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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday - on a little more serious side....or not ...

Cultivate your own spirit. Do not look for something outside yourself.

- Barbara Ann Kipfer

If you seem to be missing something - go back and look again! It's kind of like the Wizard of Oz - I know it's true because I have been doing this for decades now. Not that I have it down pat - I don't - (I wish I did) - but I do have it in my head some times. At least now I know when things don't feel right in my life for awhile and I start to get cranky (yes) - and start to think others have problems - I know how to step back and start getting myself in order. And boy getting Chatty in order is a big job!

YOU CAN'T CHANGE ANYONE ELSE - ONLY YOURSELF! Darn I know this - inside and out - but why or why do I forget it so easily?

Okay enough venting. Do you know what I mean - we try to change other people when things are going amiss - but you can't change others - you have to change your thinking. Your responses. Your feelings. You have to be the one doing and let them go.......

Now this is another question I have about blogging. I used to be afraid of posting my picture on here - not for safety reasons - but for inferior reasons - I didn't want any to see me! True. Now I kind of don't care - not that I don't care about you - I just have finally come to the decision I YAM WHAT I YAM! I know others out there feel the same and I wonder if they realize that they are beautiful people? Don't you wonder sometimes who you are writing too - what they look like - would you like to look at their face and have it in your mind when you write them?

Or is there some reason to be worried about having out blog picture out there? I think I have put my lovely (lol) mug on here lots of times.

I want to see who you are. And another question - is it okay to ask questions on how to do things? And is there a protocol on following? So many questions today.

I have another question - is any one out there having trouble on their blogs - posting or anything. I post then all of a sudden it days critical error and I lose it?#(*&$%*(&_@(^

I'm continuing on the laughter train myself - Just received an article today - from

"Funny movies, sitcoms, cute toddlers, and a good friend’s jokes can all offer one of the most powerful, natural stress relievers out there: laughter."

"Mental health benefits. Although you probably can’t laugh off depression, one of the many benefits of laughter and a sense of humor is that they buffer you against the negatives of life that could lead to depression. As an added bonus, studies show that people who use humor to fight stress also feel less lonely and more positive about themselves.

Physical benefits. Although we can’t yet say that a certain number of laughs every day will keep the doctor away, studies show that people who say they laugh a lot also tend to be in good health and generally feel well. Laughter is also one of the most commonly used complementary therapies among cancer patients, who find that one of the benefits of laughter is an improved quality of life.

Heart health benefits. Laughter could be healthy for your heart, too. Some research shows that when you laugh, there is an increase in oxygen-rich blood flow in your body, possibly due to the release of endorphins, which create a chemical rush that counters negative feelings and stress. Activities that increase endorphins include a good workout and listening to music you love, and laughter deserves its place on the list with these other stress busters."

I thought this was interesting and it is one of the reasons I do my blog the way I do. I need to laugh just as much or more then all of you do!

Love, chatty


Linda O'Connell said...

I too have come to accept that this is me!

Once you get a good look at the odd ball on the beach, you quit looking.

So I figure, once everybody knows me, wrinkles and all, they will accept me as who I am. Your blog is always fun.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

oh, my goodness, Sandie! i don't know where to start you had so many good things in this one! i will tell you that the quote under the header stopped me in my tracks. lol... when you think it is over, it is just beginning... and we learn again and again. good news is that we are trying to learn! hugs! tanna

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Good morning Sweetie.

This may surprise you (or not) but too often, I tend to have a serious side to me and can be all business. I have to remind myself to lighten up. I have always admired people that can find humor in almost everything (It has to be tasteful humor though). I try to make my blog light.

I agree with you about pictures of other bloggers. My problem is, I am the one taking the pictures. I was thrilled that I was finally able to post a picture of myself on my blog and I keep it right at the top for everyone to see! The only reason I keep my kitty Louie in my profile pic is because that picture still cracks me up!

I love visiting with you.
xoxo, Sue

BECKY said...

Hey Sandie! Great post. I always love your quotes, too. I agree on everything you said, especially about laughter. In the rare times that I've been around people that don't seem to have a sense of humor, I wonder what is wrong with them?? How awful it would be to go through life without laughing....and especially at ourselves sometimes! And yes, we are all beautiful, inside and out..with all our wrinkles and whatever weight we are! In answer to your blog, I haven't had any problems...lately.

