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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks Micki for your comment. You are right. I cannot figure this friend (?) out. I've tried everything I know, so now I will have to give it time.

Going back to yesterdays Blog, that movie is still burning a hole in my mind.

I think that it was so poignant. He says he's wasted a lot of time in his life, may he spend the next few minutes (all he thought he had left) to spend them doing the right thing (for him). Something of importance and of value. I'm totally obsessed by that. Then he basically asks for forgiveness for all the time he wasted - the things he should have done, the things he should have said. I'd like to meet the person who wrote that. I am simpatico. I wonder if anyone else gets excited about this thought.

Okay, on to the topic of today and it may relate a little to yesterdays ideas.

Do you know some people are afraid of joy? That is true for I know some. The thing I don't truly understand is why they are afraid. Are they afraid they'll get out of hand and lose control? And become wild and crazy? Is it guilt that locks them up. Is it that they can't feel joy themselves so they don't want others to experience it either?

I'm talking about real joy - joy that almost makes your heart burst. The joy that comes from doing something wonderful and beautiful with all your heart. The fact is, there is nothing that will lift you higher.

You know too, sometimes you might think do I deserve joy when so many others are suffering? What about God in all of this? Think of it this way, where there is that joy, the Divine Presence can enter. When you are all sad and mournful, can God be there? I mean I am sure he is, but doesn't he want you to feel joy as well? You can do more of his work with joy then with sadness.
Where there is that joy, there are no pits to fall into, and all obstacles evaporate into thin air.

This idea is from my Jewish pal - you can learn from all sorts of different religions because this is true too.

So go out today and let go and experience some joy!

I went to see the show with my grandson yesterday called Walk With The Dinosaurs with my grandson. Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Then as we were leaving to go home we saw a horse drawn carriage. He had always wanted to ride one. I made a decision right then and there to do it. Now that's Godly joy, seeing him 'see' all this with his eyes and heart wide open. He experiences true and innocent joy. Oh to have that innocent type of joy in our hearts as we get older. . .

Do you know I had a grumpy person with me in the party? No names, but they said they weren't going on the ride with us. WHY? Because they were afraid of having joy? Spending the money (we didn't have - I admit it)?

But I ask myself as in that movie yesterday. Did I want to go to bed last night - and you never know - not wake up - or my grandson not wake up - and then ask God for forgiveness for things I didn't do, but should have done? I mean I had to seize the moment. It might never come again.

Guess I'm over dramatic here . . . but I thought it was a good thing.


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