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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Saturday, June 18, 2011

W O R D S . . .

The Power of Words.

Words work both ways -
words we speak to others -
and words others speak to us.

We need to think before we speak words some times.

And wouldn't it be nice if others thought before they spoke words to us?

Words are so incredibly powerful.

Hard words cut so deeply.

Soft words save.

Words create energy.

Kind words create warmth and make the heart soar.

Mean words cut to our soul.

Words inspire.

Words heal.

The words that you you write, the words that you speak, is what you become.

Choose your words carefully.

Words can be weapons.

Words can create beauty.

Your words, can make a difference.

What words are you going to use today?

There are words we want to say, but pride keeps us from it. Like I'm sorry.

I looked it up there are about a quarter of a million words in the Oxford Dictionary.

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward
Or what about I love you - I care - I'll pray for you - I miss you - Can I help you? - I'll be there - I'm listening - What do you need? - there are thousands and thousands of words.

What words are you going to say today and what words are being said to you this Saturday?

Are there ever times your want to say some words to someone and can't? You figure the words can't change anything?

Words can be frustrating - words can bring joy - words in the middle of the night can bring sorrow - and of course there are words that aren't said that should have been or maybe there are words that just can't be said.

And what about listening - do people hear your words? Is a word just a word or it is something huge?

What do YOU think about words?



Ann said...

The power of words is amazing isn't it.
Thank you for the lovely reminder to choose them carefully

EvaMarie Sa said...

Words are interesting and sometimes we should think about how we say things...! Words can give comfort...words can hurt....depending on how we say them....!

I do like your posts :-) they're very inspiring.
Have a lovely Saturday


Sandra said...

I am thinking you pretty much covered the words here. all of this is so true and i believe all of it. now if I could remember to watch the words and hold back on the words and control the words.
i do have to say though, i do say I am sorry when I am or if I do or say something I should not. I also have to say many times I have said/wrote words that even though I said i was sorry, it did not help very much.
this is great Sandy, a challenge to me to remember the price and strength of my words and also to use them to bring good things into the world. great post

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I know the power of words. They can be Good and Bad. I try to only use good words to others and to myself. What goes out does come back. hugs to you my dear friend. Linda

Patti said...

Lovely post, Sandie!! SO true!!

Rememember the old adage, "Sticks and stone can break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Hogwash!!

Because they hurt deep within, where it's harder to treat the wounds, words can hurt even more deeply than a punch in the face.

God reminds us over and over again in His word about the power of words (specifically in the Book of Proverbs). I have highlighted dozens of passages...all in an attempt to learn the lesson that words DO matter.

Love and hugs,

Love Of Quilts said...

So true Sandie..Hugs Trish

Thisisme. said...

Brilliant post today Chatty! I am never afraid to say that I'm sorry, and I always try to say only kind words to people. Helpful words, encouraging words, sympathetic words, loving words.

Carol said...


That is sooooo beautiful and so true.

THANK YOU! for your wonderful blog that brightens my day!

Love you, Carol

Sharon said...

This was so thought-provoking. You know how I love words - and so I think I appreciate their power - either for the good or detriment of others.

I'm also thinking about the words that I speak to MYSELF. Sometimes I say the worst things to me. I tend to be a negative self-talker.

But, Satan is the deceiver, the father of lies - and his words never speak the truth.

The best words are those found in The Word of God - and we are wise to use that as a guideline for what we say to others, to ourselves, and to that old devil.


Flora said...

Well the less words spoken the better!

Rebecca said...

I've had to really work hard at listening I'm afraid. In the past I was so focused on what IIIIII wanted to say I wasn't listening to wheat others were saying.

Sweet, powerful post!


Starry Dawn said...


Susan said...

Hi Sandie.....I truly do believe our words can be very powerful. We have to be careful with them. I have a tendency to be outspoken, to say the words that are in my mind, and sometimes it's better NOT to say the words. Better to keep them to one's self.

Words of criticism can have long-lasting power. They can make or break a relationship.

Words of encouragement also have long-lasting power. They, too, can make a huge difference in one's life.

That was a good post. Susan

Chris Graham said...

With all my heart I believe words have power for years I lived with someone who did not agree with me.
Healing and forgiveness is an ongoing process with me because of it.
Thank you for your post!

Doris Sturm said...

I agree with everything you wrote, Sandie, but I have also noticed that many people just talk, talk, talk and have really nothing to say. Choosing your words wisely is the key! Quality before quantity, that's what I say...too much talking (or listening to people talk) gives me a headache LOL

Live Out Loud said...


As a writer, I deal with words every day - I use them, craft them, cross them out, add them in, count them and search for them. Boy, do I search for them.

This is a great reminder of the power of words - of how they hurt and help. That they effect everyone and create our world.

A very cool Post!!

That corgi :) said...

powerful words you wrote today, Sandie (by the way, I really do think you are classy :)

You know the impact some words have been on me and how I have chosen to live as a result of them over the years (but thankfully have finally forgiven and chose to move on after 13 years) (thank you Lord), but I also realize I am so guilty of having said words that caused pain and suffering to others and that hurts that I did that. And I still wish I could say words to my mom, of love and thanking.

Words really do impact. I say this every time people say things about words. I think this is why there are so many verses in the Bible about controlling the tongue because words truly can hurt. But like you said, words can also comfort and words can be kind and compassionate.

We need to stop and count 10 seconds before we ever want to say anything that could be destructive or angry or hurting. I think that's when self control plays in.

I hope when you wrote this, you were not hurt because of words spoken harshly to you.........


Jane said...

Let me boot up word count and I will let you know many words are currently in The Book Report. Great post!! :)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Very wise words, Chatty!

Linda O'Connell said...

Words are my favorite gifts and my favorite toys.

Marydon said...

I'd love to send (4) people your write today, Sandie. Great! Always inspiring, my friend.

Have a lovely Father's day with your fmaily.

Have a beautiful week.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I love your Words!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Thanks for some life-giving words today, Chatty!

Susan :)

Debbie said...

I think I use far too many of them, and I'm trying to change that. I do believe that the spoken word has a great power. I also believe that leaving unsaid what ought to be said is a terrible mistake.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Words are more powerful than we can know... thank you for this reminder to use them with care... blessings ~ tanna

Shanda said...

This is all so true. And unfortunately it is often those closest to us that receive our worst words. I think we let down our guard more at home. And those are the ones that need our words of encouragement the most!

Retired Knitter said...

Some words cannot be forgotten, especially the ones that hurt.

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

That is really something to think about. And nowadays it's too easy to type something and then hit send and in a matter of seconds it's gone. Too late to think about it or even take it back.

Joey said...

Your post helped me tonight, for I was hurt by someone I love.

Would it be okay if I shared your post with this person?

I already gave my feelings to God, and to the person who hurt me, but I don't think he understands.

Joey from Texas

Joey said...

Thank you!!