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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Thursday, July 07, 2011


The Golden Years - who coined that phrase? I have been looking for ages and ages.

David Bowie wrote that song in 1975. Do you think that was it?

Was it said sarcastically?

Was it because we used to get gold watches as a retirement gift?

Does golden refers to the good old days?

This was a band from the 60's and 70's. CULLOWHEE . . .

We went Saturday night - to a reunion of Cullowhee at the Crescent Moon in Dahlonega, GA. A small town in the north Georgia Mountains. Now they originate from Cullowhee, NC. They played in Atlanta for many years.

And my happy campers went with me.

These are four of the original. The other two will be in Cullowhee in September.

Can you recognize the men - from the young picture to this one?

This is Terry

Terry's wife.

This is Sandy.

This is Mike.

And here are some of the songs if your interested.

My thinking today is this. Do we have as much value in the golden years as we do in the beginning years? Most of the people there knew Cullowhee. The band has groupies or followers from the 60's and 70's too. Now there were a few young people that happened in and another couple on a date I think. They got wasted and I mean wasted. The man started heckling the band and making fun of them. Making faces.

Terry's wife - was a little powerhouse - she told that guy off and told him to be nice and if he couldn't be nice - to leave! I was proud of her.

Can these guys play like they used too? Do they look like they used too? No. But do they still have value? ABSOLUTELY YES!

Do I think these are the golden years - I'm not sure.

Now I know I don't look as good as I once did - lol - but I'm better than I once was. At least I think so. I'm experienced. I know myself. I'm calmer. I'm happier inside. I'm more grounded. I don't have to be someone I'm not. Is everything perfect - no. Would I like to change things - of course. There is a lot to say for age. And a lot to be said against it. Age does change us.

We have a choice - bitter or better? I say better.

Now here is my quote of the day:

It's not the day you have to manage, folks, but the moment.

It's not the dragon you have to slay, but the fear.

And it's not the path you have to know, but the destination.



Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh I hope they are the golden years. I always like to have something to look forward to ;-)

Whosyergurl said...

OLD rockers. Love it. Seems like all of the rockers are old these days...boomers. :-)

xo, Cheryl

Pat MacKenzie said...

There's a lot to think about here sandie. First, I listened to the music and enjoyed it - I've never heard of them. Second, I think they are golden years - calmer and more peaceful. We can sit back and look back and count our least as long as our health holds out. Our golden years are the sweet reward for our growing, struggling years. I love mine. I'm assuming our golden years start with retirement and not senility!

Thisisme. said...

"Creative Researcher of New Experiences" - I like that my friend! I think that I am happier inside, now that I'm nearing my golden years (or am I already in them. At what age do they start?! Help! I need to know these things!). I'm afraid that I haven't heard of that group over here in England, but I'm glad that you had fun anyway. Loved your quotes at the end of the post today. You always come up with the good ones!

Remington said...

I had never heard them before....GREAT music!

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...Nice post. I'm with you on the feeling good about who I am, now that I'm older. In younger years, making an impression was very important. Now? Who cares? ha ha

I think maintaining good health is imperative and also choosing to keep a positive, upbeat spirit. Life can be brutal but we always have a choice how we respond to people and situations.

So I'm going to TRY to maintain that "gold" in the "golden" years.

One key, I feel, is keeping very active and continuing the pursuit of learning. Take care and have a great day. Susan

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great post Sandie! I choose to be better not bitter! It's been a struggle but I finally think I'm ready to enjoy my 'golden years'. I love the old rockers. Do they look in the mirror like I do and think who is that? I still feel that young person inside of me! hugs, Linda

That corgi :) said...

that was neat to see that band, Sandie. They certainly have "matured" over the years, but haven't we all?

I do think we have value as we "age", but people need to look for our value, especially the youth. We have the wisdom of age. I have said before that I think newly married couples need to be partnered with an older couple to mentor them and help them as they are adjusting to marriage, etc. Having someone who has been through some issues and lived through them I think can be of benefit in each situation, marriage, new babies, toddlers, etc. And sometimes parents aren't there to help out or too close to the situation, so I think mentoring is a wonderful thing.

With age comes wisdom if we allow ourselves to learn from our experiences and get better from then, not bitter as you mentioned. I do believe you aim for better over bitter indeed!

great post!


Changes in the wind said...

Dahlonega...ahhh great place! I visited there once and fell in love. I believe our older years are exactly what we make them and for some of us...they are golden:)

Jo said...

YEEHAW!..I have been uplifted and kinda got the blues at the same time I love that, it means I've really enjoyed this post,I'm going to ask Mr if he had the opportunity to see Cullowhee, he enjoyed lots of bands and the nightlife while attending Georgia Tech in the 70's,including Lynyrd Skynyrd,(the orginal's).
And if I would have been there back in the ole days,before I quit drinking,I would have whoopt that heckler.YES I would have jumped on him and put something on him AJAX wouldn't wash off, I'd been on him like white on rice.

Wanda's Wings said...

have found so far you need a lo of gold for the golden years. lol

The Boston Lady said...

It looks like it was a fun time in spite of the heckler! Like the fact that he was put in his place. I love these reunion tours and that so many of the older bands still hang together - nothing wrong with living in the past for a couple of hours. Golden? Not sure yet. No quite at that stage - I know for many years it was for my parents and I hope I have a few years to be golden as they did. Ann

Mimi said...

I have NOT heard of this band, but then in the 60's 70's, I was busy listening to the Beatles, the Monkeys, Mama's and Papas, oh the GOLDEN YEARS, I think we are all valuable at what ever age, I do think age comes with wisdom, not speed --not quite the quick remembrances, but we have alot of years worth of smarts!!!
So glad you went to this reunion of sorts, what a great time. Glad the gang went too!!

Ginny said...

I love that last quote, and you got really good pictures of the band. In China, they almost worship their seniors, it's the babies that they throw away! With us it's just the opposite!!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

This is great, Sandie. Lots of the same things I have been thinking myself. I love every single one of those last quotes. Now, I'm going back to check out those links about the Bill. blessings ~ tanna

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We love Dahlonega--and stayed there at the Amicalola Falls Lodge for G's birthday in March. We love the waterfalls in that area.

Haven't heard of that group--but old rock groups usually do have a good following...

I love my Golden Years... The kids are grown and GONE --and hubby and I have the best life in the entire world.... Couldn't be better.


Jeanie said...

It looks like this group is doing what we should all do....making the most of whatever stage of life we are in.

Ann said...

That's a great quote. Golden or not I know that life is different than it was way back when. Some better some worse but all of it only as good as I make it.
I never heard of that band

Tweedles -- that's me said...

you said a lot, and it will take me awhile to digest it all.


EvaMarie Sa said...

Great post and some food for thought in there - I like it. I'm glad to hear you had a lot of fun there! There's nothing like good ol' Rockers! Isn't it?
I'd never heard them before - they seem very cool and still going strong.

Have a Great day!