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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Tales

What is happening to the birds?

Wind Farms Killing ‘America’s National Symbol
 From - 

Wind farms kill more than 400,000 birds a year - including dozens of eagles.   

More than 100,000 turbines are expected to be in operation in the United States by 2030. Annual bird mortality rates alone (now estimated at 440,000 a year) are expected to exceed one million. Among those avian victims are bald eagles and golden eagles that fly into the turbine blades revolving at up to 200 miles per hour. 

Determining an exact count for dead eagles is difficult because other animals may eat the carcasses, but 67 golden eagles are estimated to die annually at just one California wind farm, at Altamont Pass. Overall, the toll could surpass 500 golden eagles a year at wind farms in the eagles’ habitat in the western United States. 

I mean it is a dilemma - we need wind farms, but we need birds too.  Isn't this a tough one?  There are always two sides to every issue.

I have a question for you!

I have a question for you. When we got our pup 2 years ago he was very quiet. I think he is around 4 years old now.

He did NOT bark at strangers who came to our house. He was sweet. And he is so sweet to the four of us. Wonderful actually.

But whenever ANYONE comes over or close to the car - he barks his head off!  Angry.  And his hair raises on the back of his back like a cat!  He has bitten - lightly - one of grandson's little friends - and now we are scared to death when anyone comes over.

I'm have two different gals coming over this summer to stay. Any suggestions?


Love as always, Chatty

PS Right as I was heading for bed last night I heard a huge racket in the attic - again.

I am not sure if that is a squirrel or not.  Gee I am getting tired of this - and we have the whole roof/gutters protected by flashing.  lol


Anonymous said...

Trusting in the LORD always when the right thing to do is always "not known"....Happy Tuesday Sandie

Jill said...

So sorry about the problems you're having with the dog. I don't know what to tell you though. I wish you luck though!

Good catch. I sure can understand your frustration though.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Maybe you could watch The Dog Whisperer for some ideas.

Sorry you still have sneaky squirrels in your attic!

LL Cool Joe said...

I think this is the reason we don't have a dog, and because I'm terrified of them! Maybe you need a dog trainer? Good luck with it anyway!

Shelly said...

I am praying you will have wisdom to know what to do with your dog. That's a dilemma, for sure~

TexWisGirl said...

not sure about the biting. that would really worry me. i know he's just protecting you all, but he needs to understand his limits - from you.

Jeanne said...

We had a dog that was like that with people she didn't know so we had to put her on a leash or in another room when company came. She never bit anyone but we just had to be very careful.

Sandra said...

i wish i had some words of wisdom about Disco, but I don't and it looks like no one else does either. i can understand the car barking since most dogs do that. was the friend in your house? was he aggravating Disco? what happens when adults come in the house? maybe the friend did something to him if he is the only one nipped.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh my word! I think it's a squirrel! Glad you caught him! Anyway, maybe we need to put a wind turbine on our property! We have a huge problem with birds and their poop! Everywhere! I feel for the eagles, but could do without the birds around our house. Enjoy your day. Hope hubby is doing better!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I don't have any advice about the dog, other than put him where he can't get to visitors. Sorry you're having squirrel problems! I wonder how they're getting in the attic?

Terri Buster said...

I don't know what to tell you about the pup. My cat does not handle visitors well at all, and she has to go to the bedroom when anyone comes over. Especially children.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do know that one of my dogs was very protective and never had much at all to do with kids. I kept my own out of his way till they were older. It seemed it was the little ones that he didn't like. I would play it safe and keep your dog and them out of harms way. They only think they are protecting there home and become excited. I'm always on the cautious side when it comes to dogs. I've had many over the years and found they were great company but they didn't always like my company that came to visit.

That corgi :) said...

Sorry about the dog, Sandie. Was GS's friend provoking him in any way when he bit him? It is scary when they bite like that (honestly we had to put down a dog who bit me unprovoked because I was so scared it would bite one of the kids' friends). Maybe talk to a vet?


Granny Annie said...

Wind farms are the worst of man's creations. More trouble than help.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that is a squirrel. So who empties the cage?

jack69 said...

