"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fun Friday with a little help from my friends.


Come on in for a visit - how do you like this tree?  I realized after talking to a friend last week that all these photos I am putting here - that I am building what I want Heaven to look like - wouldn't the trees be beautiful like this?  Sitting on the front porch talking to God and to friends?

Grandson had a beginning of the school year pool party - this is half the 8th grade - he has 25 in all.  Loves it.  He is on the far left.


 There is a reason why the question shown below, from a Hong Kong elementary school test, is making the rounds on the Internet. Most adults can't solve it – not for want of math skills, but because most of them have lost the child's ability of unconventional thinking. Instead, they have acquired the debilitating unwillingness to try a different perspective.  Look closely.  Can you figure out what the missing number is?

Answer below

This problem is not mathematical, but rather philosophical. It proves that, in spite of what the modern "progressive" philosophers tell us, not all viewpoints are equally valid; in most cases, there is only one point of view that leads to the right answer.

A different perspective . . . 

 Do you know what this is (the first week was a banana slice - last week was a DVD - and this week it is Velcro! 

 Thanks Lee

Thanks Lee.


A Couple of Helpful Hints:

 Thanks Dean

Thanks Darla

Want to hear a funny story – on Tuesday last week I wanted to have about 6 dark lowlights put it,  The girl said I wouldn't like it.  So she did a lighter brown and being a bit eclectic I said okay and add a couple maroon ones (next month is breast cancer awareness month).  My hair turned out to look like a peppermint – white with blood red stripes.  I was crying!  Then she put something on the whole head and it made it brown and red – so I still was upset – and she highlighted the red with brown – which didn’t take.  So now I have gray – brown – and red hair and I have no idea how it will grow out.  Next time I am going to stick to my guns and get what I want – if this ever goes away.  lol



x_3bb4eaad photo x_3bb4eaad.gif


Linda said...

Happy Friday Morning to YOU!!!! You are so much FUN!!

Linda said...
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Cathy said...

Great post. You always succeed in making me laugh and to me that makes a great post!!

carolann said...

Well for your hair. I would call it funky and trendy. Anything is in these days.
Like if you were the only gal in the world. Then you would have a reason to cry. Yet who cares if you were the only gal.

Your a cutie by nature. So it looks awesome to me.
Yesterday I went to coffee shop first trip for me in the day. I painted my nails blue that morning. That's right. Blue. Who gave me the compliment. My best friends hubby. He said shirl look at Carol Ann's nails cool. She looked. Oh wow your trendy and brave. I am at a point. Who cares. I don't have to please everyone.
I am a peculiar gal sometimes or is it all the time. Ha-ha.

Oh your Grandson had a whale of a time it looks. Good for him. Good for you to have all those teens over. You wear your heart on your sleeves my friend.

I got in here a tad earlier on a Friday. Good for me. I enjoyed your blog as usual.

Catherine said...

Dear Sandie, Lovely lift! and a perfect perspective on life.
Don't worry about the hair color. It will wash out and your smile is always what makes you beautiful. In a week or two you can re-do the color to what you want.
Blessings and hugs, Catherine xo

Sandee said...

I love that tree filled with flowers. Beautiful.

Your grandsons pool party looked like fun.

I didn't solve the parking space one. I had to look.

Love the cartoons. Also the chap stick one. That's pretty clever.

We do our corn on the cob like that. Easy and then some and oh so good.

Yikes on the hair. I hate it when this happens. It will grow out, but it's going to take a bit. Hang in there.

Loved the laugh and it's spot on.

Love the lift. We all need to do this and the world would be a far better place.

Have a blessed day and weekend my friend. Scritches to Disco. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh girl, the hair makes me laugh! I've done that before also, and yes next time stick to your guns! You do look cute anyway. Can't believe how big Andy is getting. Gosh they do grow up don't they.

Sharon said...

It looks like GS has a wonderful class, and that's he's enjoying his time. I'm so glad. Those middle school years can be tough.

