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Monday, July 19, 2010

The last week was in LA visiting my sister . . .Hollywood

We had 8 days in LA - my favorite leg of the trip and the others too felt this way too. It was not because of LA persay - it was because my sister and her family and her two babies were there.

My sister took us all around LA and took the babies too. They had never been anywhere and here she let them go out to so many places - because she loved us and wanted us to have a good time and we did!

Our first stop was HOLLYWOOD - Where else?

Hubby dreaming of Marilyn Manroe!
(Aren't they adorable?)

No, nobody got 'discovered' - oh well . . .

Happy Birthday to Lizzie Bordon - wikipedia

She was a New England spinster who was the central figure in the hatchet murders of her father and stepmother on August 4, 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts in the United States. The murders, subsequent trial, and following trial by media became a cause célèbre. The fame of the incident has endured in American pop culture and criminology. Although Lizzie Borden was acquitted, no one else was ever arrested or tried, and she has remained notorious in American folklore. Dispute over the identity of the killer or killers continues to this day.

Borden was distantly related to the American milk processor Gail Borden (1801–1874) and Robert Borden (1854–1937), Canada's Prime Minister during World War I.[28]

Elizabeth Montgomery and Lizzie Borden were sixth cousins once removed, both descending from 17th-century Massachusetts resident John Luther.

Interesting . . .


Terra said...

Glad you enjoyed your LA trip, relatives always make it more fun.

Cheri said...

Sandie, you and your sister look so much alike and those just want to pinch those cheeks...too cute.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

I'm so glad you had a great time here. Olvera Street "Placita Olvera" is one of my favorite places to eat. L.A. has a lot to offer.

Those babies look adorable, I'm surprised they didn't get "discovered", too ca-yoot!

Angela said...

Hey Sandie!

Oh my how the babies have grown! Cute as buttons! Hope no one got baby fever holding those cuties! hehehe

In one picture it looks like either Andy jumped in on another family or they jumped into the picture with him! lol

Tell your husband to dream on! hehehe

Wow! That Shrek sure is a big guy!

Looks like lots of fun!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

It was wonderful to see your sister and those adorable babies!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Auntie Sandie -- those are darling babies. What wonderful company and how nice of your sis to show you around. Lovely. Is that your sister and your daughter in that one picture with the babies?

Thanks for the nice comment over at mine -- we both appreciate.

Jacalyn @ said...

I must admit that I have always been facinated with Lizzie! Did you know that Eliz Montgomery once played her in a movie?

On another note I hope you had a wonderful vacation!


Good to be a Queen said...

Sandie, were going to LA in late August, my favorite Aunt and Uncle live there...Any tourist tips???

That corgi :) said...

that was interesting about Elizabeth Montgomery being related to Lizzie Borden because I think she played her in a movie one time.

the babies are soooo cute! of course they have grown since the last pictures you posted. I'm glad you guys had a long time to spend with them and love on them!

cute pictures of Hollywood. I bet it was different than you thought it would be.

(still on break, just visiting as I can :)


Annesphamily said...

Sandie you are a wealth of knowledge! I love your blog and the writing that you post here. Hugs Anne

Come visit me, a new giveaway one the post!

Sue said...

Hi sandie....the babies are adorable...and Andy looks like he had a very good time...Glad you got to have such a nice trip and that you got to spend so much time with your sister....See you real soon....Sue.

FishHawk said...

Well, I suppose that I have been to Hollywood many times while traveling north on US 101 from LA, but I never had the opportunity to see the sights that you-all. I did, however, get to deliver a load of IKEA furniture from New Jersey to a department store in Beverly Hills, which I think was the same one that Winona Rider got caught shoplifting at several years later. No, I didn't see any celebrities, but I was parked very near Cedars-Sinai Hospital, which is where many celebrities wind-up for one reason or another.

Jane said...

Looks like fun! Cute babies as well!


Susan said...

Oh, Sandie...What a fabulous trip you all had. Loved meeting the babies, seeing Andy, and Shrek, too. I'm so happy you had that opportunity. Great shots! Susan

Crystal Mary said...

I know you love the STARS and so do I...BUT... now you are the STAR!!!
You are nominated for the
Lovely Blog Award.
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Rose said...

great photos. i wish i could visit Hollywood.