . . ????

I went to my email this morning and got my God Winks! So many friends CONFIRMED and supported me and then I got this quote:

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.” —Zig Ziglar

We could all learn a lot from crayons:

Some are sharp
Some are pretty
Some have weird names,
All are different colors,
But they all
Have to learn
To live in the same box!


Ever see this movie on television? If you didn't, rent it. Now I know some people have dial up and it would take to long to load, but if you're interested - it's a 9 minute segment of one of the best movies ever. I know it's true because I worked at the first school he was hired at. I remember him going to each and every classroom and him telling his story to every student and he let them ask as many questions as he wanted. He was and is still to this day - a hero in my book.

How do I relate the YouTube a couple of days ago to to my family. The orangutan and the hound?

Well the GS is definitely the orangutan - in constant play movement - all the time - every where - morning - noon - and night. Daughter and the rest of the family - not so much movement, but we have come to love and accept him and his constant movement. Maybe not so much the world when we go to dinner - or the teacher who wants him to hold still - or the dentist (lol), but his disiblities are as real as someone who is blind - he's luckier then that - don't get me wrong - but would you fail a blind person because he cannot see?

Speaking of a dentist - whew boy - we had to really search out an eye doctor who could test his eyes without putting drops in - he just couldn't do it. And a dentist with a calm office, experience, and patience. My daughter did her research and took him place to place and found the best.

Just last week - when she picked him up from school - they brought him out just crying his eye balls out. He has never ever cried at school so she's thinking - what now? She was about to beat somebody up.! You can only take so much . . .

To make a long story short - his tooth hurt. My daughter calls the dentist and they were just about to ask if she could come tomorrow and the GS screamed - so the dentist said to come on in! My daughter picks me up - and off we go to the dentist. That was 3pm. We get there around 4. Well, someone with an oral sensory issue (and if you don't know what that is - let me tellyou - be glad) - can't just sit there, open their mouth, have instruments put in, and then have there tooth yanked. Oh no. They explained it all and gave everything a name - then did laughing gas - they gave him a 'full dose' and he did great.

The problem was the drug drugged him. He was in like a dream state. Couldn't come out of it. Couldn't eat dinner. We put him to bed and he was tired, but couldn't really 'rest' - he needed someone to be with him in bed just sitting next to him. So the daughter and I switched places every half hour until about 11 when he finally went to sleep. From 3 to 11pm - although in his defense it was a cracked baby tooth.

Parenting is not for cowards that is for sure! And KUDOS to my daughter who I don't mention too much, but she is a great mom. Really great.

The Lawrence Welk Show - Happy Birthday - Wikipedia

In 1951, Welk settled in Los Angeles. That same year, he began producing The Lawrence Welk Show.

During its first year on the air, the Welk hour instituted several regular features. To make Welk's "Champagne Music" tagline visual, the production crew engineered a "bubble machine" that spouted streams of large soap bubbles across the bandstand.

Whenever the orchestra played a polka or waltz, Welk himself would dance with the band's female vocalist, the "Champagne Lady". His first Champagne Lady was Jayne Walton Rosen.

Welk's television program had a policy of playing well-known songs from previous years, so that the target audience would hear only numbers with which they were familiar. On December 8, 1956, two examples on the same broadcast were "Nuttin' for Christmas," which became a vehicle for Rocky Rockwell dressed in a child's outfit, and Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel," which was sung by violinist Bob Lido, wearing fake Presley-style sideburns).

The type of music on The Lawrence Welk Show was almost always conservative, concentrating on popular music standards, polkas, and novelty songs, delivered in a smooth, calming, good-humored easy listening style and "family-oriented" manner.

Much of the show's appeal was Welk himself. His unusual accent appealed to the audience. While Welk's English was passable, he never did grasp the English "idiom" completely, and was thus famous for his "Welk-isms,".

He often took women from the audience for a turn around the dance floor. During one show, Welk brought a cameraman out to dance with one of the women and took over the camera himself.

Welk's musicians were always top quality. Though Welk was occasionally rumored to be very tight with a dollar, he paid his regular band members top scale - a very good living for a working musician. Long tenure was very common among the regulars.