I SOLVED THE PUZZLE!! Yes, I did. Can you tell I'm rather proud of that? Does this mean I still have the perspective of a child? Is that a good thing?! (In some situations, I happen to think it's the best thing!)

And your hair? I can't really tell - you are still adorable. Plus, you can just tell people that it's part of your Halloween costume...

Love you!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie - when I first saw the beginning of the post appear - I thought the 'twig wreath' was going to be a hair gorilla or similar .. no - so I was somewhat surprised to see your tree!!

Your hair - actually isn't too bad now - but I'm glad you've still got it after all that chemical-twiddling around with it ..

Have a fun weekend - with some more swims if Andy can find the time between sleeping with disco! Cheers Hilary

Ginny said...

Well, your hair is not noticeable in this picture. BUT you would look so awesome with a few pink streaks in your hair! I love the stump being used as a huge flower pot. You are looking good, Sandie!!

Cheri said...

Good ones this week. Now let's see if I can remember all these that you posted
1. your pic looks good Sandie
2. I did do math on the Hong Kong quiz, didn't everyone?
3. I LOVE the tree, wouldn't that be awesome if that were in Heaven?
4. Who would have guessed that was velcro
5. I love Auntie

Have a great weekend.

Sheila Y said...

Your hair looked quite normal to me and very cute! I got the answer correct too, I must have a child's brain... Ha. Have a great weekend, Sheila

betty said...

I didn't solve the puzzle, LOL, I thought it would be 90 for some reason. That looked like an inviting pool for the pool party. It is hard to imagine grandson is in 8th grade already! Good looking group of kids!

I like your hair, Sandy. I know a hair dresser who was always experimenting with coloring her hair and she had trouble one time with it not taking. She had to wait a good 9 months to do anything with it to give her hair a chance to rest.

Have a good weekend!


Sandra said...

well it is PINK for sure... which is the right color. i love the flowers on the stump and also that fun pool party. so glad he likes his class this year..

Munir said...

Thanks for a fun post.
Your hair seems fine to me. During the walks in the Breast cancer awareness month, people look at how awesome other people are ( which you are plenty). So please don't worry. We need you to inspire us.

Beth said...

A wonderful post today Sandie! thank you!

Anonymous said...

that math puzzle was great!! You are beautiful no matter what color your hair is, it looks lovely from here, but I know what it feel like to be unhappy with hair cuts, not dye jobs, I am allergic so never dye my hair, my daughter dyes her hair red and she said it fades quickly so maybe that will happen to yours as well, they should try to restore your hair to its original color at th salon, I would think that must be a policy if your aren't happy, you do look lovely, you always do, don't worry its only hair, and will grow out ,

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Sandie, Hi, We just got home from Texas and had a wonderful time visiting two of my sons and two granddaughters --plus many great friends from there. It was an awesome trip. I have published one blog post so far showing pictures. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

Love your Friday post... I spent a long time on that Math/Philosophy Question... Never got it --and was shocked at the answer... ha

Looked like a nice pool party. Do you all have a pool at your home? Have you sold the house yet?

I have seen so many 'weird' hair colors --so I'll never try it. Sorry it didn't work out for you. BUT--it will GROW.

Love the t-shirt... ha ha


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess we all have images of what we think heaven will look like. I can't imagine that it will be lacking in flowers. Every time I look at a flower I see a miracle in the making. I quit coloring my hair years ago and have my own natural highlights now. It's a win win situation. I never have a problem with the color, Just the lack of it. Ha! I finally managed to read your Friday post on a Friday! Hope you have a fantastic one!

Soggibottom said...

Your hair looks great :-) besides, shows your a with it momma :-) xx

Jeanie said...

I like your hair...just have fun with it while it grows out.
Your grandson is getting so grown up. My oldest grandson is also in the 8th grade....I'm having a hard time getting used to his now lower voice.

Susannah said...

I hope we all can sit on a porch and look at a tree like that while talking to God. I plan on it being that beautiful!

You know what, Sandy? I kind of like your hair!!! I can see the pink in it slightly and it is Cancer Awareness Month...just go along with it. Even if it is permanent...it will fade some. I think you look cute!!!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

The hair story made me think of the time my sister tried to dye her hair blonde and it went green..........

