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Monday, January 04, 2010

Tuesday's Show and Tail

Welcome to the Fourteenth Weekly Segment of Tuesdays' Show & Tail! I hope everyone will join Angela every Tuesday to post a picture of two of your pets, wildlife or visit to the zoo and tell a little about them!
Tuesdays' Show & Tail is about having fun, and giving us a chance to meet other pet owners in the blogging community.
If you are visiting and would like to join in on the fun, please do so! Everyone is welcome. It is very easy to do.

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The Story of the Don'ts - and how that relates to animals.

When you were raising your children - if you told them something and it started with the word 'Don't' - did your children stop what they were doing? At least with my kids you could bet that would be the very thing that they did.

Kid number 1 - the doc -

We used to go to the parks all the time and this particular in Barrington, Illinois had animals in it. They had a donkey behind a fence. Well he and his friend got ahead of the rest of us and I said "Don't put you hand inside the fence."

What do you think my son did, but put it in the fence and by the time I got there - he had been bit by a donkey - the park's animals were all healthy - but off to the doctor we went just to make sure.

Okay - child number 2 - the teacher. We took them to safaris when they were young too and we fed the animals. There were signs all over the place to feed them with you hand wide open and not with your fingers. My daughter is feeding them with her fingers and I said, "Remember, don't feed them with your finger." She did and she got nipped - off we went to get a bandaide and found out that all the animals health were up to date. The first one gets the doctor, the second gets the bandaide.

Which now brings us to the grandson. We feeding geese, "Don't get too close I say." He gets his bread and runs down the street - the geese and it was a beautiful site to behold - came flying over to where we were - only problem was they landed between us and the grandson. He was scared to death and we tried to get to him as soon as possible with all the geese hissing and wanting bread. We got there, but he sure was scared. At least he didn't get bit! We're making progress.

Do you think they listened to me after that? "Don't' believe it.
Love, Chatty


Michelle said...

What cute stories! Not everyone can say they got bitten by a donkey or a zebra! Wow and geese can just be mean (at least the ones at the lake by my house are) so good thing you got to your grandson in time ! Thanks for sharing!

ClassyChassy said...

Oh, Chatty!!! That is the BEST STORY EVER!!! So, now you have a Doctor in the family, a TEACHER (did she learn anything from her experience?), and the grandson who now should be able to defend himself with his karate - such an amusing story, and love the way you wrote it up! Glad you joined in today!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest of course, not then I'm sure, and what's the chances of all being bitten or chased? Wow!
Hugs ♥ Teresa

The imPerfect Housewife said...

GREAT stories - and of course they don't listen! I should try telling my kids, "DON'T come home early tonight," or "DON'T put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher!" I was thinking the same thing as Michelle - how many people can say they've been bitten by a donkey or a zebra - and both in the same family!?? Too funny ~ ♥

Angela said...

Hey Chatty! I'm so glad you were able to join in today! Your stories are great! That truly is something to think about the next time I tell my kids "Don't"!

Poor Andy and those geese! I won't go near those things! When we are out on the boat they will sometimes try to get close to the boat. My husband will drive away from there because he says they will try to get on the boat! Geese are scared of nothing!

Thanks for joining in this week and I hope that you can again next week!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

ocmist said...

Your "Show & Tail" stories were really great... and so right on the mark with KIDS!!! They always seem to think they are smarter than adults are don't they!?

My oldest jumped off a bridge (about 15-18 ft drop) because he was dared by some friends. HE ended up with a broken foot... and so it goes.

My middle son learned the hard way about geese... he was wearing shorts and the goose got his "worm," poor kid. He was about 6. He doesn't like geese much!

But then... when I was a teenager, my dad warned me about a horse that lived by my grandmas, and told me to stay away from it. I ended up sporting a 4 inch round NASTY bruise on my belly from being bitten! (I rode that horse later with a friend, and we went over my first hurdle-about a foot high). I just learned to be CAREFUL!