Hey Sandie, that is news about the birds. I am amazed as slow the wind turbines turn, as fast as the bird and especially the Eagle's reactions are. You come up with some good to ponder info.
Be nice if a repelling sound could be generated!

Like you, I don't understand the dog. But I sure love the doggie pictures!!!!
jack & Sherry

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandie, I'm on the side of the BIRDS ---but know that there's no easy answers. Most of the time, I'm NOT on the side of the environmentalists.. BUT-when it comes to birds, I am.

Don't have a clue why your dog does what he does... I just know that when I ever get another dog, I don't want a barker...

The squirrels (or whatever) have to have an entrance somewhere. Can nobody find it???? I can only imagine how annoying it is.


Anna Smith said...

Maybe he was disturbed by a nightmare. That's a shame about the birds, wish there was something we could do :)

val's alentejo said...

What a terrible tradgedy to befall those poor bald headed eagles and other birds. We dont have too many wind farms.. in fact, they are dotted around high on the hills, but one never thinks about the birds. (food for thought).
Maybe you need to get Ceasar Milan ! the dog whisperer. Some dogs to that, I would say maybe a rolled up newspaper and a tap on the nose ..but only when you catch him in the act.!
I live in the heart of agricultural country land.. and i do have mice and sometimes the odd rat. It looks big.
hope you find out what it is and where its getting in.
Have a blessed tuesday Sandie,

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Dogs are just gonna' bark sometimes. But it sure can be inconvenient for their listeners. :)

boy, I don't know WHAT that nasty looking thing in the cage is.

Good luck with that!

Paula said...

Too bad about the birds. We don't have many of those wind thingys around here so I hadn't thought of it. As I said before I'm a cat person so I wouldn't know what to say about your doggie. Susie, my cat hides when company comes.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think he is trying to protect his home and family also. Not sure what to do, especially since i'm a cat girl. Darn squirrels...all I'm saying...GRRRR. Hugs, Linda

Belle said...

Our little dog has gotten quite cranky since middle age. I don't know why either! The windmills? I did not know that about the birds and I feel so bad about it. It seems no matter what we do we end up hurting the earth! Seems like we need to go back to log cabins and no electricity but then we would have to burn all the trees to keep warm!

Anonymous said...

O know exactly how you feel, our little terri poo was the same way, he would not even let the gas attendant put the change through the window.He bacame worse as he aged and when I would walk him if a freind tried to shake my hand or heaven forbid hug me he went on attack, it was a burden we bared for 17 years, we loved him so you see we couldn't bring ourselves to take action, keeping him on his leash and always watchful was the answer for us.
He did become OK with guests once they were in the house for a bit and i think your little fellow will too, they love us and want to protect us I suppose, it is a tense situation with small children, best way is for the child to keep clear I think.
Thats what we did, our grandson was born when our dog was 12, he had to be watched very carefully.
My heart goes out to you,
that looks like a black squirrel, wow, you're still battling those darn things,

Lynn said...

Oh my - that is a tough one. My brother-in-law's dog has unpredictable bouts of barking and growling at people they know. They have to lock him up when strangers are visiting. He actually bit my niece when she went out into the garage while he was eating. He was startled and over-reacted.


