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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to beat the blues . . .

From Daily Celebrations -

"The cheerful live longest in years, and afterwards in our regards. Cheerfulness is the off shoot of goodness." ~ Christian N. Bovee

Got the blues? Don't feel bad. Everyone needs their spirits lifted sometimes. If you need some help, why don't ya just...

Celebrate your successes… take a warm bubble bath… make someone else feel important... spread some good news … make a wish on a star… invent new reasons to celebrate… call your favorite aunty… eat chocolate... bake bread from scratch... get into the flow of life...

"If you have given up hope of ever being happy, cheer up. Never lose hope. Your soul, being a reflection of the ever joyous Spirit, is, in essence, happiness itself," observed philosopher Paramahansa Yogananda.

Say NO... say YES... set goals... read the children's classic, Little Engine That Could… love EVERY part of you… Do some aerobics… smile... visit an elderly neighbor... Pray... lie on your back and watch the clouds roll by... wink at someone you like... eat a healthy breakfast...

"The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer everybody else up," advised the very wise Mark Twain.

Rent a Jim Carrey flick... write in your journal... get a facial... go somewhere you've never been... put on your favorite CD and sing at the top of your lungs...Learn to play the ukulele. (No better, easier, more joyous instrument was ever made!)

Read (and share) Daily Celebrations with everyone you know... (Just like I did). Lift your spirits."

The thing is that sometimes at the holidays some people are experiencing depression - they have lost someone - or they don't have much family - something like that. So if you know someone out there alone - say a prayer for them or ask them over!

Check out this song - I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - beautiful!

Today was Robert Urich's birthday - I really liked him - especially in Spencer For Hire.

Urich was first married to actress Barbara Rucker (1968–74). He married actress Heather Menzies in 1975, and they remained married until his death in 2002. Menzies had played one of the von Trapp children, "Louisa," in the film version of The Sound of Music. Urich and Menzies adopted three children, Ryan, Emily and Allison. Menzies also battled cancer, and is an ovarian cancer survivor. She works with the Robert and Heather Urich Fund for Sarcoma Research at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Merry Christmas,


Barbara said...

Hi! I hope I can leave a comment, because for some reason, my comments just don't seem to come up on your comments! Boo. Anyway, I always love reading your posts, because you always make me feel happy! My husband did a series with Bob Urick called "Tabitha" years and years ago (my husband was Adam) and he loved Bob. Many years later, our kids ended up in the same class at school together. His son is now a doctor, I think my daughter told me, and doing really well. Very sad how young Bob died. He fought a good fight.

Have a great Christmas and Holiday! Now, let's see if this will actually post.

Barbara said...


Deb said...

How do you beat the blues? Tell your cranky husband "do I really have to live with an angry old man the rest of my life. Go out and leave your bad attitude outside." It worked.
Can't wait for our lunch date!

Angela said...

Hey Chatty!

You are missing out on all of this snow and fun! lol

That's cool what Barbar wrote!

Merry Christmas!

That corgi :) said...

that was all good advice on how to beat the blues, especially for this time of year! I too thought Robert Urich was good in Spenser for Hire; hard to imagine he's been good 7 years


ClassyChassy said...

I was feeling kind of down yesterday, and my hubby knew it. He told me to call mom, and he took us both out for dinner and a surprise!!! We had Mexican dinner in Muskegon and then he made me drive where he told me to go to...and we got to Pontaloona Rd, and there was a traffic back up! We sat in line, creeping along for 30 minutes, and he told us to turn on the radio to a certain channel - - - and we listened to Christmas Carols, beautiful music, then the announcer said something about "Holiday Road", and "please turn your lights off as you reach the itnersection...." And we realized he had taken us to see a special Christmas light show!!! It was all synchronized to music played on the radio station - all the houses in this certain subdivision had been decked up with lights and one guy paid for it all and did it himself - they asked for donations if you cared, and the money went to 4 charities that they named off on the radio - one was homeless animals at a shelter in Muskegon!!! We were so surprised and it really picked up my spirits this weekend!!! Mr Wonderful is the BEST!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Such a good post Chatty!
Loved Bob U in Spenser, and always thought he was a great guy. Such good info and suggestions on how to beat the blues. I fight them all the time, comes from my slavic background I think. Feel sorry for all those south/east bloggers fighting all that snow! We only have 2-3 inches so far.

Barbara Jean said...

You asked about mys stash, and not sure i answered you.

Yes, I do my crafts while the store is open and there are no customers.

That is also where i have my stash, or at least most of it.
Fabric is at home, but AAAAAAAALLLLLLL the rest, and there is more than you can imagine, is in my craft room at the store. I will venture to guess it is about 12X25 feet. long tables down the middle, and floor to ceiling, wall to wall, shelves of supplies. =0))
I have the table messed up all week till class night. I clean it off then, and the next day start all over again messing it up. I am not a tidy crafter, and, usually have several projects going at once. I also have some stash in other rooms) =0)

Sure would be fun if some of my blogland crater friends could come hang out.

Thanks for asking and hope i was not too long winded.

barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

PS as far as beating the blues, I try to outrun it with craft projects, and blog land visits. =))
Every once in awhile it catches up with me.
Good advice you have given.