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Monday, March 22, 2010

Tuesdays Show and Tail

Welcome to the Twenty Fifth Weekly Segment of Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Angela at West Virginia Treasures - hopes everyone will join her every Tuesday to post a picture or two of your pets, wildlife or visit to the zoo and tell a little about them!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail is about having fun, and giving us a chance to meet other pet owners in the blogging community.

If you are visiting and would like to join in on the fun, please do so! She said everyone is welcome.

The Squirrel Saga Ends - Chatty Crone Loses - Squirrels Wins!

Let me just say - I think they are out of the attic. I'm not 100% sure, but haven't heard them in awhile.

Now let's talk about my bird feeder. It's right off the deck and you can see it from the kitchen window - we can watch it while we eat.

Only thing is - what is that - a bird, a plane oh it's super squirrel! He jumps from my deck right on to my bird feeder and eats it all up - like I made a plate especially for him! If it isn't one squirrel it's another!

Can you believe he has almost eaten that whole thing?

He's one BIG squirrel I might add.

So we take the bird feeder off and put up suet in a little cage. The first day - the squirrel must have jumped on it and broke it open, it feel to the ground and he went down and ate it. Day two, hubby wires it with baggie ties. He chews through that and eats the whole thing. Day three hubby getting mad - wires it with solid wire.

He must have jumped on it and ate it in the air - holding on. There is about a 20 foot drop. I bought 4 packs of suet - tomorrow we are taking the green cover off and putting out the last of the suet - then I'm afraid - we're done. This is one crazy Georgia squirrel!

Just to keep you up to date on the grandson and the new teacher - she loves him and vice-versa. It's good to have him back again - the twinkle in his eye has returned. I tell you - you must fight for your children when need be - a teacher can make a break a person, just like a boss, or even a friend. Thanks for all your caring about him.

Happy Birthday to- Bette Nesmith Graham Liquid Paper Inventor

As electric typewriters came into widespread use after World War II, Bette Nesmith Graham and countless other secretaries let out a collective groan. The new machines did make typing easier, but their carbon-film ribbons made it impossible to correct mistakes neatly with a pencil eraser. As a result of this predicament, Graham ended up inventing one of the most widely used office products of the 20th century.

Born in 1924 in Dallas, Texas, Bette Graham dropped out of high school at the age of seventeen and went to secretarial school. By 1951, she had worked her way up to the position of executive secretary for W.W. Overton, the Chairman of the Board of the Texas Bank and Trust. It was at this time that Graham and her colleagues at the bank began experiencing trouble with the new IBM electric typewriters. Tired of having to retype entire pages because of one small error, Graham determined to find a more efficient alternative. Little did she know her frustration would lead to her becoming one of the most famous women inventors of the 20th century.

The impetus for Graham's breakthrough came as she observed painters decorating the bank windows for the holidays. Rather than remove their mistakes entirely, the painters simply covered any imperfections with an additional layer. The quick-thinking Graham mimicked their technique by using a white, water-based tempera paint to cover her typing errors.

This is her grandson - any one recognize him - we all know him!

It is Mike Nesmith from the Monkeys - her grandson!


ClassyChassy said...

So sad - don't let those darned squirrels win! Get a post, and a raccoon size baffle to put under the feeder so they can't climb over. A squirrel sized one won't do the job. I know. We tried. Took it back and got the one for raccoons! The domes did not work because the squirrels tipped it and hopped over top of it. They are so smart. And they love your place, don't they??

Angela said...

Hey Sandie!

I'm with Monica! Don't let the squirrels win!

Thank God they are finally out of your attic! Now you can sleep better I'm sure!

You know I do have squirrels around my house but they don't bother my bird feeders. Knock on wood! lol Maybe there is enough wild nuts and things for them that they just don't need my bird seed.

He is a cute little booger though! You got some great pictures of him!

Thanks for sharing some more of your crazy squirrel stories with us this week!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Linda said...

Squirrels are aggressive little guys.
don't give up! So glad GS is doing so well in school once again.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie....That squirrel has got to win the prize for persistence. Why don't you try putting some cayenne pepper in the food for awhile. I read that they HATE hot stuff. Was thinking of mixing it in water and putting it on top of bulb plants, which they LOVE to dig up. We can give it a try, right?

So glad GS is doing well with the new teacher. God bless that woman.

Take care, Sandie. Sincerely, Susan

That corgi :) said...

what a small world that Bette Nesmith is Michael Nesmith's grandmother. And Liquid Paper was a life saver for me before computers and word processing systems. I loved the different colors it came in too (and the smell, LOL)

so glad grandson is continuing to enjoy his new classroom

and your squirrel. I think you need to name him and give him a room inside the house and charge him rent


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I have to say at last count we had 17 squirrels in our yard, and 3 bird feeder and none of the squirrels even try to feed from them. but I do have a squirrel feeder that I keep filled with corn and they have all the acorns on the ground that they want...
Hope you can figure out how to keep them out of the feeders.
I'm so happy that Andy loves his teacher. I agree the teacher can make or break a child.

ocmist said...

I totally LOVE that little Puggily Dragon!!! What an adorable smile!

Squirrel stew anyone? I've heard that tree squirrels are edible, and you've got a nice fat one there!

I'm glad you're finally free of the little boogers in you attic, and I think it's WONDERFUL that your grandson has found a teacher he likes. It is so very important for a student to get along with their teacher as it tinges the whole school year either sickly yellow-green or bright rosy-pink!

I remember both the very best and the very worst teachers I had.

Mike Nesmith was the first person I thought of when you first mentioned his grandmother's name, but then I thought... Nah... probably no relation. He was MY favorite Monkey! Davey was a cutie, but Mike just seemed like a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how determined, clever, and brave those squirrels are...maybe the bottom line is they're just greedy.

Knitty said...

I knew of a man who owned a prototype shop. The owner's son had built a bird feeder as a cub scouts activity. The squirrels wouldn't leave it alone causing great dismay to the little boy. Daddy-boss couldn't take it any more and brought the feeder in to work and assigned a team to make it squirrel proof. At the time a commercial for Nut Clusters cereal was running, featuring squirrels that parachuted to bowls of cereal. Your saga reminds me of that crazy project. I think the squirrels won that fight too.

I am happy to hear that your grandson and his new teacher are a good fit. Sure does your heart good, doesn't it?

Together We Save said...

Wow - that is one big squirrel.

Joyce said...

Oh those pesky squirrels can drive one bonkers. I no longer put out any bird seed because they seem to like every morsel of food. Thanks for sharing your chocolate treat with me at lunch. It sure was a fun day even if drove in circles:)

Whosyergurl said...

One time in my ex's and my old house- a squirell fell down in the wall of our bedroom. I was scared to death that the thing was going to come through. Finally, he found his way out and the racket stopped!
Ugh. I feel old when I see how OLD the monkeys are. One of them is 70 isn't he? blah.
hugs, Cheryl

Lesley said...

your post made me think of ....I have the typewriter my grandfather carried around in WWII...he was in communications. I love the typewriter and love the sound of the striking of its keys!!!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

So happy to hear your grandson is with a good teacher!! So proud ya'll were able to fight for him and come out better off!!

At the store here for birds and outdoor items, there is a bird feeder that will sling the squirrels off! The video is hilarious! I think you might need one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I think GA has some of the greediest squirrels!!! Love your pictures.
I just noticed your handsome grandson on your sidebar. Thankful to hear he and his teacher are getting along well.