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Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Musings . . .


Here is a picture of old Chatty at her desk this am - I was asked to do this by Southhamsdarling
so here I am! We all have a computer and a wall in the office room. My wall has some pictures that were my mother's on the right. Gifts from bloggers in the middle and left. And a painting a friend - actually Debbie - who is doing great by the way (thanks again for prayers - they do work.) I have the words Live Well, Laugh Often, and Love Much on the top pf my wall. We all put what we want on our own wall. It is very eclectic - which kind of like me anyway.
So what do I do this weekend? I went to my grandson's 10th birthday party - the one for kids - his real birthday is on spring break and a lot of families go out of town so my daughter has it early! We went to Chuck E. Cheese. This is the first time she limited him to 10 - usually she lets him invite the whole class - but it costs a fortune - and we all are econmizing here. He had five boys and five girls. Sometimes that doesn't work so well at this age - but at Chuck E. Cheese - it was great.

Chuck E. Cheese came of course.

Now he is my grandson - and I think I have told you before - he can be THE life of the party.

Bet this will be the last year for something like this though - as he is getting a tad bit old.

The life of Studio C.

He's standing on the camera and I'm surprised they let him surf on it myself.

They now have this ticket booth and you get to stay in it 30 seconds and collect all the tickets you can - of course with the wind blowing.

Ah - the wind made it much more difficult. This little girl has managed to be in his classes their whole school career and their are 8 4th grades!

Chatty laughing and relaxing! I'm enjoying my daughter and her friend running the show. I got to sit and relax. Met the parents of the kids and talked to them. There were some nice parents. My niece and her family came and then his other grandma came too with his cousin. It was such a great time.

And he had over 200 tickets by the time he was counting up. He got the prize he wanted - what else but Ben Ten!

The friends he invited - I was very impressed by - not surprised - but impressed - they were really great kids with good values.
Way to go grandson.
We'll have another family party when it's your real 'birth' day.
Grandma Chatty
“Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.”
Storm Jameson (1891-1986);


BECKY said...

What great photos! I'm so happy to see you at your desk, too! it always that uncluttered?? Whenever I take pictures of mine, I have to do some major de-cluttering first!! Great grandson pics, too!

Thisisme. said...

Lovely to see you sat at your desk, Chatty! Thanks so much for joining in with that. When I get a few more photos, I thought it would be nice to make a collage of them. Nice to see you relaxing at your grandson's birthday party!! They all look as if they are having a super time. Where does the time go though?!

Home In The Hollow said...

Kiddo, were you crying on that pic? If so, they were HAPPY & PROUD tears! I love the quote at the end...true, so true!...:)JP

Anonymous said...

Love to see the room where the inspiration comes cool!

♥ LOVE to you! Carol

Susan said...

Awwww Sandie, that was cute. Andy is SUCH a ham...such a cutie. Wow, when I saw the birthday bash photos,I thought I missed it but then I read where it was actually a pre-birthday bash.

Sandie, please don't forget to remind me closer to the real birthday, okay? Thanks. Susan

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

GREAT photos and post, Sandie!! Your grandson looks like he was having a grand time as well as being the life of the party!! Loved seeing photos of you, too, lovely lady! Being the grandparent and getting to take it all in certainly has its benefits! ;)

Doris Sturm said...

Looks like a fun party. I always enjoyed Chuck-e-Cheese, but you looked like you were crying, Sandie, or were you laughing till you cried? That happened to me before, in fact, I laughed myself right into a painful side ache when I was a kid once so that the Paramedics were called... I hope you're feeling well today. Your work area looks very organized! Respect!

Jane said...

Great pictures Sandie, your grandson looks like he had a fun birthday.Blessings jane

Jane said...

Great pictures Sandie, your grandson looks like he had a fun birthday.Blessings jane

Anonymous said...

Sandie, so good to see your smiling face, I have enjoyed this post the most, I love it when a good time was had by all.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That was fun to see you at your desk! Next time I'm at your house I need to see this room and everyone's wall. Love the birthday pics!! He is the life of the party! hugs, Linda

Ginny said...

I am glad to get to see more pictures of you!!! Don't you wish we could have a day where all our blog followers post a picture of their computer space, then we could know what it looks like when we read their comments. They look like they were having outrageous fun at the party!!! Now what do those tickets get him?

