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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Post 2

Everyone is complimenting me on my photograph below - while I wish it was mine - it is not. Still it's a good idea and visual - right? Love, sandie


Deb said...

Lovely! Happy Mother's Day, Sandie!

Angela said...

Oh, I thought it was one that you took of your family!

It is a really good picture though!

Happy Mother's Day!

debbie said...

Happy Mothers Day Sandie.
may it be a wonderful day full of joy and new memories.
I love your new blog is so very pretty...bright and full of sunshine.
hugs and blessings
simply debbie

Susan said...

Hi Sandie! It IS a good photo, no matter who took it. You found it and shared it and that counts! By the way, love the light pastel yellow background and your new header. Lovely. Sincerely, Susan

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Stopped in to say Happy Mother's day....hope it is filled with family, love, and laughter ~ Susan

Elaine said...

Wonderful picture and the thought is perfect for Mother's day. The hands of a mother, grandmother,aunt, sister or friend does many things to help a child grow

rose said...

Hi! just read your blog I loved the picture of the hands. I'm a ga. girl in Rome,Ga. I will follow your blog, looks great. Come visit me at my blog