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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Blog Question and A Two Brain Question

Okay, when someone writes a reply or a comment on your Blog and you want to make a comment back - are you supposed to answer it back on your Blog and hope that the person who made the comment to you will go back and look at your past Blog OR should you go to their Blog and answer it on one of their posts that has nothing to do with your comment?

An inquiring mind wants to know. It's confusing OR am I making it too difficult and it's not all that important where?
On other days I try to respond to Blogs and they have such sophisticated hoops to go through I can't figure out to replay to them. eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



A couple of days ago I posted a YouTube on Two Brains. Then low and behold I talked to a friend - a male and he brought up the same thing. Men and women think differently.

Now no big news here, I know that, you know that, everyone knows that. This is this question. How do we take that information and put it together to make relationships or can we?

For example - if a woman has a problem - it's wired all over her - it takes over. She thnks about it - dwells on it - worries about it - tries to fix it - and so forth.

Now I think the good thing about middle age is - for me at least - is that I'm getting to the point on some things - not all - and not all the time (sometimes I get hooked back into the worry mode and/or I try to fix things), but a lot of times "My Give A Damn Is Busted' (a song by Jo Dee Messina) and I'm okay with it.

Now according to what I've heard - men - they just put it in a box. End of story. They can't do anything about it so therefore nothing can be done and they just go to another box. Case closed. No worries. Is that true?

Gee, I wish I could do that sometimes. And I know I'm overgeneralizing here. Nothing is as simple as that, but think about it - just put your worries in a box and go to another one.

I don't think if someone said I had to do it or die - I still don't know if I really could do that. I'm always thinking and moving and analyzing and wishing and hoping and trying to figure things out.

For example:

There is this wonderful seven layer death by chocolate cake with a little bit of Breyer's vanilla ice cream on the table. It is moist. It is beautiful. You haven't eaten all day. It's just calling you. You want it and you need it. But alas, you cannot have it. It is under lock and key and no one is there with the key to open it up. Plus your on a diet and you 'shouldn't' have it or let say you're a diabetic and you sugar is high or low and you know you'd be in real trouble if you ate it.

A man - puts it in a box - and I guess can walk away from it. Not wanting it. (Maybe I should put a beer for a man -Lol)

A woman - put it in a box? Walk away from it? Not want it? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't think so. She wonders if she should try to open it, looks for the key, decides that a bite won't hurt her diet, gets mad and frustrated, and so forth.

Do you understand what I am saying here? Is it important? How do men and women communicate then? The man has melting ice cream in his closed box and is probably watching television in the other box. And the woman sits there frustrated - wanting the melting ice cream, but no matter - she can't have it.

Nutty Chatty

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^..^ Corgidogmama ^..^ said...

Mornin''s my answer to your blog question first.
If you answer on the other's blog, it gets to them via email.
If you answer on your own blog to their remark, it stays on your blog, and they have to come back to see if there's another comment on your blog, as your reply.

I think, with the remarks that say, you and I share sometimes, ok, most days, that it would be better for you and I, at least to share our emails, and then, not share our comments back and forth with the world, who may read the blog comments. Just a thought.
If so...mine is, predictably...
what else could it be?
Yes, men put worries in a box. They may play solitaire on the computer for 7 hrs. while it's in the box, or flip the remote, or do woodworking, or zone out in some other way, as they unconsciously work on a worry. Women, put their entire body and soul into a worry.Facial expressions, body language, pulse up, cleaning, cooking with lots of chopping, nervous energy.
Yep, the rv gets tight when things aren't right.