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Friday, November 13, 2009

Get R Done

It's Friday! It's Get R Done Friday! Please visit our gracious host, ClassyChassy, at Expressly Corgi to see all of the others who are participating in this weekly event! Feel free to join in on her blog if you have a project that you are working on or have just finished! Everyone is welcome! Just sign in on her blog to Mr. Linky and you are good to go! Visit all the participates and leave a comment so they know you have stopped by.

Ordinarily changing a faucet wouldn't be blog worthy, but if you knew how long it took and all I went through to get this faucet - you'd see how blog worthy it is (lol).

I've written about our sink issues one time before and how my husband after at least a good year fixed it - he wrote a note that said, "Turn Off". (Now why didn't I think of that?)

So after I blogged about him and showed him (and he did laugh) we made a trip to Home Depot. It was on a day when my daughter worked and we watched my grandson. So I had one person who can never make a decision and another person that can't hold still (you guess which was which) with me.

In spite of it all - we bought 5 faucets and two shower doors (he got a little mad at the second shower door without doing the first one - but as long as we were there I figured we should get it - it was the last one - we still need shower and bath faucets).

So here is the old 26 almost 27 year old faucet and notice that there was no plug as it had broken.

Here is the new faucet.

Here he has taken everything out from under the sink! Off the racks and wall (?).

And here is the new faucet and drain stopper! Andy was watching Hannan Montana and this is the same faucet she had!

I find that in some cases - getting things done - has to be 'helping' others to get things done (lol).

Four more to go and two shower doors!



ClassyChassy said...

Wow - Looks great!!! Love the new look on your sink! Our faucet handles are similar, but no white - they are black metal. It looks retro - old fashioned, but modern, at the same time! Much better than putting a 'sign' up! Be sure to tell your hubby we are all pleased with the work he's done - and can't wait until he gets to the shower revamping, so you can brag about him some more!!!

Barbara Jean said...

way to get r done!

Great job. looks wonderful!

funny how even a new bathroom thing can make us feel so much better.
I'm lovin
my new toilet seats.


barbara jean

Chatty Crone said...

Of course the thing is - once you start to renew you see the other 'old' stuff! I want new toilet seats too!


Hmmmm...Love your Get Him To Get R Done project...hey that could be a whole bloggie in itself! Tell Mr. Chatty that I'd love to see more of his work...I bet he is amazing with shower doors, naw...probably have to take the shower out and all(giggle)...really amazing what a new faucet will do! Oh and if I may ask a question to Dear Mr. Chatty...Did you put EVERYTHING back under that sink ( the one with the lovely new faucet) as nicely as you found it? Yes you say...You're hired!
Thamks for stopping by and for the prayers for our Jalina Rose!

Chatty Crone said...

Well, I cannot tell a lie - no he didn't! I figured it might take another year! (lol)

Angela said...

Your husband did a great job getting r done! I really like the new look of your faucet! I prefer that type over your old ones.

Now don't worry that you didn't actually do the work! My official job title is "Supervising Assistant"! lol I was given that job title by one of my husband's previous employers! I'm afraid that my daughter and son are now trying to take over my job. I'll just give them the title of "Supervising Assistants in Training"! hehehe

Get R Done Friday!