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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sugarland I Say IT's Love, Love is music

Well, I love Sugarland too. What can I say?

So another aspect of love is time. It is not the 24-7 I'll die if I'm not with you every minute love - that is for youngins - I think for me personally - I love time alone - I love time with others - I love music - dancing - reading - shopping - animals - chocolate - friends - learning new things - you get my drift here? So I can't spent that much time all on one person or thing, but if I'm with that person - say we make a date - then I want to be with that person - totally. It could be for just five minute, but darn, those five minutes shouldn't include much else.

That goes for anything.

When I'm with a friend, my daughter, my grandson - the times that we have the best time - and get the best memories - are when we are truly with that person - mind, heart, and soul. If for example we have a movie night - then we get in our pj's - make some popcorn - turn out the lights - and we sit there and watch it together with no other distractions. We create a memory.

Of course we can't do that all the time. In fact sometimes once a week is hard, but when we do it, we do it. We look forward to it. It's a date.

Now Expressly Corgi mentioned something to me. Is there a difference when someone says they love you or that they are in love with you?

I guess love means you must like the person too! (Lol)

Love and like,


ClassyChassy said...

Liking a person sure helps! Silly you! :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I separate like and love. There are certain people I love, but do not especially like.

I think you can see this in a mother's love.

I think it's even possible to find that situation in romantic love.

Love is quite tricky.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Love IS tricky!
You can love but not be in love.
Being in love, is more intense than loving. Loving is a growth thing, over time, going through things.
Liking is a beginning, and if you're lucky, while loving, liking remains!
Talk about a puzzle...!?
There is a definete difference to love, falling in love, and loving.
Songs may explain it best.
don't know...I know nuttin' about love, loving, or life in general.
Just a guest on this planet.
Just trying to survive without getting torn up too much.
Is that living?

Chatty Crone said...

Man, this IS A TRICKY Subject - something that 'affects' everyone and makes an 'effect' on everyone.

You can love and not be in love. You can love but not like someone.