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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Tuesday and Valentine Contest.

I'm having a Valentines Contest that ends Feb. 28th.

There will be 3 winners.  

I'll mail something to you.  

A surprise and not an expensive one!  

Just a little gift.

Play if you dare. 

Thanks Sharon from Sharon Sharing God.

From Sheila at the Quintessential Magpie

Photos from the Web.

From Sandra at Madsnapper

JP at A Quiet Place - she took this while kayaking.

Ann from Ann's Snap Edits & Scrape.   

Calamity Jane

These are from Cheri from Chez Cheri.

From Kim at Millie's Mats

Pauline from Pauline's Country Tales

Theresa's Mixed Nuts.

Sally at Retired English Teacher and a love story.

In keeping with your post on dogs today, I thought I would send you this precious to me photo that my daughter took of her dog Phoenix on Valentine's Day in 2010.  Julie (my daughter) would die just three months later after taking this photo.  Phoenix was by her side when she passed away.  I've always treasured this heart because it showed both her love for her dog and her sense of humor.  She is jesting that she got a Valentine from Phoenix in this photo. Sally

Fairhope Supply Company

Carol at Imagination
Starry Dawn at The existence of our natural environment.
She wrote a Valentine's Poem.

From Lynn at Good Things Happen

Betty from Cut and Dry

Tweedles at Through the Eyes of Tweedles

 photo ATT00002-1.gif

Chatty Crone
Ah Disco what cha lookin at?

The Laugh:
 Thanks Kim

The Lift:

Thanks Lee.

Okay now this will be a good treat for you. How do Georgians get ready for snow?

We rush to Walmart - there were no carts!

Buy bread and milk.

Get in a long line and check out!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The rush to Walmart sent me into gales of laughter..and I know it's not funny..but the same thing would happen in Southern California if such a warning came to us! I dread the day, in a way, when they can predict earthquakes! :):)
big hugs..
Oh..my vote would go to the baby feet!..but they were all good.
Amazing in fact.

Nancy said...

We would never make it in the 1800's would we? :) Stay safe my friend.

Munir said...

I love the Swans and the kittens.
They are all very good.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Looks like you are in the soup aisle! I know many wait until the snow if flying and then they drive in it to the store. I'm southern...I can talk! hahaha! Sweet hugs!

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Where Do I enter? Do I send them to you?


Maggie Ann said...

I liked that cross st! and the empty Walmart....what a shock to realize that really happened! Happy Valentine's Day Sandie...=)

Debbie said...

Those are already piling in in amazing fashion. I can't choose a favorite one yet, but I have some personal contenders. I'm trying to keep my eyes open for a good one.

And I am thinking of you up there in Atlanta and already in prayer mode that it is better than it was last time. Who knows what this stupid storm will actually decide to do in the next 12 hours.

The husband is headed out across the state anyway. He is in southern parts of Georgia so assures me that he will reach his destination OK.

Hope so.
Stay safe!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

The picture of the empty bread aisle cracks me up. Hilarious. Why do people make a mad rush on the bread when it's gonna snow??

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Wow they are all good.

I cannot say I am looking for one special one here.

They are all winners.

I mean Valentines is Valentines.

Everyone wears a heart of love.

May the best gal win or guy.

Nice idea Sandy.

You wear your heart openly and so

nice of you. To show your love for a winner. Contest.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love all the Valentines... I especially love the one that JP took kayaking. That shot is amazing!

Hope you stay safe and warm.

I have seen those empty shelves and long lines... Kind of like going to a communist grocery! ;-)



Inger said...

Sweet, sad, and funny all at the same time. Kind of like life. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours and Disco.


The puppy and the heart and story are first in my book. And the kayaking one is a close second. I've seen those empty shelves and feel for you. Stay warm. Stay safe.

Cathy said...

I hope you all are staying warm and safe in your snow storm!!

Love the women are always right sign. haha

barbara l. hale said...

Had to laugh at how Georgians deal with snow. We here in New England deal with it in much the same way, but usually only if the forecast is in double digits for snow. This has been a tough winter for you all and for us, too. Man, has it been cold! Hope you stay safe!

Sandra said...

the WM trip is the same thing that happens here at WM if a hurricane looms. but not just WM but Home Depot and Lowes.
i love love love the men to the left women to the right... howling loud....
cool valentines

Jackie said...

Thank you for posting the hearts; I love the individuality and creativity of each one.
Have a beautiful week, my friend.

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Sounds like us at Walmart at my daughters town.

Hey S girl I see ya.

I am waving at you.

When you get home. Give Disco a hug from me.

Vee said...

Oh what wonderful hearts! I love the story of Julie's. Hope that you get the chance to bake your own bread and treats. Amazing photos of preparation for snow and ice. Stay home, Georgians! Hunker down and cozy on...

