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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday - Is school over for the year?

Oh boy - for the kids around us school is essentially over. Once the famous GA CRCT's are over and this is my humble opinion - the school year is over. The kids have had it - the teachers have had it. I feel that years ago teachers taught everything possible to the students - then we took a test - and it was over. No big deal.

Some how along the way competition between states took over and yes - GA came in low - BUT if you took them county by county - the test scores would look different. Now this is my humble opinion only - there are many kids who do not plan on going to college - but they are forced to test. If high school students don't want to go to college - why are they forced to test? They don't care about the test. Therefore the test scores look lower. And then they are combined with the students who do want to go to college. (Do you know how much a peanut farmer makes?)

I really do care about children and their education all being said and done - especially my GS - who does have schooling issues. I think in elementary and junior high you have to succeed and pass the test - no one - even the students don't know their own potential that young.

Now the GS is one of the bright kids - that doesn't test well because he can't sit and hold still. No way. So half the information that comes to him is missed in wiggle time. If he was in a smaller class room or be one on one he'd do great. I've even thought of home schooling, but he'd rather die first because he is too darn social.

So what can we do? It's summer and the school work is over - right? WRONG!

Kid lose what they learn over the year in summer.

We school the GS one half-hour a day. We have 15 minutes of time tables and 15 minutes of reading. For math we bought something called Times Attack - a game to put on the computer and they play it - attacking different levels.

What else we have done for the GS is tutoring. Since he was 2 he has been in the Babies Can't Wait Program. From age 2 to 3 they came to the house. Music - speech - behavior - etc. When he was 3 he went into the CHOA (Children's Health Care of Atlanta) and had the same speech - and OT for his SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). We also took him and paid for him a regular pre-school, but paid for a Specialist to be there to modify his day as needed. $$$ Two years!

Because of this he was able and is finishing 4th grade - in a regular classroom. Early intervention is the key to special needs - again in my humble opinion.

Does he sail through the regular year? Nope and this is where tutors have come in and his mom is in close connection with the school at every turn. Something to remember is a teacher can make or break a child. Get involved in your school and their class somehow. I make copies for his teacher every week - not exactly fun - but I do it to help her, to stay involved, and to have lunch with the GS - he loves it.

We also have had tutors for the GS as well. Yes, I have to admit, they have been costly - everything has. And I do wonder about our retirement (we're grandparents and his mom pays too) - but we have decided he needs it more.

We want him to be the best he can be. A suggestion I've seen for tutoring is called StudyPoint It is a tutoring facility that actual comes tutor in the home. And it is my humble opinion to use tutoring in the summer as well. GS goes to tutoring twice a week all year round.

Lastly that is a huge reason we have him in Choi Kwang Do - self confidence
- body building - discipline and attention.

You can see that we put a lot of time into the GS - kids are our future. I want him to have a great future! Find different things to do with your kids or grands this summer - play learning at home - get tutoring - get into sports - they are worth it! And learning is all year round - no breaks. Keep up the math and reading skills. Can you tell we are educators here? teehee

Don't let the kids fall though the crack! lol

Chatty off her soap box!

"Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I am permitted to hold for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950); playwright, Nobel Prize winner

Is school over for the kids?


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like he's doing just great! :-)

Jeanie said...

It is so great to hear all the efforts being put forth to assure that great future you hope to help your GS achieve.

Debbie said...

No! Don't step off the soap box. Stay right there because I am applauding every word. I wish that all children had families like yours.

And I agree about the testing. Particularly with the SAT, there is no good reason for a person to take the SAT if he is not college bound.

Angela said...

You are the best grandma! Andy is one lucky boy with you in his corner! It is wonderful what all you do for him. You are right school isn't over in the summer. We have to keep teaching our kids throughout the year to help them to maintain what they have learned.


Sandra said...

I read it all, but don't have to much to comment about, i have no children of school age in my life, so not much to say. school is alot different than when i was in and my boys were in but they are mid 40's now. sounds expensvie and a lot of work for you.
i like that egg, never thought about drawing on eggs.

That corgi :) said...

You go girl!!! I am glad you spoke up about this issue. It is very crucial to get a good education this day and age and to take the steps to ensure that our children/grands have the best chances they can get to be educated with what they have to work with. I totally agree with you, early intervention is so key to success with special needs and other learning disabilities. It will pay off for GS as the years go on the love and dedication you all have put in to his education. Hang in there, I know you guys are, but just keep hanging in there! Glad to hear testing is done, I know that's been a struggle to prepare for it!


blueviolet said...

I admire you that you're still working with him during the summer months so he doesn't get so rusty. It would be in the best interests of children if we got rid of 9 month school year anyhow.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sandie your GS is lucky to have so much love and support! He is a charming kid and doing well thanks to you, his Grandad and Mom. I admire your sacrifices to make sure he has what he needs. I would do the same for mine. It's Love! From your BFF, Linda

Patti said...

