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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Show and Tail with Miss Angela....

Check out Angela at this Week's Show and Tail ~

Welcome to Tuesdays' Show & Tail! I hope everyone will join Angela this week by posting a picture or two of your pets, wildlife or visit to the zoo and tell a little about them! Tuesdays' Show & Tail is about having fun, and giving us a chance to meet other pet owners and animal lovers in the blogging community. If you are visiting and would like to join in on the fun, please do so! Everyone is welcome. It's very easy to do.

Click here: Porcupine thinks it's a puppy. [VIDEO]
Thank you Jerry and Ann.
This is an interesting story about a porcupine that thinks it's a puppy!

I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing.
- Anais Nin

And learning to sit on my problems.

Now this is the chuckle of the day - you have to watch the YouTube below.

Now something about my pet - we have a rescue dog. He was about two when they found him outside as the the story goes.

He is wonderful - very grateful to be here.

This is the funny thing about him - we bought him a pink pig with a squeaker inside it - all his other toys he has destroyed, but this pink pig is treated very delicately by him and it is in great condition. Every night before he goes to bed - he finds it - brings it to bed - and squeaks it a couple minutes before he goes to sleep. It is his security blanket or pacifier. Has anyone ever seen that before - so funny.

Went to the doctor today and I'm doing great - don't have to see him again for a year unless there is something wrong with my knee before hand. He told me I can do four more weeks of PT - but it doesn't have to be painful! So now I need to get up my nerve and tell my PT who I really like - but he is so strong.

And one more funny thing - my nine year old grandson came home from his dad Sunday around 7. We watched some TV before we headed to bed. About an hour after he got home - my daughter went to the kitchen sink and turned on the water - she had water sprayed every where on her - he had taken the nozzle and put a rubber band around it so when the water started it would spray the person. His dad taught him that!




Furry Bottoms said...

The kitchen nozzle sounds like something I would do, even at my age, hahahaha. Fun :)

The little piggy that your dog cherishes most... yeah I have seen it before. Buddy has a hedgehog that he loves so much. It is his security blanket. He takes it in his mouth and falls asleep with it there. He also likes to prod it with his paws as if he was nursing from his mama's belly. Its the funniest thing.

I am so glad to hear you are doing good with your knee!! :)

Susan said...

Oh Sandie, Andy loves pranks. He's a riot. Wonder what your daughter thought. Ha! The porcupine video was great. I'd be afraid he'd bite me but then, well, I'm a chicken at heart. Take care. We are getting WHOMPED with snow. Susan

Home In The Hollow said...

Glad to know that you got the doctor's blessings! And just think,. when you're in with PT, you're a free woman!!! YEAH!!!!

Terra said...

Oh what a prankster! Thatkitchen faucet trick is a new one to me, and I hope you laughed. Your dog and his little piggy sound so cute.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So glad to hear you're feeling good!
Little piggie - love his heart!

Sandra said...

glad your leg is bettter and glad it is not ME that is wet. our dog Max had a pink elephant for 15 years, it was ragged and worn, from years of sucking on it like a pacifier. he found it under my mothers bed when we went to visit her in Savannah, we brought it home. even though i found 2 more just like it, he would not have them, he kept that one until he died

Life is good! said...

well i'm glad it was your daughter and not you who got wet- toooo funny! glad your dr. is breaking up with you, at least for a year. hope your year goes wonderful and pain free. i have a rescue dog also, but mine doesn't do the darling things yours does. mine just steels my dang heart every day!

Melanie said...

Hi, Sandie~
What a cute post! Both of those videos were so funny.
I liked the story about Disco. How cute is that!
I have been on the receiving end of the sprayer joke before.
I'm glad to hear your knee is doing so well! :)

Cheri said...

Hurray...I am glad to hear that PT is going well and that you are doing well.

I don't know that my pups ever coveted anything in particular but that is so cute.

How much did your grandson laugh after his prank? I would have laughed....sorry...but I would have at least snickered.

Sharon Kirby said...

Boys will be boys!! And dogs will be dogs! And evidently, porcupines will be puppies!!

Loved the dachshund commercial - the two little guys in the yoke cracked me up!

Sandie - great news about the knee! Tell your PT that you are a STAR - and take it easy (or at least, EASIER!)


The Boston Lady said...

Ah, the old rubberband on the kitchen nozzle trick! I have been a victim of that one myself. Love the doggie/porcupine. I had no idea they could be so personable. I like the fact the person with him was wearing heavy gloves. Good news about your knee and now go and tell that PT to go easier! Ann

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cute weiner video! LOL!

And I'm so glad about your report. That's great news.

I didn't know that trick, but I might have to try it now that I do.


Sheila :-)

Ginny said...

I have never seen the Sprint commercial, we loved it!! Phil has a cold, and the laughing brought on a coughing fit!! What a cute story about the pink pig! I have never heard of that! All I can say is, you should have a couple replacements in case something happens to that one, he would be a basket case!

Angela said...

I'm so glad to hear that the doctor gave you a good report about your knee Sandie! That wonderful! You need to speak up to the PT so you don't end up injuring your knee from over doing it.

Funny story about Disco and the pink pig with the squeaker! lol I don't think I've ever had a dog to do that with a particular toy.

I would beat Andy's dad for teaching a mean trick like that! Glad you weren't on the receiving end of that spray!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Toyin O. said...

Glad your knee is better,yoour dog is quite a character:)

Knitty said...

Yay for the good news from your doctor!

I hope your daughter took being wet in stride. Some days I would think that is funny, on others, not so much.

None of our dogs ever had a favorite toy, they just used and gently abused the two of us. ;)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, I'll bet your daughter was steaming! LOL! I would have been!

So glad to hear you are doing so well! You go girl!!

I love how your dog takes care of his little pig. Too sweet.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Nice.. esp. that his dad taught him that! MEN?! LOL

Love your dog & I bet he is grateful for being saved. They (animals) just seem to know how lucky that are!! :-)

Glad your knee is getting better. Did I mention before that my oldest son is a PT? He's been doing clinicals for the last year and already has a job waiting for him in Houstin this summer.

Hope you are Safe and Warm this evening with all this crazy weather!!

Coreen xoxoxo

Pat MacKenzie said...

Cute animal stories and videos - your blog is always good for a laugh. So glad your knee is mending well and its only been a month. You must be feeling good about that.

FishHawk said...

Will you be teaching your grandson some things to show his dad the next time he goes for a visit?

Nanniepannie said...

Enjoyed your videos and your stories are very funny. I loved the little pig story. I linked with Angela late in the day Tuesday, come over for a visit.