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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Going to the dentist or a view into the life of sensory.

I am going into battle today for my daughter. She has to go back to work today, my grandson has the day off again (do kids get a lot more days off these days now or is it me?). My grandson needs his teeth sealed/bonded so my daughter asked if I would take him to the dentist. I thought about this request for awhile before I say okay, because I know what that means!
Now you have to understand what a brave and courageous thing this is (remember I may want to say I can't, but I knew I could do this, it was a matter if I wanted or was willing to do this). I'm letting you into the life of SPD. This is a HUGE sensory problem for my grandson - it's his biggest sensory problem - oral issues. Eating is a nightmare (getting better, but he is near 7, if you have a child with sensory you'll know what I'm talking about here) as well as going to, yes, the dentist. He hates anything near his mouth. Even brushing his teeth is hard. All he has ever had before is his teeth cleaned and it is a pretty big crisis just for that.
So imagine bonding where they are going to put something in to hold his mouth open. Yes, we have the assistant he likes best - Jenny, and yes they will give him something to relax, but I know what a struggle it's going to be for this little guy. He hates it, fights it, because it scares him. He's not trying to be bad or give any one a hard time, he just will because he has such a hard time going thru it. There is nothing I can do to take away his fear either.
So to the dentist we go. I armed with not only one Ben Ten action hero, but two! One to get him in and one to reward him afterwards. I am a Ben Ten expert these days. Why do they make so many different sizes of the same figures? Or the same size figures and one has a see through arm and the other one the color of the aliens body? Any Ben Teners out there?

"Keep the faculty of effort alive in you by a little gratuitous exercise every day." ~ William James

In my gratitude journal for today:
We can both get through this!
I can do it - as hard as it is!
What doesn't kill you makes you strong!
It's always nice and sunny in Georgia.
Winter is over (teehee) and the trees are blooming!
There's my five and I haven't even left the house yet!


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Changes in the wind said...

I hope when all is said and done you both can claim VICTORY!!