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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Thursday, April 03, 2008

40 Pounds

It's a good thing I had my story for today started yesterday afternoon because last night some serious things hit my family. Not ready to discuss it yet as I don't know all the details, but it feels weird, I was so high yesterday afternoon, tragedy strikes and now I feel down. So Chatty is human too - just so you know.

Life can change in a second, so make sure every moment counts.

This following was already my quote for the today, but how much more fitting it is now for me.

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure." – Peter Marshall.

I told my grandson that diamonds were made out of coal - or at least I think they are - with pressure of course and time. So my grandson asked me why we just didn't take coal and bury it so it would become diamonds (Lol) and then we'd be rich! Pressure and timing is everything isn't it?

Well, even in my sadness over one issue I'm very happy and excited today about something else. I usually don't toot my own horn - but I've lost 42.8 pounds at Weight Watchers so far! It's taken over a year and I have more to go, but 40 pounds is good, actually it's great. I'm proud of myself and my hard work.

My leader has lost 215 pounds! You should have seen her picture of before and you should see her now. Six years she's kept it off. We talked about 'reframing' - "It's the Tool to use when you want to stop a negative or unwanted habit." "There's a positive intention behind everything we do, even if what we're doing seems not helpful to us. In other words, EVERY BEHAVIOR GETS SOMETHING WE WANT, or benefits us in some way." - Weight Watchers.

What it is saying is that there is an equal and opposite reaction to everything in life (physics). So to take the negatives out of your life - whatever they are - including your own personality problems - try to see what you can do to make them be positive. Flip and reframe the picture in your mind. You have to look for the positives, work at it, and then you'll be able to trade the negative issues for positive ones. You spend the same amount of energy doing either. Being negative is easier because we've been that way longer (maybe it's even human nature) and it's a habit. Positive/negative - same coin - just opposite sides.

An example. I'll make it about eating, but it works for everything. You eat because you're bored - negative. Find something else to fill up your boredom. Positive. There is a memory game out there for us middle-agers to keep our mind sharp. Buy it and have it with you. Keep you mind active and not your mouth.

All you have to do, is one little thing different (The Slight Edge -by Jeff Olson - AMAZING BOOK) and you'll get a ripple effect. It will NOT happen overnight. It takes work and time like the coal. The pressure of having to willfully work - will make you change in time.

An example for eating. Each day give up one thing that you want to eat. Not a big deal, but over time it amounts to pounds over time. Meaning a thinner you.

That's what I'm doing with my life in all areas of it and it's what I've been trying to share with you here in my Blog. This will work in all areas of your life. If one door closes and it will (one door of something that was extremely important to me is closing for me too as we speak- so again I understand what I'm saying here) you just have to believe another door will open. Have faith in the goodness of life. Yes, there is sadness and you have to look at it and deal with it, but don't have to keep your eyes focused on the sadness forever, give happiness a chance as well. What do you have to lose verses what do you have to gain? (A time to mourn and a time to dance.)

I promised myself to celebrate at 40 pounds. And I am. Poor me my old clothes didn't fit anymore (so sad isn't it (lol). Can I turn that around to be something positive? Darn yeah I can! I'm going shopping! I'm going to throw out my bigger clothes so I'll NEVER get tempted to go back to them - I'll have nothing to fall back on. The new clothes will someday become bigger on me - should I get new clothes or it is a waste of money? Darn yeah I'm getting new clothes - I'll give these clothes someday to help someone else and I WILL buy my final size! I'm fiercely determined.
Now you see, I've put it out there in the universe and now I have to be accountable to follow through.

I am in the process of reframing my idea of myself. It feels good! A diamond still coming out of the rough. I'll go into more details in a future Blog next week.



Changes in the wind said...

Chatty, I am so proud of you!!!!
You truly are an inspiration....Have a wonderful time shopping and think bright colors:)

Changes in the wind said...

Chatty, I am so proud of you!!!!
You truly are an inspiration....Have a wonderful time shopping and think bright colors:)

Changes in the wind said...

Sorry about the double post:(

Changes in the wind said...

You are more than welcome for the comments:) I want to share a blog with you that has truly blessed me and I think you too would love it...