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Friday, June 26, 2009

Get R Done Friday


Okay - my project of the week - the bird feeder. We had a bird feeder off the deck years ago when my kids were little. The squirrels came to it and then entered the house through some holes around the roof. We had baby squirrels in the attic for a long time after that. Scary! They are nocturnal - so while we slept the squirrels played - over head.

We caught them one by one and then we'd take them to another place and set them free.

Needless to say we took down the bird feeders.

Fast forward a few years and we've had the entire house sealed from top to bottom. Couple that we the fact my grandson wants a 'pet' and I can't have one - I had the great idea of putting the bird feeder back up again (birds in lieu of pets). Well, that part was easy.

The problem was the board on the deck was weak. When I put the bird feeder out - the wood looked liked it was going to break.

One problem was replacing the wood piece and the bigger problem was getting my husband to replace it. I don't know how my husband and I came to this agreement, but I do the inside work and he does the outside work - mostly. So this fell into his realm.

I showed him the deck splitting and he told me not to worry that it would hold up. (I knew better, but I wasn't going to argue - I let it go - left everything hanging). Low and behold the board broke and the bird feeder with all the seeds fell. (The squirrels weight on it didn't help).

Finally I had the proper motivation for him to put a new piece of wood in and walla - I have my new piece of wood in place and my bird feeder.

Now we're waiting for the birds to come. The squirrels have found it, but not the birds. I went and got some 'spicy' bird seed that squirrels are not supposed to like and birds are supposed to like - but personally I don't think the birds like it either - so we'll see. . .

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Chatty Crone


ClassyChassy said...

Sometimes the best "MOTIVATOR" is having something break, like what happened at your house - but then, if you say "I TOLD you so!" - it does not ever get fixed! Patience - and getting the 'outside' pets for your grandson - great idea! Nice post, nicely written!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What an inviting place for wildlife.
I feel nature calling, and want to live there too, it would be nice to be a squirrel or bird in your neighborhood, I'm thinking!
Men! Like we don't know when something needs to be done, grrr!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

LOL -- I put out corn and peanuts especially fer the squirrels, I love 'em...the birds get a hanging birdbell of fruit and nuts and gosh they LOVE it...they don't like the plain (cheaper!) birdbell...LOL...expensive tastes!