As one who homeschooled her children through high school, I just want to let you know that being homeschooled does not mean one has to be anti-social. There are many great support groups and co-ops available to homeschoolers. We were part of them for years; however, as my kids got into high school and needed more time for their schoolwork, we disengaged from most of our groups.

So, if homeschooling is something you think would be good for GS in the long run, just know that there ARE ways.

Have a wonderful day.


Doris Sturm said...

Sounds like you are very involved in your grandson's education and it has paid off...if every family were that concerned about their children's future, it would bring America standards up in comparison to the world.
I was not a privileged child and we had no money to send me to higher education, but I was taught by my family to be an educated, well-rounded person so as to not embarrass the family - it's a matter of pride to not want to be stupid and where there is a will, there is a way - money or not. Learning is an on-going thing and I hope I will never quit learning - one is never too old to learn. Hats off to you and your attitude! Your grandson is a very lucky little boy to be your grandson!

That photo of that egg is sooooooo sad ;-) but it reminds me how I used to love to eat soft boiled eggs like that, just scoop it right of of the shell on toast - mmmmmm, good!

Cindy Caudle said...

You go girl. Stand on the soap box and tell like it is. I wish we had more parents and grandparents that think like you do. It would make teachers jobs a lot easier.

The Boston Lady said...

Sandie, how lucky your grandson is to have all of you helping him along the way. You are absolutely right about early intervention, it helps them have the tools to work with whatever issues they may have to their highest potential. Unfortunately so many parents go into denial and say there is nothing wrong with their child until it's too late. By doing all you are doing you are helping to take the frustration out of school for your GS so he doesn't give up.

All parents should volunteer at school. Not just PTA stuff, but in the classroom. Then they would see what truly goes on and the things the students and teachers have to sift through in order to teach and learn. I volunteered right up through high school. It's the best way to touch base with administrators and teachers and let them know you care. Then if there is a problem you are familiar with them and they with you.

We have the FCAT here in FL and it is always a huge controversy about if it does any good.

Sorry to rant - you hit a button!


P.S. Susie is hanging in there. Just ate some tuna!

Ginny said...

You are RIGHT!!!! Why is school such long hours, but for only part of the year, then nothing at all for months??? Whay don't they just make it ALL year round, with more breaks and little vacations?? I have heard the it is because of the heat, but don't most schools have air conditioning now? Plus when you go to school ALL DAY, I think homework is unfair! Once you are home, that is it, and you should be free to relax. It is so bad now that some kids are up way late into the night! Maybe there would be no need for homework if they had school all year.

Nezzy said...

Let me tell ya, I came a little unglued when my Special Ed students were required to take the same achievement tests as the 'regular students'. Talk about lowerin' overall scores of the norm. The whole testing thing has gotten way outta hand!

Move over sister...make room on that soapbox for me! Heeehehe!

Hey sweetie, If ya get a chance pop over for my Happy Easter Giveaway!

God bless ya and have a super day!!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You go girl!! I with you on that soapbox! Y'all are doing a wonderful job with GS! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter! blessings ~ tanna

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...Oh, you are SO right. It's very important to spend time with kids and do different things with them have all kinds of different experiences.

I think what you are doing with your grandson is great. It's invaluable and you are helping prepare him for a successful future.

When our kids were little, we never had much money but I used to look for all the free events happening in our area. They went to SO MANY concerts, plays, puppet shows, lectures, etc.

Even today, both are all grown up, of course, they will remind me of when we did this, that, or the other thing. Some of them I don't even remember but THEY do!

So keep up the good work, Gram. You're doing a splendid job. Susan

Sandy said...

ha cute image, love it...enjoyed reading you..

Dogmom Diva said...

Sandie, a great post..your GS is very lucky..and I think all schools should be year lose too much in the summer..and my two cents, there is too much testing in schools now..teachers 'teach' to the test, not to the kids..ok off my soapbox!


Mevely317 said...

Don't you go worrying about being on a soapbox, Sandie ... in fact, I can visualize you being a motivational speaker. (Really.)
Andy is indeed blessed :)

Sharon Kirby said...

Hey, your soap box is GREAT!

We need to fight for the educational welfare of our kids. My nephew had a tracking/attention problem, and my sister was the biggest advocate for him. She was constantly in touch with the teacher. Consequently, he is a senior in high school now, and has had very good school success. So I admire all your family is doing for GS.

And yup - school ends in April - mentally!


DeanO said...

A great deal of meat in this post. I wish there had been some tutoring available when I was young but, some great information and insight!

Barb Hodges said...

Sandie,, being both a grandmother and a retired teacher, I too applaud your loving efforts in the education of GS. I needed to read your post because we have one of our grandchildren on a daily basis and I need to step up her exposure to new learning experiences. thank you for the encouragement. Also, Easter Blessings to you and your family.