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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

One woman's dream . . .

Besides reading, Aruba, White Water, swimming, Cub Scout Twilight Camp (archery and BB's), Taekwondo (and I have been spelling this wrong for a long time!) (yellow belt), a friend's visit, your uncle's visit - what else have we done this summer?

We've revamped and added to our garden. My dream that started in May 1986. Now I am not bragging about what I have, I'm proud of what I've done. I dreamed this for 19 years and it's been in process for 3 years. My husband and I have had many 'discussions' about this, however, I must say, now he loves it! My son had a dream, my grandson, and me. All different, but they were our own dreams.

I'm just saying to dream and not give up.

We dug out most of the plants in front of the house, put a few back in. Extended the island area and put in brown mulch. Lined with hostas. In the front of house we have two ducks. We also put a little retainer wall up on the right. Notice it is very little in the way of maintenance. Hubby HATES lawn work. My grandson and I did plant some flower seeds in those plant boxes - they haven't come up yet.

On the left (below) we took out some dead sod and put more mulch in with sandstone steps.

These steps above lead to my little project I've been dreaming of and planning for years. Completing the 'middle' part of the back yard. Again it has no yard maintenance.

We had sod last year, but with the drought and no watering system the sod died so we had cement put down. (Above and below).

The sandstones lead down from the upstairs and goes all the way across the back past the two cement pads.

Filling up. We have my grandson's playground on one side, a hammock for my husband, with an umbrella, table, and rug.

On the other side we have a fire table and four chairs, umbrellas, and a jacuzzi.

Starting to shape up. The umbrellas when opened look like an (Aruba-memory) hut, closed it looks like Cousin It.

Grandson's play set.
The jacuzzi and table. There is no yard to deal with, but there is the jacuzzi water to check daily - my job. At first I was scared and frustrated, but my water now is clear and beautiful!

Both sides together. This is my place to go for peace and to cool down in Georgia (I'm keeping the water at 95 degrees now so it's like a pool!).

My little (Aruba) palm trees for flavor at night. This leads from the back basement door to the spa.

Our deck from the back door of the house.

Our back, back yard . . . an old swing and bird feeders. This is where our owl comes.

Again our way back, backyard, which goes past the creek - my next ten year project may be to 'tame' it. Not sure yet. Depends on the ability to water things here in Georgia. And the 'maintenance'. We do have the steps in down to the creek already and it brings everything together. It makes the backyard seem even larger.

This is almost like a sanctuary for us. It's been a lot of hard work, time, and money, but we have had a blast this summer in the water and hopefully, for years to come.

I think next year we will plant and grow something - maybe a small vegetable garden.


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Changes in the wind said...

beautiful....really beautiful. I love how you made it to suite you and yours!!