Michaele said...

I too have wondered about blog etiquette. Asking questions etc. I think if you really want to know something then ask. It might get other bloggers to start doing the same. It is hard to get one photo of yourself that says it all. What I love is hearing someones voice. It is a rareity in blogland.

That corgi :) said...

I think there is some etiquette with blogs but I haven't quite figured it out. Questions are always good to ask about things because people will choose to answer or not based on if they have the knowledge or info to share. Following is always a big issue for me, I don't particularly like that feature on Blogger.

So true about only being able to change ourselves and not others. Newlyweds find that out early and if they realize that, I think it will help their marriages sooner than later :)

That is something to think about though for me these days. Changing myself regardless of the situation.

I have to say half of the reason I don't post a picture of me is because I don't like the way I look now. But I can see why you would want to see pictures of those that you respond to rather than just a mental picture. I'll have to think about this and see what I come up with for a picture.

hope the day is good!


Thena said...

I read somewhere that posting questions on your blog may lead to more interaction between bloggers. We all have questions, and things we don't understand.
Protocol on following, the one I have become comfortable with is I will follow if you, if your blog is interesting to me. I quit following bloggers just for a chance to win a giveaway. Just my opinion.

Sandy said...

Hi Chatty Sandie- great post. I love the photos you put up of te cute animals. And yes, I prefer seeing photos of people so I know what they look like, it helps to make my blogger friends feel like real friends.

I have posted many times photos of myself ...some okay some not.

I like your message today and agree that we fix ourselves, not anybody else.

Sandy said...

forgot to say I can' post photos from picasa platform. It puts it into "draft" instead of "published"...and sometimes when I then go to draft and hit publish...the photo doesn't show up.

I can post photos but only going into my photo files on my computer and posting them through blogger...

Changes in the wind said...

Love the bluebird....I have always felt that questions not involving the post should be emailed but that is just my take....picures...hmmm I worry about privacy more than anything and especially with my grandkids.

Sharon Kirby said...

If laughter is good medicine, then you are one of the people who makes me healthiest!!

I liked seeing this more serious side of you...and you brought such a good message. I know you don't believe it, but I do tend to look on the negative side of things. So, choosing laughter and joy is really just that - choosing.

Thanks for this today.

p.s. Yes, I've been having trouble with my blog here and there. Makes me so frustrated when there's no "live" person to talk to about it. Blogger "forums" do not console me...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

My dear friend. There are so many things I love about you and being open and honest is one of them. I love how you can share your feelings and struggles but still leave us laughing. It's your gift! I always feel better after after seeing you. I long ago came to the 'I am what I am' and it has helped me be so much happier. Not everyone will like me but that's ok. I like me! I have posted the occasional photo of myself on my blog and know I need a new profile pic...I too love to see a face on a blog. Makes it more personal. Oh and it's OK to be cranky sometimes...not every day is a good one. Love you! Linda

Jo said...

Hey my friend, We is what we is!.and you my friend is beautiful inside and out!

I'm havn' problems with posting also, I typed in a word this morning on a post just to see if our "BIG BROTHER" was watching and sure enough(laugh if you want too)"BIG BROTHER" immediately edited my post, I know that I sound crazy but I have put it to the test several times, and YES!, they are always lookn',if you type certain words,they will detect it,I know some people are reading this and saying,boy-O-boy, she has lost her mind...but not so,try it for yourself.
Any way!!

I love the,"go on without me",so cute,thanks for the smiles.

MY LIFE IS AN OPEN BOOK(BLOG BOOK),if you peek in you might find somethings you like and some that you may not,but I always keep it real.

Sandra said...

yes, ask questions. when i first started blogging, i knew nothing, if i saw something on a blog and wanted to know how to do it, i ask on the bog or emailed. i learned a lot that way. so true about the only person we can change is ourselves, and a counselor once told me
"when the pain of staying the same, is greater than the pain of change, you will change" and that is the truth. we are very alike, i hate putting my photo out there and i can't stand in front of a camera without shudder shudder, yikes i get scared thinking about it

Thisisme. said...

