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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I wanted to post another song, but I'm having troubles -maybe somethings off on Blogger or You Tube.
Last night my angel called me at 10pm (really, an angel). She had gone with two friends to see what else, Mamma Mia. She had to tell me that she LOVED it. Said the other two women laughed at the movie, she laughed 'with' the emotions of the movie. She agreed that Meryl Streep put who entire heart, soul, mind, and body and whatever else into this movie. She got into the character. That's the difference between real women who are in touch with themselves and let's call them surface skimmers of life. Neither one good or bad - just very different.
Can I talk about Mamma Mia again. Of course.
Let's talk about passion today. Passion (for living) begin a diver not a skimmer - takes work and courage. The courage it takes to be passionate may be fragile and weak at the beginning, then with hard work gradually it becomes stronger and stronger. It's like birthing a baby, it doesn't come easy, it takes work to bloom, to birth. It might not be comfortable to bloom - do it anyway! Who cares about being comfortable?

Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow. -Alice Mackenzie Swaim Remember the song by Better Midler - The Rose?

Is passion something that you're born with it or is it acquired?

Does everyone have passion deep within their souls and in time and with inward desire and hard work cultivate their passion and grow their passionate side?

Does everyone have an inward desire to be passionate? If you aren't passionate, do you miss being passionate?

Are there different amounts of passion in a person? Are some people a passionate '10' and others a passionate '1'?

When a person is truly passionate - are they passionate about everything in life or only in what interests them - something personally passionate to themselves?

Do passionate people exclude the passion of others or down play the passion of others for their own passions?

Think about children for a minute. I think it's safe to say, most children are filled with a passion (for life - for everything) when they are little. They have a love and zest for life that surpasses all others. They seem to enjoy everything. I know this because through my own children and now my grandchild my eyes opened again and I saw and am seeing passion for life again though their eyes. Our dormant spirit wakes up once again.

What happens to that passion we had as children?

We're taught to lose our passions, not on purpose of course, just in regular every day growing up. Ever been told, "Grow Up!"? We're not told 'lose your passion' exactly, we're told to 'grow up'! And grow up we do. We start to work hard and play less and less. I think this can explain some peoples mid-life crisis's. Here we are - working so hard to get ahead - then we get in our 50's and 60's and we look back and ask ourselves, "What the heck happened to our life? Where did the amazement and passion for life go?" Some people recognize it sooner than others and yet for others, they never recognize the need to get passion back in their life. They probably don't even know it's missing maybe they never had any to begin with.

That's the person who ends up wasting the end of their life being bitter. It's either better or bitter at the end. Our choice how we want to live.

Okay, I'm a passionate 10+. I was born extremely passionate. Problem is I had parents that didn't particularly like that part of me. They were passionate for their own passions. For me to survive more successfully I had to know what their passions were and put their passions ahead of my own. Their passions seemed more important than my own at the time - so I gave up mine - no, I didn't really give up my passions, I just put them away deep inside myself.

In my teens years I played with letting my passions out like all teenagers feel compelled to do I suppose, I found my passionate side, but I got hurt. So I put my passion back inside myself and buried it again.

I tried through the years to bring my passions out again - never really that successfully. I spent a lot of my life care taking and trying to please others and trying to be what others wanted me to be and I didn't take care of my passionate side too well at all.

Somehow, the traits you have deep within your soul, i.e. passion and others, the parts of you that you try to squelch, will surface in one way or another - someday. Some day some thing will happen and the damn will break releasing all your your held in emotions - trust me on that.

So to make a long story short, I started learning how to let out and accept my passionate self a few years (10?) ago - it's a process and doesn't happen over night. I started to befriend it. To love it. To accept it. To make it a part of who I am. I'm not the most passionate person in the world, just more passionate than some. Some would call that my shadow side. I'm not bad because I'm passionate, just different and different is okay. I think that realization gave me great peace over my own life. I've learned not to make excuses for it. When people don't like or can't accept my passions, I've learn to accept that I can't please everyone. I'd never try to hurt someone, but I am more true to myself. And I still don't have this all mastered, as we are all works in progress.

I also think it's not all about our own passions, although it is a huge part, but we must be accepting of others and their passions. We must be open and giving to ourselves and to others. We must be able to receive (which is hard for me) and we also have to give (hard for others). That seems real . . . the best of both worlds.

This I know, I'm done growing up, I want to grow back down (from Mamma Mia). For me it's just more fun - and Girls We Just Want to Have Fun.

Passionately yours,

Chatty Crone

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