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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chatty Thinking . . . a little bit of everything . . .a Nutty Chatty

Last week my grandson decided to make a dessert for everyone. I didn't hear a thing. He was so proud of himself. And hey - it was chocolate. Can't go wrong with chocolate - right?

Look at all the stuff in my house.

Can you believe it was edible? Even tasted pretty good. It is a secret recipe, but he said that I could share it with you - my blog friends. Behind him to the left is his peacock he made at Vacation Bible School. And yes - there is a knife in his dessert!

Recipe As told by GS:

20 pieces of chocolate (from his Halloween bag)
1 chocolate bar from same
microwave 40 seconds
take a silver spoon and mix
add whip cream
microwave 17 seconds
stir 14 seconds
add one cup of lucky charms
pour Hersey's syrup on top
add whip cream on top
do no stir
microwave 23 seconds
1/2 cup more cereal
aluminum foil on top
put on Ben Ten toppers
Let sit 1 1/2 hours
Any one want some? lol

My daughter got me hooked on this show on TLC - Say Yes to the Dress - have you ever seen it? Some brides pay $70K for a wedding! Oh my gosh. It's a funny show - and kind of interesting. It's like people watching and you can see the different family dynamics. They had a marathon about - let's say the large bride. Poor girls - they had a time of it - some of them anyway. But some had self esteem you would not believe!!! Did you know there is a dating site for men who want a big woman? They will only date big women! I'm getting such an education this summer.

Ever notice an abandoned building? Why do places that are unattended get run over with weeds and cracks and lose building material? I guess when they don't have someone to take care of them - it happens. I wonder if people are like that?

And something else to think about is work ethic - do you know that 'the way things work out' can depend on someone else's work ethic? I mean who you get on the phone - the person who answers the call - can change everything. Some people are willing to work a little harder and check things out for you. Find an answer. Give you a little deal. Another person who answers can be lazy and just tell you they can't help you right away. And that's the end of it. I have had so many instances where I've seen this.

Okay a little scattered today in thinking I admit - but these are some of the things on this lady's mind this week.

And I have no idea why or how to get rid of the blue or the underline! It has a mind of it's own!

Now here's something to think about - what is your opinion of this quote?

"We all wish we could have a bit of (House's personality) in our lives... To watch someone who's free of that gravity - of caring what people think - you're watching somebody who's flying. He doesn't have that weight." ~ Hugh Laurie



Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I don't even know what to say about your GS's snack!

Flora said...

Not sure of that dessert?? But sure it was delicious!! Your mind has been busy this week. As to the quote... well I think it is good to not worry about what people think...but u need a' gravity' to hold you in a place so that your freedom doesn't hurt those around you.

Jeanie said...

Smart boy, your GS, finding a way to use that old Halloween candy.
I think that worrying too much about what people think can hold us hostage at times.

Life is good! said...

what a chef your gs is! i also love say yes to the dress. in my humble opinion i think spending that kind of money is crazy! have a great day!

Cheri said...

I love chocolate but not sure of that dessert...

My daughter, the one getting married, told me to watch that "Say Yes to the Dress" back when we were in AL and it is like people watching. I could not believe some of those budgets...WOW!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Nutty Chatty is a funny lady today! I love the GS's snack...that child has an imagination! Yes To The Dress is fun to watch but I could not spend that kind of each their own. I think the quote is interesting but while I don't want to live my life only caring what others think, I don't want to hurt others either. It's a fine balance. hugs, Linda

....Petty Witter said...

Yes please, I'll have some of your grandson's concoction - who knows I may even try the recipe out for myself.

Though I love House as a show I'm not too sure I'd like a House in my life. As for him as my doctor? No and yes - lets face it he is totally lacking in bedside manners but hey he always comes up with a diagnosis if not a cure.

Changes in the wind said...

Have watched that show for a long time and it is indeed interesting:)

Remington said...

Now that looks yummy!

That corgi :) said...

yum on that dessert! I love his creativity and I am awed that he still has chocolate in his Halloween candy bag! If he lived in my house, I would have raided it by now, LOL! I have to say though, I never thought of mixing Lucky Charms like this into a chocolate based dessert. Did you like it?

I liked all your random thoughts today. Never saw that show but it is amazing how much people spend on the wedding day, they plan better for that then the marriage ahead. A big fad in California was for brides to go down to the ocean and get their pictures taken in their wedding dresses in the ocean. Sometimes they would have two dresses for it, one they didn't mind getting "dirty" like that.

That was an interesting quote. I think sometimes it would be nice to be "free" and not worry about what others thought of me. Jesus was like that. He didn't get bothered by the opinion of man, he knew who he was, he knew his Father. We need to remember who we are in the sight of God!

have a good day Sandie!


BECKY said...