Sharon said...

I hear there's some more desperate weather coming to Georgia. Praying that everyone will be safe.

I didn't know that you lost a daughter. I'm so sorry to hear that. But the photo and short story about her were precious.

And, one last thing - I can't take credit for sending you that picture of the bloodhound at the beginning of your post. Musta been another Sharon - but I appreciate the thought anyway!!

The hearts are heart-warming!! :-)

Pooja Mittal said...

So much crowd for valentines day.. Owls and kitty pics are too cute
Have a great week

Terri D. said...

Lots of wonderful heart photos to choose your winner from! I always wonder why people rush to buy bread and milk. Give me wine and chips!! LOL

A Quiet Corner said...

Holy moosepoops!!! The shelves are naked!!!!...:)JP

Eva Ason said...

I love all the Valentine's, so cute. Walmart looks a wee bit empty there lol! Hope you're doing good, we are nearly half way through the week yeyyyy

Eva Ason said...

I love all the Valentine's, so cute. Walmart looks a wee bit empty there lol! Hope you're doing good, we are nearly half way through the week yeyyyy

Paula said...

So many pretty valentines here but my favorite is the kitty looking through the fence.

Betsy Adams said...

Stay safe during that storm... IF you get alot of ice and have power outages, it could be very hard on so many people. Prayers for GA....

Don't enter me in the contest please. Love the 'love' photos.. Of course, I love Sally's words about her daughter. AND those counted crossstitch projects are awesome.

We have had to cancel our Valentine’s Trip to a little mountain town (Cashiers) in North Carolina. That horrible southern storm is going to give them from 6-10 inches of snow, plus sleet and power outages. We can’t even get into that area now… SAD–but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Lee said...

That photo of the waterway, bridge and reflections is outstanding. Great shot!

Keep warm. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I think WalMart does their best business when storms are predicted. What a great photo of the bridge and loved the one of the dog and heart. I am so very sorry, please accept my condolences.
Do you know Charlotte of Butterbean Row? She's a blogger in your town.

Ann said...

You know, even here, where we are used to snow people still flock to the grocery store. As a matter of fact the harder it snows the busier the store gets. We don't do it before the storm starts though, we do it during the storm....lol

Susan said...

Ha! Sandie.No more bread at Walmart. Hope you snagged a loaf. Good luck with the weather there.

At least Disco will be comfy at home with people he loves and who love him back big time.

Take care, Sandie. Susan

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, sweet dear friend,
I am so very sorry for the late reply, but my hubby is on vacation, and he uses his computer, plus my time with him.
I hope you forgive me...
I love all your entries and pics, especially the one with the dog with the heart in the snow.
It must be hard to deal with lots snow storms in Winter time...
We live in opposite Seasons, so we live under Summer time by now.
We have had terrible killing hot waves temperatures in January.
We had days with 120 degrees.
Now, we are undergoing dreadful tropical storms, and heavy rain with floods almost every other day. The weather worldwide looks like changing a great deal...
I would like to participate in the Happy Valentine's Day in Your Blog. Then, I'll send you one of My Photo Poems, so that you may post it in Your Blog, if you wish.
It'll take me just a little while to do it, so when its ready, I'll send it to you, my friend.
I love your pic at Walmart, Sandie. Have a fantastic week with all your beloved ones and Disco!
Happy Valentine's Day in advance!
Cheers & Warm Hugs,

Miss Debbie said...

So funny how people do that...bread and milk!! Sounds like Atl is better prepared for the snow this time. Hope you are warm and safe!

Sandee said...

They are all great entries.

Love the bathroom sign. Right on the money.

We don't have those kinds of scares around here. We finally got some rain. It's been sunny and pleasant most of the winter.

Have a terrific day honey. Scritches to Disco. ♥♥♥

betty said...

I have heard when storms are predicted, shelves will be wiped out of essentials; just never saw pictures of them so empty! Stay safe through this next one!

Such cute heart entries; such a touching story with the heart in the snow.

Got an idea for one, just need to take a picture and hope the place doesn't take down their decorations immediately after Valentine's Day.


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

I'll be submitting my 'heart' on Friday.

Man, too bad you had a rough time in the ice / snow storms. Crazy weather.

I love the "Laugh" this time. Primarily the 'women' are always on the right --- or straight ahead. hahahahha.

Jim said...

I hope you got enough to last you, Sandie. And I hope you can stay warm. Most modern heating appliances require electricity.

We sent 61 power company trucks complete with a crew to help you get the power back.

I will watch TV, your drivers don't know how to drive on ice and snow. SLOW and CAREFUL are important words to use in training for it.

Denise said...

Loved the pictures.

Lady Linda said...

