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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Show and Tail

Angela at West Virginia Treasures - Welcome to the Twelfth Weekly Segment of Tuesdays' Show & Tail! Angela hopes everyone will join her every Tuesday to post a picture or two of your pets, wildlife or visit to the zoo and tell a little about them! Tuesdays' Show & Tail is about having fun, and giving us a chance to meet other pet owners in the blogging community. If you are visiting and would like to join in on the fun, please do so! Everyone is welcome. It is very easy to do.

Animal Story number 1:

Animal Story number 2:

Last July I went to Alaska. One of the places I went to was Homer - and I went on to what was called The Spit - a little spit off of Homer. It was beautiful there and I wrote all about it in my blog - and if you want to read it - go back to my July blogs.

So right off the Spit there was a cute little house on the left. Blue with white trim. I found out it was the house of the Eagle Lady - Jean Keene. One of the fascinating characters of Alaska. You can read a little about her here. Got to tell you - it's a very interesting story....

And if you don't want to read - here is a 3 minute video on her - it shows the eagles and her feeding them.

While we love eagles some people in Alaska think of them as scavengers.

Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson - Happy Birthday - Wikipedia

Her goal of a career in media was deferred when a friend in Austin introduced her to Lyndon Baines Johnson, a young up-and-coming political hopeful working as an aide to Congressman Richard Kleberg.

On their first date, which was breakfast the next morning at the Driskill Hotel and a long drive in the country, Johnson proposed. Lady Bird did not want to rush into marriage, but Lyndon Johnson was persistent and did not want to wait. Lady Bird accepted his proposal 10 weeks later. The couple married on November 17, 1934 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas.

After three miscarriages, the couple had two daughters: Lynda and Luci. The couple and their two daughters all shared the initials LBJ. At the time of her death, Johnson had seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Merry Christmas,



Deb said...

you will have to tell me about your trip to Alaska! I want to go there one day. Did you cruise?

ClassyChassy said...

Great cartoon, Chatty! And the video was fun to watch - there was an eagle waiting on top of the trailer, just waiting for goodies, as she tossed food for the other birds! Those eagles are beautiful! Thanks for joining in this week - glad to have you aboard!

Nezzy said...

The cartoon reminds me of a camping trip I went on with some friends in high school. Rhonda was just in the process of putting a cracker in her all happened so fast! Needless to say she came up gagging and spittin'! Come spring we will see the eagles soar above the hills and hollers of the Ponderosa.

I can't wait to hear about your trip. Your going to have a blast!

God bless and have a wonderful day!!!

Angela said...

Love the cartoon Chatty! It goes well with the Eagles too! Eagles are beautiful aren't they! Love the video of them! We took a train ride here in West Virginia aboard the Potomac Eagle. There are Eagle sitings on this trip but they weren't out and about when we were there. Did you see one of their nests? They told us on the train that they are huge and way at the top of the highest trees they could find in that area that we were at. I would love to take the trip again to see if we can see an Eagle. They are facinating birds!

Thanks for joining in this week!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

ocmist said...

Wouldn't put it past a pigeon! My Dad rasied pigeons (Tumblers, fantails, homing, and White Kings) and some were pretty neat.

My Mom always loved the Bald Eagles. She told us that when she was very young, some of her cousins found a couple of young ones that had been abandoned and raised one of them until it was feathered out.

I've seen them at a distance in Florida and in California. In Florida on the NASA tour at Kennedy Space Center and across a big reservoir on the way to San Jose. The two there were fishing, but way far out and I didn't have a camera way back then.

The info you gave on the eagle lady and on Lady Bird was interesting, too.

That corgi :) said...

love your animal story #1; what a funny cartoon!

I want to make it to Alaska one day; sounds like it would be a great place to visit. I've never seen an eagle in "person"; I think that would be awesome to do so

very interesting about Lady Bird Johnson; that he proposed on their first date. Some people just "know" I guess


The Quintessential Magpie said...

How neat to get to go to Alaska! I think it would be paradise. Thanks for sharing with us, Chatty.

I wanted to drop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas! I hope yours is as wonderful as can be, filled with all the joy your heart can hold.

Merry! Merry!


Sheila :-)