Welk's insistence on wholesome entertainment led him to be a somewhat stern taskmaster at times. For example, he fired Alice Lon, at the time the show's "Champagne Lady", because he believed she was showing too much leg. Welk told the audience that he would not tolerate such "cheesecake" performances on his show; he later tried unsuccessfully to rehire the singer after fan mail indicated overwhelmingly that viewers disagreed with her dismissal. He then had a series of short-term "Champagne Ladies" before Norma Zimmer filled that spot on a permanent basis. Highly involved with his stars' personal lives, he often arbitrated their marriage disputes.

I really loved the Lawrence Welk show - it was a good memory for me - I can remember my parenst loving it.


ClassyChassy said...

Lots of things going on here, I see! From school issues, to eye, to dentist - you have a lot to deal with! What we don't do for love of a child, eh? You're the greatest - and bless you for hanging in there with Andy.

Mimi said...

I will never complain or say what a day I have had!!! GOd Bless you and your darling daughter, your GS sounds so sweet and just needs that extra time and attention to get things done right. He will succeed and be successful, his new teacher will be great!!!
Have a great week end
parenting is tough for all and I think Grand parenting is tough too!!!
I saw Zig Ziglar at a conference recently, he is getting up there in age, had to have halp from his daughter jsut to speak and walk.
God Bless you

Susan said...

Hi Sandy...Loved the clip on Front of the Class. I would LOVE to see that movie. Wonder if I can get it at Hollywood Video. Very inspiring. Once I worked with a man with a severe case of Tourette's. It was the most debilitating disorder I ever, ever worked with. Very tragic in this particular case as it was so severe. People have to live with so much! So glad the GS got to the dentist, the little doll. Sandie, does your GS have tourettes? Great post, as usual! Sincerely, Susan

Linda said...

I am so glad Andy is doing well. What an experience he has had. I say Kudos to your daughter also! You have told me many times what a good Mom she is.

jeanmac said...

Kudos to the office for taking him and being passionate and kind,

Angela said...

Hey Sandie!

You sure have had a stressful week! Hope you get to relax some over the next couple of days!

Poor Andy and that cracked tooth. I had one when I was his age and it was painful! Plus I think that was my first time going to the dentist! lol I'm lucky I have all of my teeth! I'm sure you've heard the jokes about West Virginians.

I'm so glad that his new teacher seems to be a better teacher than the other. I will make a difference in how he feels and how you feel too!


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Thank you for your sweet comments at my always warm my heart.
I went back and read your previous posts on about your GS and his teacher broke my heart. I am SO THANKFUL ya'll have come upon a wonderful resolution which involved changed. It is certainly a challenge having a delightfully, different child and belief in God certainly is a reassurance...of a purpose in all things.
I do thank God every day for finding a special needs school and a wonderful teacher for our daughter.

Terry said...

Howdy Sweetie
I always get so busy reading and pondering over your words I forget to leave a comment and than think I will just post a short and sweet one ,but there is nothing short about how much I think of you
and admire your love
for your family.
Your faith and grace abound daily and reach out to us here in blogland.
Thank you for sharing with us .
You are such an inspirtaion .
While I may not often leave comments please know I do think of you and yours often and wish you all the best of life .
Blessings to you all and may the rest of the week/weekend hold many moments filled with miracles for each of you !
Big hugs
Love from Texas
Happy Trails

That corgi :) said...

so glad it is working out great in GS's new classroom! it is good that he is happy too with it!

good that he got a good dentist too! worth their weight in gold I do believe that can work with special needs and make it an enjoyable experience for all (except for the medicine part, but perhaps next time he goes in, it could go easier and he might need less of it)

I always enjoyed Lawrence Welk; his retirement village is just down the road for us. Funny, I'm almost old enough for it :)



Hugs to there is nothing worse than a toothache! Hugs to his Mommy and Grandma for the patience and two are the true Tooth Faries!

Thanking God for the blessing of his new teacher!

Sandie my has been hectic here...I sooooooooo miss blogging and well YOU!
I'm up in the middle of the night...or is it morning? trying to relax...visiting those that make me smile and have the warm fuzzies just knowing they are there!
Reading your blog today makes me wish I was the Sunshine yellow in the box of crayons...oh and your quote for the it!!!!!