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Friday, January 08, 2010

Elvis Presley - Fun Friday

This is a funny joke-


(This is just too funny! This could only be true; you simply can't make this stuff up!)

Clutching their Kohl's shopping bags, Ellen and Kay woefully gazed down at a dead cat in the mall parking lot. Obviously a recent flies, no smell.. What business could that poor kitty have had here?'
murmured Ellen..'

Come on, Ellen, let's just go...'

But Ellen had already grabbed her shopping bag and was explaining, 'I'll just put my things in your bag, and then I'll use this tissue...'

She dumped her purchases into Kay's bag and then used the tissue paper to cradle and lower the former feline into her own Kohl's bag and cover it.

They continued the short trek to the car in silence, stashing their goods in the trunk. But it occurred to both of them that if they left Ellen's burial bag in the trunk, warmed by the Texas sunshine while they ate, Kay's Lumina would soon lose that new-car smell.

They decided to leave the bag on top of the trunk, and they headed over to K & W Cafeteria.

They went through the serving line and sat down at a window table.
They had a view of Kay's Chevy with the Kohl's bag still on the trunk.

BUT not for long! As they ate, they noticed a woman in a red gingham shirt stroll by their car.. She looked quickly this way and that, and then took the Kohl's bag without breaking stride. She quickly walked out of their line of vision.. Kay and Ellen shot each other a wide-eyed look of amazement.

It all happened so fast that neither of them could think how to respond. 'Can you imagine?' finally sputtered Ellen.. 'The nerve of that woman!' Kay sympathized with Ellen, but inwardly a laugh was building as she thought about the grand surprise awaiting the female thief.

Just when she thought she'd have to giggle into her napkin, she noticed Ellen's eyes freeze in the direction of the serving line.
Following her gaze, Kay recognized the woman in the red gingham shirt with the Kohl's bag hanging from her arm. She was brazenly pushing her tray toward the cashier.

Helplessly they watched the scene unfold:

After leaving the register, the woman settled at a table across from theirs, put the bag on an empty chair and began to eat.

After a few bites of baked whitefish and green beans, she casually lifted the bag into her lap to survey her treasure. Looking from side to side, but not far enough to notice her rapt audience three tables over, she pulled out the tissue paper and peered into the bag.

Her eyes widened, and she began to make a sort of gasping noise. The noise grew. The bag slid from her lap as she sank to the floor, wheezing and clutching her upper chest. The beverage cart attendant quickly recognized a customer in trouble and sent the busboy to call 911, while she administered the Heimlich maneuver.

A crowd quickly gathered that did not include Ellen and Kay, who remained riveted to their chairs for seven whole minutes until the ambulance arrived. In a matter of minutes, the woman with the red gingham shirt emerged, still gasping, and securely strapped on a gurney.

Two well-trained EMT volunteers steered her to the waiting ambulance, while a third scooped up her belongings. The last they saw of the distressed cat-burglar was as she disappeared behind the ambulance doors................the Kohl's Bag perched on her stomach!!

God does take care of those who do bad things! AND once in a while...He allows us to witness!
(Donated by Classy Chassy - thanks)

Another joke -

Happy Birthday to Elvis - Wikipedia

In September 1948, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, allegedly because Vernon—in addition to needing work—had to escape the law for transporting bootleg liquor. They found a home first at 370 Washington Street; a boarding house where they shared their bathroom with three other families, and then Adams Street. After applying for welfare assistance and receiving a visit from a Memphis Housing Authority inspector in 1949, the family were moved to Lauderdale Courts, a public housing development in one of Memphis' poorer sections. Presley practiced playing guitar in the laundry room and also played in a five-piece band with other tenants.

Presley enrolled at L. C. Humes High School where some fellow students viewed his performing unfavorably; one recalled that he was a shy boy whose guitar playing was not likely to win any prizes. Presley was made fun of for playing "trashy" hillbilly music." Other children however, "would beg him" to sing, but he was apparently too shy to perform.

In September 1950, Presley occasionally worked evenings as an usher at Loew's State Theater—his first job—to boost the family income, but his mother made him quit as she feared it was affecting his school work. He began to grow his sideburns and, when he could afford to, dress in the wild, flashy clothes of Lansky Brothers on Beale Street. He stood out, especially in the conservative Deep South of the 1950s, and was mocked and bullied for it. Despite any unpopularity or shyness, he was a contestant in his school's 1952 "Annual Minstrel Show" and won by receiving the most applause. His prize was to sing encores, including "Cold Cold Icy Fingers" and "Till I Waltz Again With You".



Stella said...

Oh, wasn't Elvis ever teenage girls dream when I was in high school in the 50's. Amazing how his music and persona has retained it's appeal through the years. Hope you are having a lovely day. Stella

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I have to say, that living in MS I know the Elvis story by heart, isn't it amazing how one can grow and over come the unpopular stigma of their youth. In Elvis' later years, to watch the girls scream and fall all over him, you'd never guessed that in school he was an outsider.
As a young teen, he went to a pawn shop to buy a rifle he had saved his money to buy, so he could go squirrel hunting, but his mom talked him into buying a guitar instead thus started him on his way.
Love the Kolh's story have heard it before but always laugh when I read it fitting a punishment...
Hope you have a great day
Stay warm

Linda said...

Ok the Kohls story is new to me but I am ROTFL! That is so funny!! Yep Elvis has left the building.

Angela said...

Hey Chatty!

The Kohl's story was sooooo funny! I could see it in my mind as it was happening! Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

I was young when Elvis died but I did know who he was.

Have a Great Day!

Deb said...

Hysterical story!!!!

BB said...

Gosto mais do meu cão.

Life is good! said...

that story is so funny! hopefully the theif ended up with a nice ambulance bill, although my guess is they got stuck with it! have a great day!

The Bloom Girls said...

Omgoodness...the cat burglar story is hilarious!!!

I hope your grandson receives his blue belt!

Have a great weekend!

Nezzy said...

Uh, huh...I'm all shook up! I remember the adults all talking about how sinful the moves of Elvis was.

The Kolhs story is just too funny!

Have a great day filled with many blessings ya'll!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Love the Kohl's story, what a hoot.
I never knew the background of Elvis before, how interesting!
Love that corgi/pug pic, it makes me smile each time I come by!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

LOL on the Kohl story! :)
Living it up at Lakewood,

ClassyChassy said...

Love the videos - the bird dancing is a hoot! Great talent!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sandie, isn't that amazing about the cat in the bag?! And I love that dancing bird. He is SO cute.

Happy Birthday to Elvis. I still miss him...



Sallie (FullTime-Llife) said...

Fun post beginning to end!

Buttercup said...

Great post. One of the big regrets of my life is not seeing Elvis at Middle Tennessee State University in 1975 -- I was living in Nashville -- because none of my friends wanted to go with me. It still makes me sad.

ocmist said...

That IS a very funny story about the Kohl' Cat Burgler. I'd gotten it a couple of days ago in an email and laughed and laughed!

I knew it was Elvis' birthday, and have been listening to his music... There is none that is better...and very few that are as good. I loved him and prayed for him for many many years, and I was about devestated when I heard he had died. I still remember walking into my Mom's house and them telling me. I thought they had to be joking at first and then I about fainted. It was 5 days after my birthday and Mick was almost 1 month old.

He felt like a brother or something to me... I guess it was because I prayed so much for him. I never did like his fast, "rock" music that much, but loved his "older" stuff and his Christian gospel songs. I think Memories was about my favorite.

He was truly blessed with a Heaven sent voice, and it was sad that it took him into some bad areas, because it was such a blessing for so many.