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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Swine Flu Shot

A little humor to start the day!

"A little diet tip (I love chocolate covered raisins).
The Diet Detective Daily []

Tip of the Day:
Calorie Bargain: Chocolate-covered Raisins
I'm not going to tell you never to have chocolate again, but I am going to try to steer you toward better choices. When you're craving chocolate and facing down the vending machine, don't instinctively reach for the chocolate bar because you think all candy is created equal. If you're going to eat chocolate, make sure you choose the healthiest option available. In my book, that's chocolate-covered raisins. Here's why:

Chocolate bar: 230 calories
Chocolate-covered raisins: 185 calories

Next time you're at the vending machine or movie theater, consider chocolate-covered raisins. At 185 calories per package (1.58 ounces), they could be considered a chocolate-coated health food. Much like dark chocolate, raisins are packed with flavonols, the phytochemicals that give cocoa its health power. So while the calorie counts may be similar to those of other chocolate treats, the health benefits of chocolate-covered raisins make them a much better option."

Elizabeth Stanton - happy birthday -

In her memoir, Stanton credits the Cadys' neighbor, Rev. Simon Hosack, with strongly encouraging her intellectual development and academic abilities at a time when she felt these were undervalued by her father. Writing of her brother, Eleazar's, death in 1826, Stanton remembers trying to comfort her father, saying that she would try to be all her brother had been. At the time, her father's response devastated Stanton: "Oh, my daughter, I wish you were a boy!" Understanding from this that her father valued boys above girls, Stanton tearfully took her disappointment to Hosack, whose firm belief in her abilities counteracted her father's perceived disparagement. Hosack went on to teach Stanton Greek, encouraged her to read widely, and ultimately bequeathed to her his own Greek lexicon along with other books. His confirmation of her intellectual abilities strengthened Stanton's confidence and self-esteem.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton became an American social activist abolitionist, and leading figure of the early woman's movement. Her Declaration of Sentiments, presented at the first women's rights convention held in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, is often credited with initiating the first organized woman's rights and woman's suffrage movements in the United States.

Hmmmm, parents do make a big influence on their children . . .


And a little humor to end with:


Joycee said...

Makes me feel good about my favorite chocolate covered raisins. Dr. Oz says the chocolate covered peanuts are good too, the don't raise your blood sugar as fast. I am always listening to "health tips" like these. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting at Life by the Creek! My goodness, sounds as if we are neighbors if you live in Marietta. Big cangrats to your grandson on earning his belts; that seems to instill such a good work ethic as well as respect for others. Love it! My boy (age 9-4th grade) just started wrestling through his school, and I love it for the healthy competition and respect. And thanks for the heads-up on chocolate covered raisins; except that I will most likely end up eating TWICE as many now, cancelling out the benefits... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Lost Mtn area off of Dallas Hwy. West Cobb. And I'll be 50 next year.. just had my boy late in life! His dad just turned 60.... talk about a collision of worlds! crazy....

Buttercup said...

Love a good chocolate recommendation. You've made my day!