I've seen totally unprovoked dogs suddenly attack??? This is a tough one. Sadly, I have no advice for you. Interesting tidbit about the Windmills and Birds. They put up a farm not far from here and we watched in wonderment. it's a sight to behold. But now that I know about the birds. Kind of puts a downer on things. take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanide, Thanks for your informative newsmax article. The eagles are magnificent creatures of nature. As always in history, man has encroached on wildlife territory. Palm Springs, California has had a windfarm for years, right in the desert off Int. 10 since 1997. I showed my husband, John, your photos of your dogs and asked him what would be the best safe, kind and gentle course to take with your terrier. John was a dog breeder and trainer and show breeding of Alaskan Malamutes in California in the 1980's. He has experience and has read extensively on genetics and pedigrees and breeding. He says that perhaps your dog barks at the car, getting angry out of fear because his ears are sensitive and he doesn't like the engine noise of the car or the smell of the gas fumes. He also said that the temperments of dogs change as they get older and they get grouchy and snappy. This little habit of your terrier could be in the genes in the pedigree of his mother and father dogs, as to his temperment Some dogs are agressive, some are passive. John also said a good way to correct them when growling or agressive or biting with a child or adult is to slap them quickly right in the act, or bite them on the ear so then they will behave with this connection. If all else fails, or it would hurt you too much to slap your dog, it's like slapping your kid, he said it might be a good idea to take your terrier to the vet. John said it's high liability risk having an agressive dog on your property. One quick dog bite to a child or adult could bring a liability lawsuit. John was threatened with this one time by a person visiting his kennel in California, so he had to really control these wild, domesticated wolf Alaskan Malamutes by housing them in his kennel with dog cages outside. Hope his advice helps, but John says it's best not to wait around for another of your grandson's friends to get bit or snapped at. Big trouble. Looking forward to your Friday Fun so I can dab some of your funny perfume on my overly-serious head. Have a great week, Sandie.

Ginny said...

Bald Eagles must be blind, yet eagles are supposed to have eyesight that can see for hundreds of miles, so I am confused. Disco won't bark at other people in the house, but does at the car??? Well, does he like riding the car or not?? Let's start with that first. I hope that is a squirrel, I think I see a shadowy fluffy tail.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I don't know about dogs, but we taught our cats not to scratch on the furniture by having a spray bottle of water close by. We'd spray them in the face with water whenever they scratched. They soon got the message.

My fatehr had chipmunks in his attic. He got one of these sonar pulsing machines to sit up there and that didn it. The little rodents didn't like it.

Just a couple of ideas for you to think about.

Vee said...

Oh I hate thinking about that many birds getting killed by those turbines. (I'm not a fan of turbines as they are not cost effective and they are ugly to boot, jmo of course.)

I'm sorry that your little terrier is having troubles. Wonder what the dog whisperer would say? We have to keep Molly on a short leash sometimes.

Squirrels in the house? That's not good. They do so much damage. Do you have a handy son who can plug those places where they're getting in? A helpful friend? I'd send John! ☺

Sr. Ann Marie said...

We had lots of squirrels in the convent where I lived in Wilmington. It was an old house--Tudor style--that had originally been owned by a wealthy family. It had lots of fireplaces (all of which we had covered with plexigalss) and lots of crawl spaces. The chimneys were covered with gratings but still the squirrels got in and took up residence in the crawl spaces. Brother Mike who worked in the school used to put traps in the crawl spaces with peanut butter in them to catch the squirrels. Then Brother Mike would take the traps to the park quite a distance from the convent and release the squirrels. We swore the same ones were coming back! We even suggested spray painting their tails so we could tell. Once, for a joke, we posted a sign advertising the place--something like "nice quarters, free peanut butter, ride to the park." We also posted tally sheets: Brother Mike--0, Squirrels--4. It seemed to be a losing battle!

Annmarie Pipa said...

our old dog barked at other a mean way...we took her to obedience school..helped so much....she only barked then if the dogs were threatening. good luck!


The eagles may be being killed by the hundreds by the turbines, but I find it kinda difficult to believe it...why? 'Cause their eyesight is just too good...I may be sticking myself out on a limb here, but it sounds quite exaggerated. About your dog?----has he been injured by someone [kicked or hit or maybe startled by someone or something?] The only thing I can think of is make sure you discipline him in a stern/demanding voice ---train him.
That's a squirrel?!!! Oh my gosh, that would drive me bananas knowing it's up there in the attic. [and this is nesting season, isn't it?]

Gloria Hood said...

Sad to hear about the birds and eagles! I like the idea of squirting water at the dogs face for bad behavor. Worked for me!

EM Illustrator said...

I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having with Disco :( I don't know what to advise really, since I am no dog owner myself.
Have a great day,

Arkansas Patti said...

Almost sounds like fear biting. Could he be having vision problems though he seems too young for that. If they can't see well, they get fearful and agressive trying to scare away what they perceive as threats.
Also, he could have some pain problems which would cause the same reaction. Mighty's arthritis makes him very cranky if he doesn't get his pain pills each day.
I'd have him vet checked. Good luck.

