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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I really didn't listen to country music when Garth was popular. I love him now and can't totally figure out what is going on. He's in retirement, yet he puts on one concert a year and still makes a new song.
Anyway I think he seems extremely talented. His voice in this songs a little folksy - maybe like Harry Chapin (?) almost - not sure, non-the-less it's a good song and of course a hit.
Garth Brooks - More Than A Memory Lyrics

People say she's only in my head
Gonna take time, but I'll forget
Say I need to get on with my life
What they don't realize
Is when you're dialing 6 numbers
just to hang up the phone
Driving cross town
just to see if she's home

Waking a friend
in the dead of the night
just to hear him say
it'll be alright

When you're finding things to do at night,
not fall asleep
Know she will be there in your dreams
that's when she's
more than a memory

Took a page to everything she ever wrote
watched every word go up in smoke
tore all her pictures off the wall
that ain't helping me at all

Cause when you're talking out loud
to nothing but air
you look like hell
and you just don't care

you're drinking more than you ever drank
and sinking down lower than you ever sank
then you find yourself falling on your knees
shaking your fist, begging "please"
that's when she's more than a memory
People say she's only in my head
Gonna take time but I'll forget
but when she's in every minute of every day
every thought i think
every breath i take
she's everywhere and she's everything
she's more than a memory

Sounds like a painful memory at that! I just think it's a good song. I like the passion he sings it with. And I think he's extremely talented. Wish he'd come out of retirement. Wonder how he and Trisha Yearwood are doing?
Needing a song today,


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