Sandra said...

what a blast, looks like it was some kind of party from here. so happy for you and your family. great photos

Linda O'Connell said...

How fun that party was! Chuck E Cheese makes me crazy with all the sights, sounds and activity; it's like sensory overload.

Patti said...

I remember the years of Chuck E Cheese birthday parties!!! Always a good time. And I think their pizza is pretty good.

Have a great day.


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Andy!

It's hard to believe he is already 10! Looks like he had a great time at his party! Your computer desk area is way cleaner than mine! I so need to get organized. I'm trying but I think that is why I am staying sick. All of the dust I'm stirring up when I clean! lol


Michaele said...

Nice to see you : )
Chucky Cheese parties are the BEST!

Rae said...

What great photos. Looks like a lot of fun - especially when someone else does the cooking, cleaning,and entertaining.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a neat b=day bash for Andy!
It's the perfect place to take a gang of kids.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Great 10th birthday party!! Happy birthday to your grandson!! He looks like a nice young man who can really have Fun!! Awesome pictures too!!

Coreen xoxo

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Happy early Birthday to Andy, isn't chucky Cheese the greatest place to have a Birthday Party? They had Rissa's 10th birthday there back in Oct.
Love you computer room..mine is much the same eclectic..what ever I like goes up.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh MG! We took our grandkids to Chuck E's years ago (the ones who are in their 20s now) and we felt like we were as old as Methusala. It absolutely exhausted us. I wouldn't even begin to try it with our younger grandkids. (Back then, I suppose we were about the age you are now.) That place is not made for middle-age or older people.

But what a wonderful birthday celebration -- hard to believe your grandson is getting too old for that I bet!

Knitty said...

Oh boy, I have this ahead of me yet, but not for a while. The important thing is the happiness the party gave your grandson. :)

Maybe I will clean up my area and post a picture of where I sit and post. Then again....maybe not. ;-p

How is recuperation and PT coming along?

Together We Save said...

Thank you for your kind words at my blog today!

That corgi :) said...

love parties at Chuck E. Cheese. They do all the work and you can sit back and relax. But I agree with you; unfortunately have to limit with the amount that get invited because of cost. The big thing here is to have the party at the park, rent one of those inflatable bouncy type of houses and make your own food (most parks have BBQ grills. Even then I'm sure it is expensive.

liked the picture of you at your desk; now I will have a visual of you when you are working at your desktop composing your journal entries


Sharon Kirby said...

Happy early birthday, GS!!

Ah, I remember the days of Chuck E. Cheese. He's aging well, by the way.

So is Chatty...

xoxo ;)

Donna B said...

Great photo...impressive how neat your desk is...mine is a mess and I just cleaned it yesterday...and two days before that!

Sounds like a fun day at Chucky Cheese.

So sorry to hear about Reid...thanks for sharing this with us.

FishHawk said...

Back when I could still get out and about without a great deal of difficulty I had an overwhelming desire to visit a Chuckie Cheese's. I haven't been back.

Marydon said...

G'morn, Sandie ~ What a fun bday party! They grow up TOO fast!You are up earlier than am I ...

I want to TY so much for your sweet note & prayers re my hubby's serious illness ... it means a lot to me. We are not out of the woods yet & face another surgical procedure shortly. Your support I appreciate so.

Have a beautiful day~
Huggers ~


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Sandie, oh I remember my days at Chuck E Cheese with the fun to go and just enjoy watching the kids and not have to run the show!
Thanks for stopping by on Pink Saturday, I always love it when you do..I am feeling much better, thank you, everyone's prayers are helping..
PS Your office space is way too organized, girl! love it

Thisisme. said...

I like your new profile photo!!

LADY JANE said...

Loved seeing you at your desk! And Andy looks like he had aGRAND time at his party..I love the idea of him having it early! I'm catching up on posts and I did read yesterdays and I sooooo understand what could be a desire to be a photographer and a wonderful one at that! But the birthday post I love...and IF you photographed it...well you caught all the right pics at all the right moments...Andy dear surfing on the camera says it all...
Well the boy really knows how to celebrate...but after all look who is Grandma is!Happy Birthday dear Andy!

Mevely317 said...

Thank you for posting this "Chatty 'Kate' in her office" pix! I don't know if this sounds right, but it makes your posts and e-mails more "real" for some reason, now I can imagine you at the keyboard. Nice, yes!