Jim said...

Sandie, I am no help at all with your dog. I am very sorry this happened for you. BE SURE that the gals make friends right away. Perhaps if they feed the dog it will help things.

We had a trap like that to catch the racoons that were getting into our attic. They would pull a shingle off to make a hole to crawl in. The squirrels have made or found a hole someplace.

Lastly, perhaps we need regulations on the turbines so that they have to be 'screened in' from the birds. That wouldn't be too hard to do, each of the turbines could be in its own bird proof cage.

Angela said...

I can't imagine that that many birds die from the windmills. I've been around the ones that are near Canaan Valley, WV and you don't see any birds around them. Plus they are so slow that I wouldn't think a bird would fly into them.

KC said...

Hiya Sandie,

It sounds rather grim that the birds are killed as a result of having wind turbines. I presume that other wildlife is also hurt by them, one way or another. Why is there a NEED for wind turbines? Forgive my ignorance, but I know nothing about them. Mankind thinks up seemingly great ideas, but by the time they realize it wasn't such a good idea the damage is done. Then it's up to the generations that follow to repair the damage.

As a wildlife warrior and one who cares deeply for nature I think I'd be protesting.

Ah, the squirrel is cute. Did you release him/her back into the wild?

We often get possums. Guess they're looking for a warm, dry place to sleep and eat too :)

Love to you!

Ann said...

Well obviously Disco is protecting his pack with the barking. Maybe he'll be ok with adult company. Sometimes children and dogs don't mix well. Just my thoughts and of course I'm no expert

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...Oh, I HOPE the thing in the attic is a squirrel. Let us know and good luck.

As for doggie, gosh, that's a tough one. I know one of my sisters has a dog that bit me on the ankle when I was leaving their house. From that moment on, I was petrified to go there and more petrified to leave! That dog has bitten other people, too. My sister adores the dog, though, and won't let him go. I think he must have been abused somewhere in his life, to act that way. Don't know about Disco, though, but I'd be very VERY afraid of the biting. Take care and good luck. Susan

Dee said...

That is awful about the wind turbines killing birds...the thought never crossed my mind that they could be harmful in any way. :( As for little Disco he may need to go to dog obedience class. Until then I suppose all you can do is keep him separate from your guests. I wish you the best .

(renae) simple sequins said...

dear Chatty, my friend! I'm not a dog expert, but I have my new pup and since I got her I have read up on anything of her breed I can find. I've learned my dog is a great watch dog and that her breed is the best at not shedding. So my suggestion is to read up on her breed. The eagle getting killed in the wind turbines is horrible! I LOVE EAGLES -- I RESPECT THEM DEARLY. that made me really sad to hear, but I also think those wind turbines are awesome. We traveled to Texas a few years back on a road trip and I loved seeing them across the horizon, thousands of them. hmmmm, I think I love eagles more than turbines.

SquirrelQueen said...

From what I have read the bird deaths are higher in certain areas like Altamont Pass. My hubs works for a large power company and from reading some of their publications they spend millions on raptor protection on both the wind turbines and lines. Hopefully a solution can be found to offer better protection.

Sorry to hear your dog gets so upset by strangers. Maybe put him in another room when your guests arrive. When things are quite put him on a leash and bring him into the room where they are sitting. Then you sit down and all of you talk and let him adjust. Gradually let him sniff their hand and get used to their scent. As long as things are very calm and quiet the introductions should go well. Kids and dogs are both energetic and that does not make for a good introduction.

Yep, looks like a squirrel to me! You have an opening somewhere.

Mary said...

Our poodle taught our quiet non barking, son's dog, at one year of age to bark....end of story..Bark BARk BARRKKK

Munir said...

