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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, June 25, 2007

I admit my ideas often come from the words from someone else. I mean I have these ideas, I feel these tings and when I see them written, I go yeah, that's it. I have to share that. So here is another borrowed idea. I do give the author credit when I know it.

This was again from 'Daily Celebrations'. The web site that brings positive ideas, quotes, and people to you almost every day. They do a great job and work hard.

This particular one was talking about how important it is for you to release your artistic self. That by doing so, releases part of who you're inner self is, out.

We all have an inner self just waiting to come out. It then in turns helps our outer self become better. They blend and we become a new person.

Here goes the quotes by Lynn Leon Loscutoff - the director of the Copley Society in Boston.

"Releasing your artistic self gives rise to a life of pleasure and struggle--as you use art to create your own reality. Painters are philosophers, psychologists, mathematicians, chemists, scientists, and poets."

"I invite you to stretch, explore, expand, exploit, and experiment." Loscutoff challenges the artist within, accomplished or aspiring, to experiment. "Everyone has a natural gift of creativity," that she called "spiritual DNA."

She said, "Give it voice. The hearts desires we had as children want to express themselves. Accept and embrace your talent."

She faced a life-threatening illness and realized that life was a celebration of passionate colors. "I came to terms with my own mortality," she said, then urged, "Try painting where the terrain is wild. You can make your studio wherever you are. Traveling and painting can create a breakthrough, as they have for me."

The supplies for her "Art to Go" strategy include a spray water bottle to keep paints moist, folding hat for the sun, light weight folding easel and chair, and plastic plates for throw away palettes."

"Think about all that makes up your personality, your psyche," she explained. "That is what you bring to your easel. All of who you are and who you hope to be. Could there be more? Your story is still being written."

Okay now she is particularly talking about painting. I have always wanted to paint, although I can't say I think I'm a good painter. If I am, it must be down very very deep.

However, I am a writer. And at least to myself, I believe I'm a good writer.

I told you my childhood and teen years were rough. It took me a long time it get through it, deal with it, and finally to bury it so that I could put it to rest. Then and only then was I able to take a look at myself and see what I needed to do and where I needed to go and where I wanted to go. I'm still in the process of going to where I want to go. I've told you life isn't easy and nothing comes easy or fast in the process of growing up.

The single most important thing I did was write a book (my art). And write a book I did called "Full Circle." It was about me, but not exactly about me. It took me years to write that book, but each time I read it and re-edited it, I went through another layer of the reality of my life.

Finally it was finished to where I was satisfied and low and behold. with the same idea of the caterpillar batting it's wings against the cocoon and then turning into a beautiful butterfly, well I metamorphorized too! I birthed that book sort to speak and it changed me. I came to touch with the reality of my life today.

What a gift that 'piece of art' gave me. I literally was able to put all my feelings, my pains, and my joys down on paper. I didn't have to carry the past anymore. I was afraid I'd forget or lose it because there it was already written down.

I felt like I was light. Not so many heavy burdens I had to carry around anymore. I could see better, I could feel better, and I could - love myself - finally after all those years. Now I mentioned at Christmas my son made my book a real book. He went to a web site and picked a beautiful cover - got all the margins right - etc. Funny thing is - he never read the book, I know he must have known somehow what it was and he wasn't ready for it. He keeps telling me to get it edited and published and I will try one day. However, now it's just so wonderful to have it next to me by my bed when I go to sleep. For you see, it's part of me.

So now on my journey of growth and yes I am still in the process of learning to live and finding out who I really am - I want others to know no matter what they are going through - there is hope.

Believe me at one time I didn't believe that either, but that's a whole other story.

Always have hope...

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