It took a while but I got the school test right but only by turning my head around and looking at it differently

jack69 said...

i was loving the blog until I came to taht stupid parking lot!!(LOL) That is a good one...

Always a good visit. Once when I started turning grey and still hair my niece wanted to color it. So I said okay. It turned green. i laughed she cried. called around and toned it down, but I didn't care. On a man two weeks and the joke is gone and the laughs were fun.
But I can understand from a lady's point of view and I still don't see a problem there. But maybe that is the man's point of view (Sorta like the parking lot. (smile)
thanks for the entertainment, oh yeah and I see where Grandson is getting taller....SWEET

A Quiet Corner said...

What a colorful personality you have...and hair to match! Did that make you feel better?...:)JP

Merlesworld said...

Hair is good, well I like it.

Ann said...

I did it, I actually figured out the answer. I was almost ready to give up and at the last minute I realized that I was looking at the numbers upside down.
I think your hair looks nice.

Nonnie said...

I am soooo proud of myself for figuring out the math problem in a couple of seconds. I am not a math person and hate those kind of puzzles.
You look terrific. I don't see anything wrong with the way you look.
What fun for your grandson and his friends.

Cranberry Morning said...

The pool party looks like so much fun Sandie! And I loved the'twister' question. I need to learn to think more outside the box! I've learned that no matter what they do to my hair, it will all be better in a couple months. That's the advantage of short hair. Once my hair got colored so dark I was afraid my own family wouldn't recognize me. Lol. Happy weekend to you. xoxo

Mevely317 said...

Even with your hint (different perspective) I couldn't 'get' that puzzle. Now, on one hand I feel like a real MORON ... but on the other, I'll not forget this 'key'!

Love your philosophy on the hair color. I generally do my own color, but that doesn't mean I haven't been immune to some real 'uh-oh's'!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

You look soooo good, I am so glad you shared a picture of yourself. A very pretty woman indeed and I like your hair alot-it's more of a tint and also fun and spunky!
Hey, enjoy the family, are in town now?

Micupoftea said...

Fun post, loved the Chinese school question. Sorry to hear about your hair, but it looks nice! Aren't hair problems the pits?


To tell you the truth your hair looks good. I know it's not what you said you wanted. But it does look good. I always have trouble of some sort when I go to the beauty salon too. Pool party looks like fun.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love your hair-- love it!
So feel good about it,,,!!
Its perfect!

Eva Marie O'Brien said...

Your hair looks good to me :) but can understand if it wasn't what you wanted. I love the picture of the cat singing lol it feels good to be back in blog land, not sure if I ever will fully catch up but am trying. Glad it's the weekend. Hope you'll have a good one.

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Happy Weekend Sandie-enjoy:@)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The first thing I saw was the numbers upside down -possibly because my iPad is on an angle.

Just go with the hair color, and be that extra cool lady in the neighborhood. Enjoy it and put a bright colored feather in it also. "Sandi gone wild". We only live once so have fun with it.

Sandi said...

Funny math test!


That flower tree is AH-mazinng! How did you get them to grow there? Tell us your secret!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Many times when I read your posting - I have so much to say - and then when it's time to comment- I forget it all!!
First thing - Your hair looks fine!! Of course we didn't see it from the beginning to now.
Next - such a fun time and age for your Grandson! What an awesome "mixed" pool party!!
I DID see that the parking lot was upside down and knew right off that the number was 87!
I have seen the corn on the cobb cooked this way and this reminded me that I still want to try it some time!!
And lastly!! If you want to wear PINK streaks in your hair for Oct. - you can buy clip in pink hair - forget what you call them - pink extensions!! I wear the pink extensions during October :-}}}

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I think your hair looks fine! I love the tee-shirt, I sure can't remember a lot of things anymore. haha!
Hope you are doing well. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Kay G. said...

I love someone who not only has the guts to do that to her hair, but when it does not come out the way you wanted, you show us a photo!
You are just the best at sharing and making us laugh! xx

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Oh, Sandie, that puzzle stumped me. Just think, I wouldn't be able to get into first grade there!

