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Friday, October 09, 2009

Get R Done Friday

Well I finally got my act together - I work and get things done all the time, but never on projects I think are worthy of a blog - but this week is different. Please check out Expressly Corgi's Blog for Get R Done Fridays!

We are not only the scariest and most decorated house in the neighborhood - we have been the only one, I mean first one so far!

Andy did it all by himself this year - his first time and I think he did pretty dog gone good!

We have graves, bones, bloody feet, dead black roses, three types of spider webs, mummies, candles, and more!

Okay project number 2 - I'm room mother (grandmother) for Andy's class. My project should I chose to accept and I usually do - is to make this plot of land - under the window in his room - beautiful.

Just de-weeding with my daughter Kelly made a huge difference. We left the mum (?) plant in.

I chose to put in artificial decorations - no worry about watering. And I think it turned out beautiful.

My 3rd project is for the 24th of October - their Fall Festival - we need to make a basket for Silent Auction. I have started that and when it's done - I'll take a picture of that as well.

PS Don't forget Fun Friday just below.


Knitty said...

Great job on both your home's yard and the school's.

I am happy to have found your blog. I read a few past posts with great enjoyment and will be back to read more later today!

Neabear said...

The spot under the window looks great. So does your front yard. Ooo spooky!

I looked at your Fun Friday too! That one cracked me up. Thanks for sharing!!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Andy's frightful yard is very effective...I'd be too darn scared to knock on your door for any treats!
You did a wonderful revival on that poor, sad flower bed under Andy's window too.
I bet he grins from ear to ear as he walks by. Grandma did that!!

Angela said...

You did a great job on decorating your home for Halloween! Cute, just cute!

Get R Done Friday!

Barb said...

Great job on those projects.

And FYI, no project is to small for Get R Done Friday. =0)
We want to see it all!!


barbara jean

Buttercup said...

Both of your decorating jobs are great. So enjoy seeing Halloween and fall decorations. Enjoy!

Chatty Crone said...

I have to tell you when I went and looked at everyone elses Get R Done - you guys put me to shame! This was nothing.

Valeriote Design said...

Can I come over to play? My kind of place! Happy Halloween!

ClassyChassy said...

Hey, Chatty!~ Great job for GET R DONE FRIDAY! Lovely window project, and Andy did great with HIS project too! I'm impressed with all that hidden talent! Thanks for joining in this week!