Let our spirits soar indeed! That should be the motto for all of us Bloggies!! Yes, I think that is something to do with getting a bit older (notice the word "bit" there!! LOL!). I, too, have come to accept who I am, and it's a good feeling. I want people to like me, I try to be kind to me and, hey, if they don't like it, well, there's not a lot I can do about it. Keep making us laugh, Chatty - PLEASE!!

Debbie said...

I'm getting braver with the pictures. I've posted "me" twice, but generally hidden behind those Foster Grants...

As to posting? I have had NOTHING but problems. I think my computer has fibromyalgia. The pain just travels from place to place to place.

As to laughter... I agree.

And MOSTLY, as to that quote at the top of the page, I had a "you have to be kidding" moment when I opened your blog.

That is the second time that I have seen that quote this morning, and I just posted about being FINISHED.

Oh, I hope and pray that it's a little hint from God that something new is on the way.

Life is good! said...

i think if you and i lived by each other we would be best friends. i relate to your post soooo much. we would spend alot of time laughing ourselves silly! thanks for making me laugh anyway! have a fun day.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Sandie! Great post! I have a couple of pics of myself in the About Me section just under my blog header, but one time I actually posted about how I look without makeup!.. I'm STILL not 100% sure I should have done that, but it felt right at the time I guess!.. Talk about throwing all caution to the wind!!! I think I scared AWAY a few followers THAT day! Ha! Ha! just kidding! ~tina

Ginny said...

I have a follower who will never post pictures of herself because she says she's not pretty. I told her that most of us aren't beauty queens, and I like to visulize what someone looks like when I read their blog. I look at a person's heart anyway, and hope others will do the same for me. I didn't used to post pictures of myself, but really getting older has loosened me up quite a bit. I speak my mind more, and I post pictures of myself and don't care if I am pretty or not, I am what I am, and now people can visulize me when they read my blog. I ask followers questions all the time, and they are very obliging in answering. I have gotten the wildflowers in my yard idenified that way. Sometimes if I know a follower has a certain expertise in something, I will ask just that one person. And if it is a long answer, we will do e-mail. Sometimes internet explorer just momentarily closes. Last night I had just finished doing my post, and it said it was going to close and I lost it and had to do the whole thing over. Several others have not been able to post pictures, it's just a white square with a reed X in the corner.

Together We Save said...

Stopping by to say hello.... I needed the reminder to stop trying to change everyone.

Cindy Caudle said...

I always enjoy your posts. They make my day. I don't mind if questions are asked of me. That is how we get to know one another. I found out this week that laughter does help lighten a mood. I mention in an earlier blog how my brother almost had me peeing my pants with his jokes. I don't have any picture of me because I am the one that has the camera. At family get together, I am told you don't have to bring anything but the camera. Have to look in my photo catalog and see if there is one out there of me. Cindy

Carol said...

Hi Sandie...

I had LOTS of catching up to do with your awesome blog. Sorry I have not been commenting. It is quarter end at work, this week has been NUTS and tomorrow will be the even crazier. But I am HAPPY to have a job and one that I love.

Regarding questions....I think if someone blogs in the first place then they should not have a problem with questions. We want to get our views and ideas out to everyone. So for me, ask away, I am an open book. How else can we learn if we don't ask.

Starting 4/2 I will be back on a daily basis. I have so many blogs to read through this past were #1 though.

Love you....Carol

blueviolet said...

I think it took me about 6 months before I would post a pic of myself on my blog. Obviously, I've gotten over that and now I just have fun with it. I figure...what the heck!

DeanO said...

Very good post - I love your blog picture, I only shutter when I see myself in the mirror. I believe only the very vain love to see their own photographs. No me, and - we can't change other people but only be Godly examples.

Angela said...

You know Sandie I use a picture of Jazz for my blog button because she is just so darn cute! lol

Have a Great Day!

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...Great post. Love your photo! I always love it when I can see the photo of a new Follower. I used to HATE sharing my photo but now, I figure, it is what it is. You know? ha ha

I think the older I get, the more accepting I get, of me as well as of others.

Also agree that laughter is VERY important in life. Take care, sweet Sandie...Susan