I hope you survive your storm. Love the Walmart pix! I am just drawn to the cross stitch. but enjoyed all the photos.
Happy Valentine's

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love all the Valentines and I'd hate to have to judge this contest! They are all unique and fun!!

I hope the snowstorm isn't too bad. Take care and stay well!

BECKY said...

Great pictures, Sandie. The one of the beautiful dog from Sally, the Retired English Teacher, really touched my heart. How sad that her daughter passed away so soon after that photo was taken. On a funny note, one of the radio DJ's that was here years ago, always made fun of the grocery store raid when a snowstorm was predicted. And why so many people bought the same items is still funny to me, but anyway...he would say something like, "Well, everyone here will be staying home and making French Toast! They bought bread, eggs, and milk! LOL

BECKY said...

Hey, why is my comment so far down at the bottom of the page??!! LOL

Linda O'Connell said...

Sandie, stay safe in this brutal storm. We're thinking about you all down there. When I am winter housebound, I go out to the kitchen and eat every few minutes. Not pretty!

mail4rosey said...

Aww, look at all the sweet hearts.

I remember empty shelves like that any time a hurricane came to town in Florida.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Nice pictures.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Joyce Olson said...

What cute Valentines! You have so gotten us in the spirit and the big day is only 2 days away-will cupid be bringing you a box of chocolates-because you deserve them!
Stay cozy my friend-

Debby@Just Breathe said...

JP's photo at A Quiet Place is absolutely stunning!!!!

Soggibottom said...

Beautiful post.
Lots of love xxx

Soggibottom said...

Beautiful post.
Lots of love xxx

Theresa Mahoney said...

You Georgians are so crazy snapping up that stuff from Walmart. Those pics really crack me up hahaha!

I love the Heart Bridge pic!

Soggibottom said...

For me, it's the one of the snow. How could anyone forget the story that went with it... Keep safe guys :-) x x x

Lynn said...

I went to that Ingles store near my house because there is never anyone in there and sure enough, I sailed right through. Hope you are doing OK, my friend.

Catherine said...

Dear Sandie, The hearts are precious.
Please stay warm and safe in this next storm.
We are getting the storm tonight too.
I keep looking for the sunshine and warmth.
Blessings dear. Catherine xo

Tweedles -- that's me said...

all the valentines are so pretty!

Blondee said...

The kitten looking through the fence is just precious!

Stay safe and warm. So ready for winter to leave!!

Dar said...

The Swans. They remind me of the swans that my sister saw,(but were not there to anyone buy herself), just before she died. She was commenting how beautiful they were.
Heaven awaits.
The babies feet within parents hands., precious.
No carts would bum me out. I hope you still have power GA Peach.

Weekend-Windup said...

Love all your pictures. Especially the shadow of the cave which look like heart is wonderful.

Granny Annie said...

That tunnel reflecting into a heart is awesome.

Donna said...

Just Praying you are safe and warm!!!
And praying some More!!!

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Whaaa-whoooo, we think a like! How cool is that. Well, I think we have been thinking alike since we met (dang, ya).

Hope you are staying warm and safe. Our weather today is like what yours should be and visa versy. Crazy science.

I love that you love seeing me smile. Oh, yes this cancer is not going to take away my smile, that is for DANG sure!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Anonymous said...

We're having a snow storm now and hubby and I stopped at the supermarket on the way home from work and it was business as usual. That's Upstate NY for you. Snow doesn't bother us.

acorn hollow said...

love it we are in the beginning of a snow storm I opted to stay away from the crazies.

Tammy said...

Hi Sandie! So I found a few heart images to enter...but I'm not sure about a few things. Am I allowed to enter more than one image? And where do I send them to?

If you like you can email me at BakingGypsy[at]AOL[dot]com!


Betty Manousos said...

love this post!!

all the valentines are so cute!!

keep warm and safe!

Willow said...

Aw you got some great ones !
Psst ~ you inspired me in my post before the one I have up now to make that snow pony ... as I remember you saying I should ...and I did and I posted it too :)

barbara woods said...

that's what we did on Sunday go to Walmart before the croud

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Are you all thawed out yet?

Dang weather
Dang cancer

My Mom always used to say that her Mom would say:
"Oh, this life and the next!"

I find myself saying that a bunch now days.

Thanks for the 'sexy' compliments and your sweetness. Those shoes are honestly not that steep, they just look it but they are platforms so you subtract the 3/4 of an inch off of the heel. They are just styled steep. Make sense?

I want to run a race in heels some time. I do!

Love to you sweet lady,

Carol Z said...

Love the pictures. Not sure how to join in. Happy, happy Valentine's Day and every day.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

been thinking about you....very cute valentines pics. They're all so different and great to see Starry Dawn's poem here. Hugs Chatty...you're the best. Stay warm and safe out there.