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Monday, October 05, 2009

It's health and therapy week - Today Chakras

Chakras are an alternative way to think about health - depending where you body hurts - it can tell you what part of your life is out of wacky.

A Chakra is like a spiral of energy, each one relating to the others. Chakra (pronounced sha-kra) is the Sanskrit word for ' wheel '.

If you can imagine the main chakras / energy centres as a set of cogs/wheels, they are rather like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog /wheel needs to move smoothly and at a similar speed for the clock / engine to work properly.

Thus good health and well being is achieved by a balance of all these energies (or the smooth running of the cogs/wheels).

It is typical for chakras to be depicted in either of two ways: wheel like or flower like.

There are seven major chakras or energy centers generally believed to exist, located within the subtle body. Practitioners of Hinduism and New Age Spirituality believe the chakras interact with the body's ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system by feeding in good bio-energies and disposing of unwanted bio-energies.

Now while Hinduism nor New Age are not my religion - I still believe something valuable can be learned - not religious wise, but health wise. There is definitely something to this - I've been looking at it for years. I was looking this up for a friend and I thought I would share.

So if you're up to learning something new and have about 10 minutes - enjoy and learn.

Chakra Test:

Take this free chakra test to find out how open each of your seven chakras is. (You want to be open but not too open).

The questionnaire consists of 56 questions, to which you can answer "not at all" through "definitely." Try to be as honest as possible about yourself, as this will get you the most accurate results.

Next to a list indicating whether each chakra is under-active, open or over-active, the test results consist of a graph displaying the activity of each chakra.

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ClassyChassy said...

Very interesting read this morning - definitely out of the ordinary! I'll go look at that test now! Have a great day!

Buttercup said...

Like your Maxine cartoon. Will be back to do the chakra quiz. Have a great Tuesday.