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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Sunday, January 07, 2007

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Well, it is a rainy, rainy, did I say rainy day in Georgia..... It's warm, but it is so depressing. Sorry, but it's true. So how do I pick myself up tonight? My favorite place to go in my mind is usually Tuscany, but I just saw this picture of Paris on the Internet and I thought, gee that sure looks pretty. It would so wonderful to be there right now. So I put my music on - Andre Bocelli. Poured a glass of wine and am transporting myself to Paris. It's a positive thing that I have the time today to retreat - the first time for myself it seems in weeks! Everyone else is busy with their own things.

I've been to Paris twice so far. Once in my late teens with my parents and once as a school chaperon for high school students, which included my own two teenage children. It was a 28 day trip in the summer of 1996. My son was graduating and his ALP classes were going on this fantastic school trip through an agency that designs trips for students for a discount. I worked at the same high school the kids attended and they asked me to chaperon. I said sure (!) so I brought my sophomore daughter along kicking and screaming all the way, as she thought she was going to miss her entire summer (stupid girl). By the way she realized she was wrong about the summer and now she'd love to go to Paris (her Tuscany).

The second trip was nothing like the first trip when I was a teenager going with my parents, let me tell you. The majority of the kids, including my own son, drank their brains out. For most of them is was their first time being allowed to drink freely at age 18. The trip was a little frustrating for me, especially at first, until I got myself together. I had to let my son go and be accountable for himself (with me making so no big misfortune fell on him).

We treated all the kids the same. One day we were in Pompeii and it was hotter than he--. Most of the kids had been blitzed the night before. We had come to this site in Pompeii where we had to do some major climbing to see the volcano ruins that had hit the city. It was hot and of course the kids felt were sick and didn't want to make the climb. They wanted to stay below. They were forced to go anyway! Let me say they were big babies and didn't drink that night.

What I enjoyed most about that trip was meeting people and watching people. I LOVE that. Any free time from the schedule some of us adults went to the outside cafes and we just watched all the amazing people. Ah to be back in Paris having a cup of coffee....They say being in Paris is like looking at things with rose colored sure beats looking at the rain........

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