There is something about dogs and owner's cars. When we had to give away our dog "Indy" we took him in our van to the SPCA. For a long time our neighbour's dog would bark whenever we drove by in our van.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That is very sad about all the birds! Just awful!
As far as Disco----
this little dog Tweedles goes crazy- barking and barking if someone comes over. She is very sweet to us .
If someone comes over, we put her on a leash and tell people to not look at her, don't talk to her, don't touch her.
At Pet Smart or anyplace else- she is very shy. We do not let anyone touch her (usually), unless we have their hand in ours as they touch her. She has never tried to bite, but you just never know

Catherine said...

Humans sure know how to screw up nature don't we? Good luck with your dog!
xo Catherine

Debbie said...

i wish i had some good advice to offer you about your pup, sadly i don't!!

interesting information about the wind farms, i hope they can find a solution!!

SweetMarie said...

I can't believe I'm just getting to your post! Disco is now protecting yours and his home and his family. Some dogs don't like a lot of excitement. Please don't kill the squirrel, it may have a nest full of babies somewhere or could be pregnant and just looking for a good place for a nest. If it seems like it wants to bite you try to think of how you would react if you were caught in a cage...probably scared too! :) I'll email you about both.:)

Carol............. said...

I had to laugh at the picture of the dogs...the little one reminded me of ME when I have a strong opinion of something! LOL

Bev said...

Oh dear...too many questions...and it's too late tonight for me to I'm just going to say good night...dear friend:)

BlueShell said...

Oh...birds, I am for the birds!
Cesar would say: - " the dog needs to take long walks! do you take him do a walk every day? A long walk? he needs to get tired.There is frustration. You've got to show him that you are the "boss". When he barks you have to approach/get nearer and diminish his space. The message is - you are not the owner of this place so you get back to your corner!" - I think Cesar would say this. I do not know if it works. Sorry!

Oh...and I'm sorry for those "squirrels"!That is certainly annoying!
have a kiss

BlueShell said...

Oh...I forgot....Cesar is The Dog Whisperer as Lisa said! he is on a show we see here in Portugal but he is from USA!Sometimes he as good advises...

Sandie...I'm sad today: my little dog, bonny, is quit sick - he's 13 years old and I think he's going to die... He can hardly breath with the hot.Vet says he can do nothing!
Now he refuses to eat! I just hug him to make him know how much we care for him... there is nothing more we can do...

Hug you, dear!

Alida said...

I wonder what triggered your doggie's anger? Sometimes we all get a little cranky as we get older!!

Nancy said...

Oh, Sandie, so sorry about your dog. So much of what dog's are is learned when they are puppies -- has he had any training over the years? Does he sit, stay, lay down on command? You may be surprised what a little training each day will accomplish.

As far as the wind farms and birds, I'd be interested in the source of the information you posted. I'm a bit skeptical of the statistics.

sandy said...

We were always having critters in our attic at the house we sold last year. We lived more where wild animals also like to live - so it was always a problem.

I'm going on vacation so I'll have lots of time to catch up and "laugh" over here at your blog. I haven't been visiting anybody much lately.

Our those three dogs yours in the photograph - they are so cute.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your squirrels are like us with the gophers in the yard. That is very sad about the birds. Our girl Skye hasn't been around children. I think she would be good but since Charlie (our daughters dog) is here we don't have my friends over with children. Charlie doesn't care for them that much and we can't kennel them the whole time! Sorry about your dilemma.
Hugs, Debby

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Maybe the pooch needs to go to obedience school...or a doggie psychologist?

Years ago, when skyscrapers were a new phenomenon (before I was born), birds were slamming into them. All those lights were put up to help protect them.

Susan :)

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie dear,
You have already got lots of comments after this post.
I am sad to hear what is going on with beautiful eagles and other birds getting killed by a plane's turbines.
About your dog, I am not an expert, since I only own cats in my life. I guess, you should talk to the Veterinarian, and see what he/she says about that sort of behaviour. I know dog's thinking is the fact that they belong to a pack, and you are the leader of the pack. Therefore, you should train your dog that he is the last one of the pack, and he should obey his leader that is you. Teach and train your dog how to behave with other people, and ask the Veterinarian for some clues... Let us know the updates, please. Thank you, Sandie for sharing your world with us!! I am always kind and loving with animals, but I am careful too.
God bless you, sweetheart!!