I think your hair looks nice. Mine is a crazy mixture of blonde, brown, and gray.


Susan said...

Oh my gosh, Sandie. I couldn't figure out that numbers puzzle. Now I see it! ha! Good one.

Just catching up on some blog posts. Can you imagine?

GS looks happy with all his friends!

Hope your weekend was good. Susan

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, sweet dear friend,
Your grandson looks happy in the party with friends at the pool site.
I think your hair looks great, and you look fantastic with your fair beautiful skin.
You are a beautiful lady, Sandie.
God keeps blessing you, sweetheart
Have a great weekend and week ahead!
Have a Happy Fall, Sandie, family and loves ones! I'm not in Blogland much.
Did you have a good time with all your family gathering?
Warm Hugs,

Lynn said...

I think your hair looks fine! That's a lot to go through though. That happened to me several years ago - my hairdresser was supposed to put in a couple of red streaks, but they came out stop sign red! I lived with it two days and told him he would need to fix it. I think he put green (of all things) over it, which neutralized it somehow. Never again. :)

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Dee said...

LOL on the hair color....actually in this day and age of green, orange, red, and purple hair you look hip (do they even say that anymore?) I am glad your grandson is enjoying his school...I know my son did great and made many close friends when we enrolled him in a private school. I love the tree with flowers. Have you seen how they take cut trees and make them into large size fairy houses...so creative. Your laugh..about not remembering is funny and sadly true, :)


Actually....I LIKE your hair!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

I've had a hard summer and have not done much blogging but I'm so glad that I stopped by your blog today. You have put a smile on my face. I so enjoy reading your blog.
Did you get moved? How are you doing? Have a great week.

Debbie said...

My first day to actually sit down in the morning and read blogs in days and I am so glad I came here first. This post just made me feel happy.

Maybe it's because I got that philosopical-not-math question almost immediately, proving that I am indeed the child at heart I always suspected I was.

Sorry about the hair! I'm glad you tagged it a funny story instead of a frustrating one. My hair stylist knows better than anyone how obsessed I am with my hair. God taught me a VERY valuable lesson last year when she had to fight breast cancer and lost all of hers. I will never obsess over my hair in front of her again, and if I can't do it in front of her, I won't do it in front of anyone.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the hair you wanted. I have been there. Once I did a dye and my hair turned CHERRY red. This was about 15 years ago. I was young but this was before people did all the crazy colors. It was a looooong 6 weeks. Anyhow, I think you look spunky :-)

mail4rosey said...

Hurrah for the party, that looks fun. The tree is gorgeous. And your hair looks nice to me. :)

SweetMarie said...

How was the visit?? I have a difficult time finding someone to get my hair right. I started coloring my roots a lighter brown and highlights on that brown. lol It's a pain in the butt, but I save about $75!
hugs to you,

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like a fun pool party. OMG that question on the parking lot was so cool! I think you hair looks awesome.

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

hi Sandie!

I got that chinese elementary question right. I did! Awh, cool.

Thanks for the nice compliments and for your hair; you can do like me and have is down to nothing and see what you get.... lol!

Honestly, I thought you looked cute in that photo. I do!

♥, Renae

Terri said...

I like it! Really, every time I sit down in a hairdresser's chair I never know what my hair is going to do!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sandie..let me say this about that. If ANYONE can get away with it, you can. I happen to think you look great! So..whaddayamakeathat???
:) Your friend in California LOVES you and thinks you are gorgeous!

Jim said...

Guess that you are working on a new Friday post today. This one was neat !! Grand son knows how to have a party, the kids all look like they're having fun big time.
I got your # 21 parking spit puzzle. Had to look at it lime the driver sees it. :)
Here is hoping that you show us another selfie tomorrow so that we can see what your hair looks like now. The last one, the one you posted, looks fine to me. I hope she didn't lose a tip.
Hope your week went well. I've been sort of busy around here.

Arlynda Lea Beuterbaugh said...

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