Hi Sandie! Love all your thoughts today. Your mind works a lot like mine....oooh, that's scary! :)

Uhh, the dessert looks a little scary, too! Your grandson is so cute and he obviously knows how much you love him!

I love the quote about House. Hugh said we all wish we could have "a bit" of his personality, which would be a great thing, I think. Having his entire that's a different thing entirely!! :)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow -- Halloween candy? In the summer? That is one special young man you have there, although I am not sure about his budding culinary skills. However, chocolate and ANYTHING pretty much works.

As for Say Yes To The Dress, my daughters and I watched it a LOT in the weeks before my older daughter was married last month. what absolutely ridiculous brides.

My daughter paid a fraction of those thousands that they charge at the boutiques, and her dress was stunning. You don't need a 100G wedding to have a good time, look wonderful, and start married life on a firm financial footing!

Can you believe people go into debt to have big weddings? Good grief.

I've got loads of wedding pictures on my blog -- you are welcome to check out the dress, which came from David's Bridal in Los Angeles and was even on sale!


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

The snack looks like he liked it:) That is important....You do good at scattered thinking also.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts today!

Um - that dessert sounds very "sweet" and I'm sure it was tasty :-)
Haven't personally watched the program - but have seen the ad's for it.

Thisisme. said...

Certainly random thoughts from you today my friend!! Hey, your grandson (there's that gorgeous smile again!) did really well to make that dessert all on his own. Gosh, I love chocolate, but that must have been VERY rich!!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

That recipe sound delicous, but I'm afraid I don't have all those ingredients on hand so I'll have to pass.

I often watch Say Yes To The Dress. I just wish someone would wear something other than a strapless gown. I'm also amazed at the cost. My gown was $200, but that was in 1968. I guess I'm dating myself by being shocked at the cost.

Whosyergurl said...

Sandie, when my children were little they loved to write recipes for me. Like this: "Dog sandwich" Get a dog and put between two slices of bread. eat.

I still have those "recipes" in my recipe box. Makes me smile when I come upon them.
xo, CHeryl

DeanO said...

Sandie, I'm gonna have to pass on that Snack; but, I suppose if it was a niece or nephew I might indulge in just a little bite :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Your grandson was certainly proud of himself after making that dessert, wasn't he??? Did he eat the WHOLE THING? Tummy ache time!!!!! ha ha

I'm glad I raised sons --and didn't have that HUGE wedding cost in the family... GADS---so much money wasted in my opinion...

Well---I'm definitely not abandoned --but sometimes, as I AGE (Gads), I feel like I'm full of weeds and cracks.... ha

Americans these days seem basically lazy.. People don't have the work ethics they used to--when they were proud of their jobs and there was loyalty from the management. Today, people want to get the money but will only do as little work as possible to get it...Oh Well!!!!

We watch House ---and enjoy it. However, I thought it was better the first year or two. Maybe I'm getting tired of it.


Belle said...

If I was single I would check out that site where the men like big women! :) The chocolate recipie looks delicious.

Sandra said...

if the quote is about the show House i have never watched it so no clue what it means.
the dessert IS chocolate but I am a little iffy that i would eat it. did you, really? i like chocolate and i like cereal and i like whip cream but like i said iffy.
don't watch reality shows, so have not seen the wedding one either.
as for someone else work ethic effecting me, YES to that, even though I try to not let it. nice makes me nice, mean makes me mean, angry makes me angry..

Ginny said...

No, he doesn't have that weight, and he also doesn't have any friends or a girlfriend (only Wilson) He will die sad, bitter and alone. After watching House from the beginning, I had enough and quit! Besides, Cuddy is gone now and will be moving on to The Good Wife. Now that you've got me started on this, I'm forgetting your whole blog. Oh yes, the chocolate desert. Well, the more chocolate the better. But I want close ups of the peacock, we may want to make it!!

Wanda's Wings said...

Kids are so smart.

Anonymous said...

How many WW points in that dessert? "LOL" Looks wonderful, anything with chocolate is a winner in my book.

Love to you! Carol

Ann said...

the recipe sounds quite interesting and like you said it is chocolate. I have no clue what ben ten toppers are though.
As for the quote, I think I agree with it. Even if we don't want to admit it I think we all have a tiny part of us that wants to be more like House

Sweet Tea said...

I predict that your handsome Grandson will be a famous chef some day. Perhaps have his own TV show too. Love "creativity gone wild". His concoction looked good to me!

Melanie said...

Hmmm...I wonder how many calories are in that?? :)

Knitty said...

I'm behind and catching up, or at least trying to.

About House and that quote: A bit of not caring what others think gives us the freedom to be individuals but when I think of the character House, I don't think of any redeemable trait that I would want to embrace. There is just no reason to be as rude as he is, nor as pompous.

If your grandson tours Michigan with his dessert recipe, be sure to let me know so that I can give him directions to my house. :-D