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Monday, March 20, 2023

MARCH 20 MONDAY - It's all about words. This post is GOAT, DOPE, SIC, and LIT and it is going GUCCI.

This post is GOAT, DOPE, SIC, and LIT and it is going GUCCI.  

Banished Words - 

Lake Superior State University posts a list each year of words they think should be banished from the Queen's English for misuse, overuse and/or general uselessness.  The 2023 list includes GOAT, inflection point, quiet quitting, gaslighting, moving forward, amazing, does that make any sense, irregarless, absolutely, and it is what it is.  



Winter 2023 New Words: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” Self-coup, latine, rage farming, petfluencer, nearlywed, hellscape, talmbout, cakeage. 

Explore the explosive variety of new terms and meanings just added to Dictionary.com.  


Teen 2023 Slang Words New List:

  • GOAT – Greatest Of All Time
  • Dope – Awesome.
  • Sic/Sick – Next Level Cool.
  • Lit – Amazing or exciting.
  • Gucci – Good or going well.
  • Salty – Bitter or angry
  • Litty again – exciting or wild once more.

(Look up current teen slang words.)


STOP Liquids From Boiling Over With A Wooden Spoon

If you’ve ever cooked something starchy or full of dairy, you run the risk of the liquid spilling over.
So stop that from happening by placing a wooden spoon over the pot!  Boiling liquids are very angry and a wooden spoon won’t permanently stop it from boiling over.  The wooden spoon trick will work for as long as it takes you to turn the heat off or move the pot off the heat. Your best bet is to just not fill the container up so close to the lip.







Hena Tayeb said...

Ha.. can't believe the whole phrase 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' made it. Pretty lit.
I use the wooden spoon trick and can attest to it's brilliance.

Julia said...

However the words are dropped off or not and new ones added, it won't change a thing for me because I still speak the same way. lol...

Thanks for the tips. I wash my wooden spoons in the dishwasher. I use them mostly to stir boiling food anyway.


MadSnapper said...

LOVE your outfit in your signature ending. LOL... I don't own wooden spoons. I just lift the pot and turn the burner lower. I like all the words they want to drop and think let people use what they want. I have heard all the teen words on TV many times except for the last one, littly again, I knew the meaning of all but Gucci, I heard that on a show this past week and had no idea what it mean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The new slang words are good to know. I've no teens around anymore and miss being in the know. I can't image getting rid of words like amazing. I use that word all the time. Life is amazing! Happy Spring to you !

Red Rose Alley said...

Some of the slang words that are used are too much. I've heard many of these, but GOAT is a new one. I used to use wooden spoons in the kitchen, but now it's all hard plastic with the spatulas and such. Oh, that Lab is so cute. I've had Golden Retriever and Labs throughout my life, and they are the best dogs. I always chuckle at the little icons you leave at the end. They make your posts!

Happy Spring Sandie!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nothing like some new words!!!
I've heard about the spoon over the pot yet I have never tried it. Love the lab joke. Hope you have a nice week.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I know three of the latest teen words. So maybe that makes me only a partial Geezer. I don't use wooden spoons anymore, I like the silicone ones. I love your dog joke!

mail4rosey said...

Well, I'm not sure I want to boil my spoons to see what's in there lol (and LOL should be on that list for words to be banished. Does that make any sense? hahahaha). I put my wooden spoons in the dishwasher even though I know you're not supposed to. Crossing fingers that's good enough.

I heard on the way to work today (morning radio) that you should never dry your face with a towel that has been in the bathroom because fecal germs make their way to them when you wash and dry your hands. The whole conversation grossed me out, but I don't use the towels in the bathroom to wash my face. They also said you shouldn't share the handtowels with anyone (get disposables for the guest bathroom). Shrugs?

Just here to say hi. It's been awhile!! :)

Prims By The Water said...

Yeah they get rid of words every year, but not sure if everyone does stop using them. Loved the dog oke. Thanks for the laugh! Janice

Debby said...

I do my own thing and don't follow the crowd. I know what they mean and I just am not going to embrace them into my own vocabulary. So much of today's world is becoming foreign to me.

Never knew that about wooden spoons...I don't usually have spillovers and I love the Labradoodle meme. Too cute.

Have a nice week.

Mevely317 said...

I thought I was in the 'know' on teen slang, but I'd never have guessed Gucci. I remember when my grandmothers used to say 'swell' to describe something super good ... then we came along and changed that to 'groovy.'

I'm going to have to look up some of these new ones, but rage farming has me scratching my head. Petfluencer sounds like something I'd like.

Terri D said...

The wooden spoon does work! I've been using one like that for a long time. I always love my visits here with you, Sandie! Giggles & fun!

acorn hollow said...

Interesting list some I agree with or never use

Abby said...

I read a novel a while back about people updating dictionaries - it was boring and interesting at the same time. I wonder who decides what words stay and what words go and what gets added.

DUTA said...

"It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars"| - great quote!
Thanks for the slang words update. English is not my native language, so I'm not familiar with most slang words.
By the way, Gucci for me is the name of the luxory fashion company based in Florence, Italy.

photowannabe said...

Love your "portrait" at the end..cute...
Those banned words are crazy and I don't use any of them. I actually didn't know what they even meant.
The new ones aren't in my vocabulary either. I have heard most of the slang but don't use that either...
Guilty of overusing AMAZING because some things Just Are!!!

Sandy in Alaska said...

What a FUN post, Sandie! I'd never heard of any of those words before! My husband & I were discussing the slang of many of the young people just the other night. He drove a cab for six years & picked quite a few teens up from time to time and their favorite slang was stuff we got our mouth washed out for using while growing up. For some it is all just 'words'. I still cringe whenever the 4 letter one spills out of anyone's mouth! I will now know what a kiddo means if I hear any of their slang. That's IF I can even remember them. I save my brain space for non-fluff stuff; paying bills on time, keeping gas in my car, where I put the keys, etc. ha ha ha! Have a wonderful rest of the week, Miss Sandie! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Keeping up with slang words for me isn't that easy but Tim who is often living in the 50's it is harder

jack69 said...

It is always nice to stop by your house. Some, well most of the phrases and words of today's teens I haven't ran across (than goodness! LOL) I guess growing you we over used 'cool and made in the shade.'
Anyway also enjoyed the graphics and your pictures.
Sherry & jack down in Florida!

Donna said...

Dope...used it all the time in the '70s.
It's nice if they talk at all...lol

Along These Lines ... said...

The Brits always had some good old ones: cuppa, ta, loo, kip, dodgy, chuffed, gander…..


You've been quite helpful, so I appreciate the hints. It is my goal to minimise the number of times I use the dishwasher. For me, the best option is hand washing.

Happy spring