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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(Borrowed picture)

Happy BIrthday to - Arlene Dahl - wikipedia - Do you remember her at all?

Dahl met actor Lex Barker in the early 1950s, and on April 16, 1951, Dahl and Barker wed. A year later she and Barker divorced, and Dahl would go on to marry another matinee idol, Fernando Lamas. Barker went on to marry Lana Turner. In 1958 Dahl and Lamas had their only son, Lorenzo Lamas. Shortly after giving birth to Lorenzo, Dahl slowed and eventually ended her career as an actress, although she still appeared in movies and on television occasionally. Dahl would go on to work as a beauty columnist and as a writer.

She also founded her own business, Arlene Dahl Enterprises, which marketed lingerie and cosmetics. She eventually became an astrologer and wrote a syndicated column on the subject.

Dahl and Lamas divorced in 1960, and Dahl later remarried. Aside from Lorenzo Lamas, Dahl has two other children: a daughter Christina (born August 3, 1961) by third husband Christian R. Holmes, and a second son, Rousevelle Andreas (born December 8, 1970), by her fifth husband Rousevelle W. Schaum. She has 6 grandchildren and divides her time between New York City and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Arlene Dahl was both a mystery guest and a panelist on the TV Game show "What's My Line". She appeared on the ABC television network's soap opera One Life to Live as Lucinda Schenck Wilson from 1981 to 1984. Lucinda was planned to be a short-termed role, but she was later offered a one-year contract to appear on the show. The last film in which she appeared, which followed a hiatus of more than 20 years, was the 1991 film, Night of the Warrior, which starred her son, Lorenzo Lamas.

Got have a scorecard!

Here's a gift to get you going on:

Chris Cagle - What A Beautiful Day (I could not embed it so if you want to see it - click on the link below!

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. -Charles Spurgeon


A Hopeful Heart said...

That photo is TOO cute!! Someone better tell that bird he's not welcome there!!

I cannot picture Arlene Dahl in my mind. I'm not sure I've ever seen her.

Have a fabulous day,

Katie said...

LOL Love that pic you chose for Wordless Wednesday! Have a great day!!!!!

Katie ♥

Changes in the wind said...

Love the picture!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That photo is so funny and perfect for WW! I do remember ARlene Dahl, guess I'm old!

Angela said...

Great Wordless Wednesday Sandie! That is funny that that bird is on that no bird sign like that! lol

Have a Great Day!

It is going to be so hot out today that I could probably bake a cake outside! HOT!!!


Deb said...

Great photo! Your timing was perfect!

caite said...

guess he didn't read the sign first. too funny.

Susan said...

Really cute photo, Sandie! Very, very "tweet." Susan

Deborah Ann said...

Learned something new today - I never heard of Arlene before...

LOVE the 'flat' squirrel thing!

Jane said...

Great photo! Hope that your week is going swell,


Debbie said...

I do remember Arlene Dahl, but I didn't know that she was the mom to Lorenzo Lamas!

And I love that song. I had never heard it or seen the video. It's great. I loved it when he got to 50years counted out in days.

Together We Save said...

Great picture!!

Anonymous said...

How perfect! I love the pic =)

Mevely317 said...

How funny ... that pigeon looks like he's about to do his "business" right on the sign! In a word, defiance - I love it!

Chicken Wrangler said...

I bet that bird is glad there is no seagull patrol! He'd be shot down in his prime!!! Have a great day!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Have you ever tried to tell a seagull where not to perch?
Have you ever seen a seagull that could read?
tee hee hee (not me)
i love that photo!

FishHawk said...

Sea Gulls are just downright disrespectful--ain't they?

Live Out Loud said...

Love the picture. It's like he's saying, 'Oh, yeah? Really? I don't think so!'

LOVE Lorenzo Lamas!!